Climax silicone ribbed G-shaft - sex toy by Topco Sales - review by Jewelweed

So versatile that I can't think of anyone who couldn't use it!

Fabulous toy for people of all genders. The two-part concept of a removable bullet and pleasurable silicone shaft is a winner all around. The ring is an excellent addition for partner and solo use, when used as a handle. Made from firm and safe medical silicone, the Climax silicone ribbed G-shaft is sure to please anyone.
Silicone material, versatility, color, pleasurable ridges, storage pouch, handle/bullet holder.
Vibration does not carry through ring, bad on batteries, a little noisy.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Story time! So I tend to move around a lot, being a college student... and this time I forgot to change my EF address from my parents' house (where I was for a few weeks after school) to my current summer apartment address! So this product was sent to the parents. Fortunately, they are not the sort to open my mail, but I couldn't help but get a funny feeling about my mom's statement of "I hope you're not ordering anything weird..." when I took a drive home last weekend.

Well, weird is definitely a word to describe this product; but the good kind of weird. Like apples and cheese weird. And like that peculiar combo, the Climax silicone ribbed G-shaft is quite a treat!

The Climax silicone ribbed G-shaft is made from medical grade hypoallergenic 100% silicone, with a small silicone bullet that fits inside a little ring at the top. It comes with a cute satin tie-pouch to put it all in. The only downside of this pouch is that a few fibers from the inside tend to stick to the toy's surface. The shaft itself is boilable, dish-washer-able, and sterilizable.

And while the bullet is also silicone, and has a small o-ring fitted to prevent water from reaching the batteries, I would not recommend boiling it or putting it in the dishwasher (though you can still wipe it down with bleach for sterilization!)... just to be on the safe side. The packaging states that it is water-proof, but I would say it's more water-resistant, as the other side of the box cautions against fully submerging the bullet in water.

Also, always make sure not to use silicone lube with a silicone toy, as it may cause it to melt!

The shaft itself is a cool swirly green color (the bullet is a soft forest green,) and it's soft to the touch. The ribs are sensual and effective when used internally. Though I haven't tried it yet (not such a fan of the sensation) this toy is perfect for anal stimulation...The ring creates a perfect "safety mechanism" to prevent the toy from disappearing into the rectum.

And oh, that ring; an extremely ingenious idea. The fact that it is turned the opposite direction (hole perpendicular to shaft) as most toys, makes it a perfect grasping point for use by you or a partner! My partner enjoyed penetrating me with the toy while pleasuring me orally.

The bullet slips easily into the ring, although the vibrations do not carry through to the front of the ring so well, thereby making it a poor clitoral stimulator when in that location. However, my partner discovered the magic that can happen when you rotate the shaft internally, so that the ring is upside down, the edge nestles quite nicely against the anus.

This allows for great external anal stimulation, while another toy (or finger, or tongue) can be used to stimulate the clitoris. With his tongue on my clitoris, the shaft in my vagina, and the vibrating edge against my anus, this toy was a sheer delight! For male-bodied people, the shaft could be inserted anally, and the ring with bullet pressed into the perineum. Sounds like fun to me!

And even though the vibration doesn't work so well through the ring, it must be noted that this is part of the ingenuity of this toy. You can pop the bullet out of the ring, and use it to stimulate your clit until your heart's content; all while using the ring as a finger handle to guide the velvety shaft into your vagina.

My biggest gripe with the toy is its appetite for batteries. It uses 3 watch batteries, which seemed to maintain the one-speed bullet at top speed for about 30 minutes before the power seemed to be lessening. Definitely a big negative.

The size of this toy is just right, IMO. It's definitely no Lexington Steele replica, but it's certainly big enough to feel great! The ridges feel wonderful, when moving the toy in and out of my vagina, and using the handle reduces slippery hands and allows better control. No more having to flip the toy around to get the angled part back on the g-spot... with a finger in the handle, it's staying put!
Follow-up commentary
This toy is still one of my favorites. Still cleans up easily, still deliciously stimulating.

I've used it more for partner play than I had when I first wrote the review--particularly with female-bodied folks. The ring on the end is an excellent finger grip for fucking someone--no matter how slippery it gets, you'll never lose your grip...especially if your head is occupied elsewhere.

The only thing I would change is the color. It's a little weird to bring out this neon-green thing when I'm trying to set the mood with someone I want to fuck. It's a little jarring against my soft-tone sheets and bedroom decor...but that's a minor gripe! It's an excellent toy, very versatile and I still recommend it to friends.
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    I love the fact that this dildo/vibe is versitile and doesn't look like a replica of a penis. You can travel with it and the guy who ispects the suitcase (all our stuff is hand inspected in Hawai)i, doesn't give you "the look".
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