Inflatable penis - realistic dildo vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Airen Wolf

Sounded Goofy

As goofy as the idea sounds I would recommend every adventurous person have at least one inflatable toy in the toybox, if for nothing else than the entertainment value. The price is right on this particular toy and it is a sturdy little thing.
Vibrator is powerful even when toy is inflated. Price is extremely reasonable.
Not the most hygenic toy. Might break if over inflated. Moderately strong smell just out of box.
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This toy was a surprise from my husband and I have to admit that when it came in the mail I thought it looked and sounded goofy. I opened the package and noticed that it was a vibrator as well as an inflatable penis. Nifty! The toy comes in a neat box that I decided was sturdy enough to act as a storage box, given that I use a hanging shoe organizer as my toy box. The bulb end of the pump comes detached and was very easy to slide onto the rubber tubing. The vibrator takes two "AA" batteries which are not included, I recommend having some available as the vibrator is a very nice one. It is powerful enough to be felt easily on the clit when the penis is fully inflated but not so powerful as to cause pain. The toy is rubber so it's not really safe for sharing and since it inflates I would be sure to buy a larger size and be very careful. It has a slight smell that is not stomach turning like some rubber products, but you might want to clean it with a good product to minimize the odor if you are particularly sensitive. After inflating it to a rather large size I noticed there were several weak spots in the rubber which lead to bulging, so it's not a toy I would over-inflate often as it might break. I know the that it's probably rather unlikely that it could be inflated large enough inside a vagina or anus to cause it to explode, but the thought that it might is a bit off putting. Still for the price it's a nice novelty toy and a definitely interesting alternative.

When my husband and I played with the toy we found that before inflating the toy is a wonderful vibrator and lubed up it slides easily over the whole area be it vagina or penis and testicles. We have found that some toys are awkward for this and were happily surprised at how versatile this particular toy is. The penis in it's non inflated form is slender but not too slender to be used as either a nice vibrating dildo or an anal probe (with condom, of course) and when inflated the toy takes on a new dimension that is hard to describe. If inflated overly it can feel like making love to a rubber balloon which actually isn't as icky as it sounds. The quick deflate button is positioned within easy reach and deflates very quickly which gives a different sensation as well as being a safety feature.

The vibrator is not very quiet but doesn't make you feel like you are using a jackhammer in the room either. I am not sure if the noise would be noticeable if your walls are thin but I imagine it could be muffled quite easily or could be used on a lower setting. The vibrations are quite powerful so a lower setting wouldn't leave you wanting, while the higher settings are rather earth shaking. It has a thumb wheel adjustment on a seperate cord from the inflation bulb which can be a bit distracting during solo play. I did like the fact that the rubber tubing and vibration control cord was long enough that I could easily hand one or the other to my partner while controlling the other feature. It stands up to vigorous thrusting inflated or otherwise though if inflated I would recommend a good long lasting lube.

It was a lot more fun to play with a partner than it was solo but as I only did that once and with limited time and privacy, I am sure I will be more creative in future. >:) We played with the toy a lot longer than with other less versatile toys so all in all I would highly recommend this toy as an addition to a toy box. Clean up was a breeze as the toy is smooth though it is rubber so a thorough cleaning is a must. For the price this seems to be a well made sturdy little toy and does indeed allow you to decide the thickness of the dildo. So it does indeed meet all the claims in the description and seems to be very good at it's intended use. The vibrator was very nice to the nipples but we were reluctant to try it as an anal toy given that it is rubber and porous. I could imagine that if you bought a very large size condom and were careful it could be inflated and used for anal play or for sharing but I wouldn't use it "bareback" for hygiene's sake.
Follow-up commentary
I noticed that I left out a few words! I would recommend getting a large sized condom if one wants to share the toy or use it for anal sex. With careful attention to size it could be used safely this way.
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  • Miss Jane
    Okay, I never thought of using a hanging shoe organizer to store toys in but that is GENIUS!
  • Airen Wolf
    Fits behind all the clothes and if you put a few shoes in the bottom no one ever questions it. Mine is clear plastic though so most of my toys go in boxes or get wrapped in nice soft cloth depending on the material.
  • Darby'sPet
    Now that's innovative! I have to hide mine since I have nosey people living with me but when I don't I'll have to remember this.
  • samanthalynn
    nice review
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    Good review!
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    thanks for the review
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    Thank you for the review.
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