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The Softee Vibrating Dong is discreet in sound, but not in looks. It’s a gigantic purple penis that no one can miss! It has a strong odor, and is made of PVC with an antibacterial additive called Sil-A-Gel. It’s really hard for me to get excited about this toy, since it isn’t powerful, it is straight and not curved, it smells and it leaves a residue. The biggest turn off for me has got to be the smell, and that smell makes me notice all the other flaws even more than I normally would.
Squishy, Quiet, Controller makes it good for partner play, Dedicated on/off switch, Made in USA
Smell, Porous material, Not a lot of power, Can only scroll up though functions and not down
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Softee Vibrating Dong is your basic dildo with a small motor inside. It is actually the Doc Johnson Mr. Softee with a motor and remote control. It is also made of a different material: Sil-A-Gel rather than rubber.

It is designed for vaginal penetration, not anal. The dildo can also be rubbed on external body parts to tease and arouse. The motor is not extremely powerful, but it can be felt externally. The soft nature of the material and the corded remote definitely make this toy partner friendly. Since the Softee is a giant, veiny purple dong it would also make a great gag gift at a bachelorette party. It is comical to look at, and would definitely get a squeal and a laugh from the group.

This toy would work well for anyone who likes a girthy dildo and doesn’t mind the shower curtain/PVC smell. If you’re someone who doesn’t need much power and wants a quiet toy, this might be a good choice too. Finally, if you don’t need a lot of texture and don’t mind slipping this toy into a condom each time you use it, this would be a good option. This particular toy is probably not the best option for someone who already has a sizeable collection of silicone or glass dildos and vibrators.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
    • Couples
    • Gag gift
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

*What is Sil-A-Gel?

The Softee Vibrating Dong is made from Sil-A-Gel. Sil-A-Gel is a trademarked brand name for a compound added to PVC; it is not an actual material in and of itself. So the Softee is actually made of PVC with Sil-A-Gel as an additive. (Additionally, the same Sil-A-Gel compound can be added to any toy material, such as silicone, TPR or TPE, not just PVC.) The SIL in Sil-A-Gel actually stands for “Safe Ingredient List”, meaning that it utilizes ingredients the FDA has labeled as safe. It has a safety rating of 5 here at Eden, unlike other PVC products without the Sil-A-Gel antibacterial additive, which have a safety rating of 2 here at Eden.

Though PVC is semi-porous, the Sil-A-Gel additive does impart some positive aspects to it. Sil-A-Gel is antibacterial and non-toxic. It is phthaltes, latex and cadmium free, and hypoallergenic. Remember, these claims refer only to the Sil-A-Gel compound, and not to the material it is added to; in this case PVC. If you are sensitive to PVC, please stay away from this toy.

If you would like to learn a bit more about Sil-A-Gel, check out this old thread on the Eden forums.

*My impressions of the material

When I opened the Softee’s package, I could immediately smell it, and the smell rubbed off on my hands when I touched the toy. It has the same smell as a brand new shower curtain, since shower curtains are also made of PVC. Generally these items have a tendency to outgas, or offgas, for a bit with the smell disappearing over time. Outgassing, or offgassing, is just the release of chemicals from a substance under normal environmental circumstances. People who have chemical sensitivities, or breathing difficulties, should stay away from these kinds of products

I left the Softee out in the open air to see how quickly the smell would dissipate. After 3 days it was no longer an over powering smell that filled the room. I can still smell it when I handle it though.

The material is soft to the touch, rather tacky and squishy, but not quite as squishy as the outer layer of my dual density silicone toys from Vixen. Here I compare it to the Vixen Mustang.

This toy is very flexible because it doesn't have a firm core. It can bend a bit further than 90° but can’t quite bend in half completely. The finish of the toy isn’t uniform. In some places the finish of the toy is quite glossy, and in other areas you can see that something textured wiped it while it was curing. It even has fingerprints indelibly printed into it in a place or two.

The toy has a ridge right under the head of the shaft, and some veining on one side, while the other side of the shaft is smooth. The texture is slight enough that it is not noticeable during use, especially if you wrap the toy in a condom or toy cover; as you should.

The battery pack controller is made of ABS plastic, with the outside covered in a velvet coating.

This toy tastes exactly the way it smells: not good. It also leaves kind of a weird, filmy residue on whatever it touches; hands, packaging or tongue. (Ew, what I do for reviews!!)
    • Flexible
    • Somewhat porous
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Softee is straight forward, though the measurements listed on the product information page do not match the measurements of the toy I received. It has a straight shaft measuring 7.5” long, 5.5” in circumference and 1.75” in diameter. A 25” long cord is attached to the dildo and plugs into the battery pack with what looks like a standard size earphone jack.

The battery pack controller is 4.25” long and about 1” wide. The shaft of the toy is realistic looking (except for the lavender color), if a bit exaggerated.

This straight shaft design would be suitable for anyone who does not need a curve in an insertable toy, or who may not particularly enjoy g-spot stimulation. While the shaft is fairly girthy, the fact that this toy is squishy makes it easier to accommodate the girth. That means that it could be easier for users to try this girth, even if it’s not a girth they would usually look at. Keep in mind that even though it’s squishy, and therefore feels slightly smaller than it is, the head is not tapered at all to ease insertion. You will have to be warmed up and prepared enough to insert the fairly blunt, wide head.

This is not a discreet toy at all, nor is it suited for travel. If anyone takes a look at it, they will immediately know exactly what it is. It’s a dildo that is designed to look like a big penis. The only part that is discreet is the battery pack controller. If you unplug it from the toy, no one would know what the controller is for, unless they recognize the Doc Johnson logo on it. And if they recognize that logo, they’re probably into sex toys too.
    • Partner play
    • Realistic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

*Basic specifications and usage

The Softee runs on 3 AAA batteries. The vibrations are located primarily in the head. You can feel them slightly in the top half of the shaft, but in the bottom half of the shaft you really can’t feel the vibrations at all.

The controller is very easy to use. It has one long, narrow button on it. You push the bottom of the button to turn the toy on and off, and you push the top of the button to scroll through the functions. One drawback with this toy is that you can only scroll up through the functions and not down. If you want to go back down to a previous function, turn the toy off and back on, and you will start at Mode 1 again.

The controller has a small red light at the top that shows you what function the toy is set at. The long cord on this controller and the easy to use button make it a good toy for partner play. You can maneuver the dildo yourself while a partner runs the controller, or vice versa. Being such an exceptionally soft toy, you could allow a partner to maneuver the dildo as well, without any worry of injury.

*Power settings

There are 7 modes on the Softee. For comparison purposes, I will use the Je Joue MiMi’s settings, but please note the Softee is much buzzier than the MiMi. The 7 modes are as follows:

1) Low steady vibration – 1.5 vrooms, 1 bee – comparable to Je Joue MiMi between levels 1 and 2

2) Medium steady vibration – 2 vrooms, 1 bee – comparable to Je Joue MiMi between levels 2 and 3

3) Medium High steady vibration (seems to be the same power as level 2 but at a higher frequency) – 2 vrooms, 2 bees – comparable to Je Joue MiMi between levels 2 and 3

4) 4 bursts of vibration, starting low and increasing in intensity, that lasts about 1.5 seconds before starting over; the 4th and final burst of vibration lasts a bit longer than the other bursts – 1–2 vrooms, 1-2 bees

5) Consistent bursts of level 3 vibrations (about 4 per second) – 2 vrooms, 2 bees

6) Faster and briefer bursts of level 3 vibrations (about 8 per second) – 2 vrooms, 2 bees

7) Medium High steady vibration (seems exactly the same as power level 3) – 2 vrooms, 2 bees

The vibrations are high frequency and buzzy. They’re the kind of vibrations that made my hand slightly numb while testing it to write down the functions. The toy is whisper quiet though, which is good since it doesn’t pack a whole lot of power.

This toy is not waterproof, so do not submerge it and be careful when washing it.
    • Discreet sound
    • Multiple settings
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

Sil-A-Gel needs to be washed with warm water and a gentle soap before and after use, since it is semi-porous. It is recommended that you use a condom with this toy, but that will not preclude washing it well. While slightly textured, the veins are not an issue when cleaning since they aren’t big enough to allow grime a place to hide.

This material is fairly tacky and sticky, so it does attract lint and fuzz. To keep it as clean as possible, you can store it in the packaging it comes in (though I would recommend washing the packaging thoroughly inside if you plan to use it for storage because it comes with a filmy residue on it from the toy), or you can wrap it in a lint free cloth and store it in a sock or plastic baggie. It’s best to store toys of Sil-A-Gel away from the rest of your toy collection so the smell doesn’t contaminate your toy box or other toys. Storing this toy away from the rest of your collection will also help protect all your toys from degrading or “melting” onto each other.

This toy is compatible with water or silicone based lubricants.
    • Easy to clean


The Softee Vibrating Dong comes in a clear plastic clamshell package. The cardboard insert has lots of information about the toy, Doc Johnson’s web address, and garish, brightly colored graphics that look like they’re from the 70s.

The clamshell package could be used for storage because it does snap open and closed easily, but it’s rather large for those with space limitations. If you do have the space, the package would also keep the toy free from fuzz and lint build up.

As for gift giving, I would leave that to the discretion of the gift giver. You can definitely see through the packaging and see the sex toy, the word “dong” appears in huge letters on the front, and it isn’t discreet at all. If your recipient is ok with all of that, then you’ll be fine gifting this to them.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

*Warning for bird owners
For those users who own birds, please keep in mind that their respiratory systems are much more sensitive than that of a mammal. Materials that offgas like PVC should never be opened, used or placed near a bird under any circumstances until you are certain they are completely done offgassing.

*Warranty information
The Softee Vibrating Dong carries the same 30 day warranty that all Doc Johnson products have.

The warranty information from their website is as follows:

"All Doc Johnson products carry a Limited 30 day Warranty from the date of purchase. If your product fails to work due to any defect in workmanship or materials, Doc Johnson will replace your purchase with the same product. All products are replaced with new products, not repaired.

To obtain Warranty Service of your product, ship your defective product in its entirety with original packaging along with a note describing the defect to the below address, together with a proof of purchase receipt within the last 30 days and Warranty Fees of $15.00 (check or money order) payable to Doc Johnson Warranty Dept (all shipping arrangements must be made by you and all shippping charges and (or) insurance must be fully prepaid). Print and fill out the Age Verification Form (PDF FORMAT) and attach with your Warranty Claim. You must be 18 years or older to submit your Warranty Claim."

This warranty is not as good as Eden’s return policy. Eden allows a full 60 days for returns or exchanges, and allows you to print a free UPS shipping label if you live in the US. If you have any issues with your Softee Vibrating Dong, I recommend contacting Eden instead of Doc Johnson. Isn't Edendfantasys wonderful?


In use, I have to say that the Softee performed better than I expected. It is definitely not a powerful toy, however. I could barely feel the vibrations externally, they only work to tease rather than arouse or warm me up. I couldn’t feel them at all internally on any setting.

I do have to say, though, that as a dildo I did enjoy the Softee. I liked the girth, and found the squishy nature of the material to be very pleasant in use. Even without a g-spot curve I found the girth itself of the Softee was able to stimulate my g-spot.

Taking everything into account though, this is not a toy I will continue to use. While I did enjoy it as a dildo, I have other dildos I enjoy just as much (or more) that don’t smell or require a condom.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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