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Tantus' Splish is an excellent choice for those looking to try a first textured toy. Its small size cushions some of the texture on it, leaving a mild to moderate feel to it. I was even able to enjoy it and I'm texture sensitive. While its small size may not work for everyone, those that don't mind small sized toys should be more than happy with this beautiful and unique offering from Tantus.
Great texture, small size allows for less intense texture, pretty color, each one is unique.
May be too small for some.
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Tantus, a brand known for its high quality silicone toys, recently released two additions to their ever expanding collection of unique dildos - the Splish and Splash. Splish and Splash are two similar dildos. They have the same texture detail and the same coloring. The difference is in the sizing. Splish is the smaller of the two by quite a bit (.75" difference in diameter). One of the interesting things about both toys is that the way they are produced means no two will be exactly alike. Your Splish will be uniquely yours.

Splish is a small sized dildo that can be used for anal or vaginal penetration due to the flared base. It is also harness compatible. It is texture heavy, but the small size makes the texture a little less intimidating, at least when used vaginally. It will be best suited for those that prefer smaller sized toys who are looking to experiment with texture, or just have a preference for texture.

Material / Texture

Splish, like all Tantus toys, is made of premium silicone. Silicone rates a 10 on the safety scale. It is non-porous and phthalates free. It can be boiled to disinfect it or placed in the dishwasher. Thus, it can safely be shared between partners or be used by one person both anally and vaginally (with sterilization in between use, of course!).

The silicone used in Splish is fairly firm. It can't be squished inward much before it pushes back against you. The small size of it means it can be bent in half even though the silicone is firm. If waved around, the toy will sway with the motion, giving it a floppy appearance. In use, it does not get that "floppy" feel to it. It will wiggle around some, but mostly stays where you put it.

There is a lot of drag to the silicone of Splish. It's not to the point that my finger jumps when I run it along the shaft, but it doesn't glide at all. It's more like a strong friction resistance when I try to glide my finger across it. When lube is applied, this goes away and causes no issues. The silicone doesn't soak up lube, so you won't have to constantly reapply to counteract the friction of the material.

Splish is heavily textured. The best way to describe the texture is that the head of the dildo has two ridges where it looks like a large blob of silicone was placed. It looks like this large blob was then allowed to drip down the toy, almost like hot wax down a candle. There are streams of silicone around the shaft that don't have rhyme or reason, and all end in a rounded way, just like you would see if candle wax had dripped and pooled. The very bottom near the base is smooth where the dripped areas pool around. This is the purple colored section.

While the texture looks intense, when used vaginally the small size minimizes its feel. It can still be felt, but not nearly to the level that it appears when you look at it. Each drip isn't distinguishable from the next, rather there's just an overall feeling that it's different from a smooth toy. It's an interesting sensation, and one you could spend time playing with just trying to make out when you feel which part of the texture.

The texture is best suited to those that like mild to moderate texture. For those that prefer extreme texture, Splish may not offer enough simply due to the size. Splash may be a better option, as the texture would likely be more noticeable in a larger sized toy. Splish is also a good choice for those looking for a first textured toy, as the texture won't knock you back.

Design / Shape / Size

Splish is a small sized dildo - less in girth than two fingers. Its total length is 5", with an insertable length of 4.5". At the head, the widest point, the diameter is 1" with a circumference of 3.25". At the midway point the diameter is 7/8" with a circumference of 2 5/8". Near the base the diameter is .75" with a circumference of 2.5". The base is 2" across.

If held to the tip of my middle finger, Splish comes to the middle of my palm. It's small in both length and girth, and thus not ideal for those who like larger toys. Splish's size will work well for those new to penetration, those who prefer smaller toys, or those who like moderate sized toys but are experimenting with texture for the first time.

Splish's design is described as "nonrepresentational" which basically means it's not meant to look realistic. While it has a phallic shape, it does not have a defined head like you would normally see on a dildo, due to the dripped texture. The shaft looks even less realistic with the silicone drops running down it. It's colored in beautiful white to purple gradient, adding more to the whimsical feel.

The base is solid purple with the Tantus logo etched into it. It is not a suction cup base, though it will stick lightly if wet.

Don't mistake whimsy for discreetness. While Splish may not look like a real penis, it does look like a real dildo. Anyone who hasn't been living in a cave for years will likely figure out what this is used for should they come across it. If you don't want to be called out, hiding Splish is probably best. It's small and easy to hide, so this should be no issue. It's also easy to travel with.


While it was expected that the texture of Splish would be intense and extreme, in use it was more on the mild to moderate end of things. While the texture didn't have any give to it, the smaller size of Splish meant that it wasn't pushing up against skin as much and didn't cause as much of a reaction as expected. Depending on your preference for texture, this could be a good or bad thing. Also depending on your size preference, the lack of filling sensation from a small toy could be a downfall. The texture seemed to feel best when the dildo was inserted fully and rotated so that the drips near the base twirled along inside. These drips are the most noticeable textured section, and when thrusting they aren't felt as much since they're near the base. When thrusting, some of the ridges from the drips can be felt, but not quite in the same way. If thrust slowly rather than at a quick speed, the ridges felt more prominent. Still not as intense as they appear, however.

While harness compatible, the length is not really enough to function well for that use. Generally, to get good leverage in a harness a longer dildo is needed.

The base is not suction cupped, but it will hold suction for a brief moment if wet. Do not rely on this suction for use!

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is easy upkeep. Soap and water or toy cleaner can be used for regular maintenance. For sterilization you can boil it or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher. The silicone does attract some hair and lint, but not as bad as some silicone can. A quick wash before use will remove anything it may have collected, and good storage will help to prevent this from happening in between uses. While the texture looks like it may be difficult to clean, no juices seemed to collect in the ridges. You won't need to pull out a toothbrush to get Splish totally clean!

Only water based lubes should be used with Splish. Silicone lubes could damage the material.

You can store Splish in the box it came in, but probably only for a short period of time. A pouch or baggie is the best storage solution for the long term.


Splish comes in the regular Tantus packaging, which is a clear box with red accents. The front says "100% Ultra Premium Platinum Silicone" with the Tantus logo on it. It also says "The World's Best Soft Toys For Adults," so if the fact you could see through it didn't blow your cover, that would. One side has some bullet points about "what makes Tantus toys the best" and the other has some blurbs in different languages. The back has some information about Tantus, with contact information and a sticker that lists which toy it is.

The packaging can be used for temporary storage, but it does not hold up long term. The box starts to fall in on itself and kind of wear out.

Personal comments

I would recommend Splish to those interested in trying out textured toys, or those that already like textured toys but prefer things on the smaller side. I would even go so far as to recommend it to those who (like me) have had bad luck with textured toys in the past, as the small size really helps ease the texture. If you need larger toys or a lot of texture, then the Splash is the better option. I also wouldn't recommend this for harness use due to the short length.


When I first saw Splish and Splash, I wanted one of them terribly just because they look so darn pretty. I'm pretty texture sensitive and have yet to find a textured toy that doesn't make me yank it out in pain. I was nervous to accept Splish, but had my fingers crossed that just maybe the small size might work to my advantage.

I'm thrilled to say that the something about the type of texture and the small size worked wonders for me. Not only does the texture of Splish not hurt me, it feels wonderful. I can thrust with it, which I can never do with a textured toy. I find that rotating it feels even better, though. There were times I would play with Splish and rotate it around and just get lost, and I have spent way more time than I originally planned to spend doing so. Perhaps partially because of the novelty of being able to enjoy some texture, and partially because I cannot express how awesome it feels.

I did find it odd that I couldn't make out the individual texture when inside of me. Normally if I'm playing with a textured toy I can feel each ridge or bump, perhaps due to my sensitivities. With Splish it was more like an overall feeling rather than being able to notice each drip. This, of course, makes it hard to describe in turn to you guys, which I apologize for.

Is there anything bad to say about Splish? For me, no. I don't mind smaller sized toys, though the size of this is smaller than I usually use. Despite its size, it works well for me. I have ordered Splash anyhow, just to see if it would work for me. I can see that for many the small size may be a big downfall of the toy, however. I think that maybe 1.25" in diameter might have been just a bit better than the 1" it has, but truly I'm not complaining!
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