Sunrise's frosted head G-spot wonder - glass g-spot shaft by Phallix - review by ToyQuest

Sunrise's frosted head G-spot wonder

Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix

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Sunrise's frosted head g-spot wonder sex toy review

This beautiful piece of glass will hit your g-spot and take you into orgasmic bliss. It has the perfect curve and is an adequate length for ease of control. You can't go wrong with the Sunrise's Frosted Head G-spot Wonder.
Easy to clean; hits the g-spot; comfortable to use; user-friendly size.
Not big in girth.
Rating by reviewer:
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I have a glass dildo|Phallix dildo wands - Phallix glass toys already, and I love it; so I was anxious to try one with a g-spot curve.  I picked up my package from the mailroom in the Campus Center and went to meet a person for coffee.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t open it then.  When my meeting was over, I picked up the box and hurried back to my room, running into one of my friends on the way.  As we were walking and talking, I started to pull the tape off the box.  I couldn’t get all of the tape off, but I was nearly to my room by then.

Ignoring the un-classy packaging (it had a porn star on it), I appreciated that it came with a black satin bag with lace on it.  The glass was so cool, so hard, and so heavy in my hands.  I couldn’t wait to slip it inside me.  Unfortunately, I had to go to class and had to wait until late in the evening to try it.

One word: Breathtaking.

The Sunrise’s Frosted Head G-Spot Wonder|Sunrise's frosted head g-spot wonder is phallic (well, the company is called Phallix), but not overly detailed.  It just has a slightly modified head.  Just below the head there are three bumps on the curve following the circumference.  From the center bump there are an additional four bumps going down the curved shaft.  These bumps are fantastic.  As you move the G-Spot Wonder in and out of your vagina, the bumps will rub against your g-spot and the lips of your vagina.

It is absolutely divine.  The shaft is perfectly curved to hold comfortably and still hit your g-spot in a variety of positions.  I especially enjoyed it standing while in the shower.

I will say that this isn’t the biggest toy around.  I happen to enjoy girth, so I flipped the toy over to use the frosted head side.  This felt more filling, but it did not hit my g-spot nearly as well as the other end.  It still felt good sliding in and out of my wet pussy.

One of my favorite aspects of glass toys|G-spot curved glass shafts - Phallix glass toys is the clean up.  It’s incredibly easy – hot water and anti-bacterial soap will do the job, so will a bleach solution, or even putting it in the dishwasher.  Glass toys|Glass dildos - Phallix glass toys are not porous so they do not harbor bacteria, are hypoallergenic, and overall safe to use, unless you drop it [Editor's Note: Pyrex glass is designed to not shatter and chip if broken, but simply split into large chunks].  You should always check your glass toys for cracks and chips before using it.
Follow-up commentary
It's been nearly a month since I received the Sunrise's frosted head g-spot wonder.  It's so easy to clean and is so comfortable to use, it's really a fantastic product.  No matter what position you use it in, it will hit your g-spot.

I decided to try using it as a vaginal exerciser|Exercisers for vaginal muscles as well, gripping it with my PC muscles and holding it in me while standing in the shower.  The frosted end is a great starting point before moving onto something a bit more challenging.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Nashville
    I love glass toys, this sounds like a very bumpy ride but well worth the price.
  • ToyQuest
    I wouldn't say that it's a 'bumpy' ride per's more of an unexpected massage. It's definitely worth the price, which really isn't too bad considering that it is a glass toy.
  • Airen Wolf
    I am definately going to have to try this one, the reviews on it make it sound like just what I'm looking for! Thanks for the detailed review of it's shape, size and special features.
  • ToyQuest
    I'm glad you found my review useful! It's a really excellent toy - even if it doesn't end up being your favorite, your probably won't hate it. I especially enjoy this one in the shower!
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