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Tex Hit the Bulls Eye

The Tex is a wonderful investment for anyone who wants a reliable, pleasurable, go to toy. The only people I could possibly see being disappointed are those who are looking for something massive in size. For anyone looking for a small to average sized toy, Tex is your man. Don't let the price scare you off, Vixen Creations didn't lie when they said "Worth Every Inch".
Everything: material, size, shape, design, feel, wide base, Made in America, etc...
Nothing I can think of.
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The Tex is perfect in many ways. It is not tiny, but it is not huge either. It is big enough to provide wonderful stimulation, and small enough to be used in many positions without discomfort.

I would recommend Tex to anyone, from beginners to advanced users, providing you are not looking for something with extraordinary length or girth.

The curve will provide G-Spot stimulation, making it a wonderful choice for vaginal use. Although I have not used it anally, I would guess that the size would be great for anyone who is somewhat experienced with anal play.

The large base makes it perfect for use in a harness and makes in compatible with anal penetration.
    • Any couple

Material / Texture

Tex is made out of 100% Premium Silicone, which means it is non-porous, non-toxic, and it can be easily sanitized for sharing with a partner or switching between vaginal and anal use.

The Tex is part of Vixen Creations "Vixskin" line of toys, which means it has a soft and realistic feeling to it. Although the outside stays slightly tacky, as do most silicone toys, the texture is soft and smooth, and comfortable. As soon as lubricant or water is introduced the toy looses all tackiness, so no worries.

Tex has a "solid inner core", which is another way of saying it has dual-density. The inner core is stiff and holds the shape, while the outside layer is soft, plush, and fleshy. The head is the squishiest part, making it perfect for entry or clitoral stimulation.

Tex has a realistic look as well, for those who are interested in that. The head is well defined, as well as the "skin", which actually has markings to make it look more like natural skin. The ridge on the underside is also visible. There are no bulging veins on this toy, which may be a pro or con, depending on what you're into. I really like the overall look and feel of Tex and don't feel like he's missing anything.

I have the caramel one and the coloration is very believable as well, no funky or out of place colors to be found here.

As far as taste and smell are concerned, Tex lives up to the reputation of silicone toys. There is no taste whatsoever, so feel free to do some oral role playing if you'd like. Tex is also odorless, although I noticed he will retain the smell of whatever soap you use for a while, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. And don't worry, he doesn't retain the taste of the soap.

Design / Shape / Size

The Tex is perfectly designed. From the realistic look and texture, to the length and girth, to the oversized based. Every inch of the Tex is made to be functional, durable, and pleasurable.

The length from tip to base is approximately 6 inches long, which means the useable length is probably closer to 5.5 in - 5.75 in.

For me this length is perfect. It provides an excellent amount of stimulation, while allowing the receiver to move into several different positions without any discomfort or slamming of the cervix, as may occur with other toys.

The diameter is approximately 1.25 in, maybe a tiny bit bigger. This width seems to be pretty uniform throughout the head and shaft.

This girth should be small enough for a beginner to accomodate, while still providing an advanced user with very pleasurable stimulation.

The size of the base is an astounding 3 inches in diameter, perhaps a little wider. This means it will sit in a harness without any problems whatsoever. The wide base means that it will stay stable and snug during any session. It also means there's no fear of losing it if you choose to use it anally.

The Tex is also designed for G-Spot stimulation. While some may assume a fleshy toy like Tex couldn't possibly be up for the job, I can tell you they would be dead wrong. Despite its pliability, the Tex hold its shape and succeeds in G-Spot stimulation 9 times out of 10. Of course, this also depends on the position, and where exactly your G-Spot is located.

Because of his size, the Tex can also be stored rather discreetly without taking up too much space. But he is realistic, so there's no pretending he's anything else if your luggage gets searched by airport security.


As you may have guessed from everything above, Tex does very well in the performance department. Although I rarely refer to toys as "he" or "she", I find myself naturally lapsing into such references, as Tex seems to have a life of his own.

Everything about Tex functions just as it is supposed to.

It stays in place when used in a harness. We used the Aslan Jaguar (Cherry), with a 2 inch O-Ring, which is bigger than the shaft, but small enough to hold the base firmly.

The curved shaft takes care of G-Spot stimulation, while allowing enough flex to switch into virtually any position imaginable without discomfort.

The realistic feel and texture make it as pleasurable outside as it is inside. The head has enough squishy give to be used for clitoral stimulation before penetration, or at any time you would like to slow things down.

Care and Maintenance

Tex, like all 100% Premium Silicone toys is simple to take care of.

For a basic cleaning, simply wash it off with some anti-bacterial soap and warm water.

For a deeper cleaning (i.e. sanitizing between partners, or between anal and vaginal use), simply boil it for 3 minutes. It is also bleachable.

The only downside to silicone toys is that they cannot be used with silicone lubes. So, if you want to keep your toy from being destroyed, make sure the lube you use is water-based.

As with most silicone toys, the Tex can pick up lint and dust, so make sure you store it safely. The tube it comes with makes a great container. You could also use a ziplock baggie, or wrap it in a lint free cloth.


The Tex comes in a clear tube, which sort of reminds me of the tubes you use at a drive-thru bank. The top and bottom are bright yellow, and the Vixskin logo is placed on the front in black.

On the back of the tube is a list explaining the material, sanitizing the toy, and some of the toy's attributes (i.e. solid core, warms to body temperature, etc...)

Also included is the company's website information, email address, phone number, and fax number.

All Vixskin Products also come with a Lifetime Warranty, which makes them even more worth the money.

And, for those of you interested in American workmanship and supporting American jobs in this time of economic hardship, all Vixen Creations are handmade and designed in the USA (San Francisco, CA, to be exact).

I find the overall package design artistic, and I am happy to use it as a storage container for Tex.

Personal comments

The only comment I can make on Tex that is even a slight criticism, is due to his size, weight, and wide base, the pressure is much more dispersed when he is in a harness.

Where as the O2 Revolution by Tantus creates wonderful clitoral stimulation when worn in the Jaguar, the Tex does not quite do the same.

The Tex stays exactly where he is supposed to, and the wide base helps to keep him under control, but the spread out pressure also means it doesn't provide as much stimulation when you are the giver. This is only a small draw back, and there is still enough pressure to allow for simultaneous climax.

Some positions obviously provide more than others.


My wife and I both enjoyed Tex immensely, despite the great difference in our size preferences. While I tend to lean towards Tex sized toys, she tends to enjoy things on a larger scale. Yet, we were both left completely satisfied.

We will now be buying Tex a big brother for when she wants something bigger than Tex and smaller than our O2 Revolution, which is a beast.
Follow-up commentary
There's not much I can say, other than I still love the Tex. It's wonderful. I wish there was an exact replica of it, only slightly larger for my wife (or myself, on the rare days I actually want something on the larger side). I don't think there is much that could change my mind.

We have also discovered that Tex makes a really good choice for "Pack and Play", because of his small size and pliability. It's not perfectly concealable, in the way that a packy might be, but with the right jeans, it's actually not anything noticeable.

So, overall, I would still recommend it to almost anyone.
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