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Texture lovers, this is one to try!

The Icicles No. 11 is a great glass dildo for the texture lovin' ladies though it may be too intense for the very sensitive women or those new to glass. It is double ended so it's like you're getting two toys in one!
Double ended
Swirled ribbed end may be too intense for some
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Icicles No. 11 is a wonderful, textured, firm, double ended, glass dildo for vaginal penetration. Do to the lack of a flared base, I would not recommend using this anally.
This glass wand is great to use alone or with a partner. The textures on both ends are ideal for clitoral stimulation as well as internal stimulation. While the size is beginner friendly, the spiraled ribbed end may be too much for a newbie to glass. Girth lovers won't get much out of it, but it's great for texture lovers.
Aside from vaginal stimulation, you could also use it on nipples and other body parts.
It is a bit discreet and doesn't really look like a sex toy and is small enough to travel with.

Material / Texture

Icicles No. 11 is made from Borosilicate glass making it 100% body safe and sterilizeable. Glass is hard and firm with no give at all, which means you will want to be careful when thrusting because you could bruise yourself.
One end of it has a bulb on the top followed by 5 swirls/ribs which descends down to a short straight neck that flows into an almost oval shaped bulbous middle. The middle goes into a short straight neck that has a round bulbed head with small nubs protruding out of it. The texture is pretty pronounced and well felt on the swirled end; the nubbed bulb can be felt with initial insertion but is best used for clitoral stimulation.
The swirled texture probably isn't the most beginner friendly due to them being so close together. If you are new to glass or super sensitive, it may be too much or even painful for you. The bubled nubby end is more friendly for any user.
There is no smell to the glass. It is hypoallergenic, non-porous, latex and phthalates free.

Design / Shape / Size

Icicles No. 11 is designed to be a double ended textured dildo. It is on the smaller, shorter size and isn't intimidating at all as far as length and girth goes. It's easy to hold onto no matter which side you are using. The size is great for almost anyone but won't be up to par for girth lovers. It is close to the length or an average penis so it is able to be used for thrusting.
The measurements are:
Length: 6 1/2"
Insertable length: 5 1/2"
Circumference: 4"
Diameter: 1 1/4"

Compared to Icicles no. 29 and no. 8:

In my hand:


As a dildo, it does it's job. It's great for texture lovers but may cause discomfort to those that are new to glass, very sensitive to busy textures or not aroused. It is one of the easier toys to use with a partner because it is straight rather than curved for the g-spot so there is less chance of getting bruised with this as it won't be banging up against the pubic bone.

Glass is great for temperature play. The safest way to enjoy this is to submerge it in either hot or cold water. You shouldn't go from hot directly to cold though (or vise versa).

Care and Maintenance

Icicles No. 11 is easy to care for, you can use mild soap and warm water, toy cleaner or wipes. It is important to make sure you get between the ribs and the nubs since liquids can get stuck around/inside of them.
You can store it in the box it came in or in a storage bag (or however you want). It is important to make sure that it isn't going to bang up against another glass toy or hard object that could cause damage to it. Though this particular glass is very durable and doesn't break easily like everyday drinking glasses, you should still protect it. If it should break it would break in chunks, not shatter into a million pieces.
Glass is compatible with any type of lubricant.


All of the Icicles come in a nice box that is tasteful though not discreet. It is great for storage if you have the room.

Personal comments

I had been suggesting this particular Icicle in the "Eden should carry" thread in the forum for months. I almost bought it on several different occasions but held out hoping that Eden would finally decide to give it a chance here. I checked the new products every day and was stoked to see it appear one day and instantly requested it as an assignment! The texture of the swirled ribs just really caught my eye!

This may be TMI(too much information) but we're all adults here and I think it may be helpful to someone. It is important to be well lubricated and probably aroused before using the ribbed end of this toy for vaginal penetration. I'm a person that loves glass texture and this is the only one I couldn't take out and use right away without getting in the mood first. The first time I tried it was a little saddening for me because I was just too sensitive after a "woman issue" and just couldn't stand that end no matter how much lube we put on it; I had to make my fiance stop and put it away for the night.

I waited a few a days, was in the mood, and with some lube I was able to use it without any discomfort! I was so worried that I'd have to try to post this in the classifieds on Eden or toss it out after the first try was a no go. After being aroused and no longer sensitive, it was rather nice and definitely felt different from any other swirled wand I have used; it even felt different compared to the No. 29 which is highly textured in a swirled designed, though it tends to have more of a slant to it's swirls.

The nubs are nice for clitoral stimulation as I mentioned previously. It doesn't really do much for me internally but I chose it for the other end as far as using it internally goes.

I'm pleased with it and happy to add it to my glass collection.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this one despite not always being able to take the texture due to periods of sensitivity. If you like texture AND glass, this is one to get.
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