Double penetration dildo - double ended dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Spicy Sunday

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The Double Penetrator: double difficult to maneuver, but still fun!

While this toy does have some design issues, it delivers different stimulation than the average dildo. Highly recommended for beginners to anal insertion, double penetration, and possibly recommended for intermediates if you don't mind smaller diameter toys.
Soft and flexible material, different from traditional dildos.
Rubber odor, shafts are short, challenging to position.
Rating by reviewer:
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After exploring the possibilities of double penetration with my partner using the Doc Johnson ultra realistic cock and ass, I was excited to try this toy. I was hoping that I could produce similar sensations playing solo while still leaving one hand free. This toy does a decent job at that task despite some design flaws.

First some details about the toy’s dimensions and material: the listed sizes for the smaller shaft of the toy were accurate (diameter 1”, circumference 3”) but on mine the larger shaft was closer to 1.5” diameter and 4.7” circumference. On my toy, the two shafts are exactly the same length, around 6” total with 5” insertable.

The Double Penetrator is made of soft, spongy rubber with a more solid core. This material cannot be sterilized, and hygiene concerns are especially important with a toy that will be in and/or near multiple orifices, even if it is only used by one person. I would highly recommend using a condom for each shaft, and using a new condom each time you insert a shaft into a new orifice. You’ll burn through condoms like crazy, but that is the nature of a toy of this type made of rubber.

When I opened the package, the toy had a strong, somewhat sweet rubber odor. Scrubbing it with soap did not remove the odor, but after a couple days outside the packaging, the odor is much weaker. It seems likely it will continue to fade.

I’ve played with this toy several times now, and although there are some design issues, I do like it. The worst problem for me was the dimensions of the smaller shaft. I started by trying to insert the larger shaft vaginally and the smaller shaft in my butt. It was a bit awkward, and required some acrobatics to make it happen the first time. The shafts are both very bendy, which is good for accommodating people of different sizes and anatomies, but the smaller shaft was so slim and flexible that it was difficult to get it to stay in my butt.

At first, as soon as I would insert one shaft the other would pop out! I was not amused. I took a break, had some calming tea, regrouped, and came at the problem from a different angle (literally). I had been trying to insert the toy from on my back, but for my second attempt I tried lowering myself onto it vertically, and that worked much better. Staying in that position, I tried some thrusting, and quickly learned I couldn’t go too far or one of the shafts would pop out.

Next I put on some fresh condoms and tried it with the larger shaft in my butt. It stayed in place a little better, but I found the stimulation from the smaller shaft to be disappointing in that configuration. I had the most success with it positioned with the smaller shaft in my butt, but I learned you can’t thrust too far (or it might pop out) or too hard (an average size condom may not stay in place on the smaller shaft with vigorous thrusting).

Finally, the base is not designed especially well. It’s not clear where to grab on to it if you’re not bracing it on a floor or chair. If you do have it on a flat surface, it isn’t really heavy enough to stay in one place on its own. A good strong suction cup would have greatly improved this toy.

As it is, this toy is great for a few purposes. If you are a beginner to anal insertion or to the sensations of double penetration this is a nice toy to start with due to its small size, softness, and flexibility. Second, if you’re playing solo, it’s superior to trying to make double penetration happen with two separate dildos; since you can hold it with one hand, or even no hands, if you’re at just the right angle.

On the downside, it’s made of porous rubber that has a strong odor initially, and you go through condoms pretty fast compared to what you might be used to when using a regular toy. It’s awkward to get it into the right position and you can’t ride it too hard but once you get the hang of it, it’s a nice ride, and an interesting change of pace from single shaft dildos and vibrators. It’s reasonably priced so despite its flaws, I’d say it’s worth a try!
While experimenting with different positions for the toy I also tried the larger shaft inserted vaginally, with the smaller shaft in front and outside my body. I wanted to see if I could use it to stimulate my clit. It worked okay, nothing great in my opinion, but I realized the toy might also be used (up to a point) to simulate wearing a strap-on.

It’s difficult to get it to stay in place. If you were sitting on a chair while wearing it with one shaft in front of you a partner could certainly stroke or lick the external shaft, and if really motivated maybe even ride it. It’s no substitute for something like the Feeldoe, but with the relatively low price of this toy, you could use it to get a flavor of what a strap-on is like.
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