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Crystal wave blue

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The Kind of Wave I like to Ride

Looking for the firmness of glass without the hefty price-tag? This toy has a wonderful shape that'll put firm pressure just where you need it. It is very similar to glass, but without the harsh coldness of glass and without the worry of chipping or breaking.
Feels awesome, easy to store and clean.
Looks a bit tacky and cheap.
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The Crystal Wave is best used for internal vaginal stimulation, or external stimulation of your erogenous zones. It should not be used anally because it does not have a flared base. At a modest, medium size this toy is appropriate for most people - it even has a 'dual ended' appeal because there are different textures on each end of the toy. It can be used for any occasion, because it's easy to clean and will hold up in most environments. This toy is acrylic, not glass, but it is still quite hard and so caution should be taken to not bruise yourself with this toy.

Material / Texture

Acrylic is an up and coming sex toy material that has the look and firmness of glass at a fraction of the cost. Acrylic toys hold temperature well, but they cannot be exposed to the temperature extremes that glass can, so any temperature play should be done with water that, whether warm or cool, is not too extreme for you to comfortably put your hand in it.

Acrylic is very firm and unyielding, and this adds a lot to the toy by allowing you to get very firm pressure if you want it. The texture of the toy is smooth, although the bulged end has a feeling similar to ridges during use.

Design / Shape / Size

The Crystal Wave is pretty unique. There are other dual ended toys, but they are typically meant for couple use, or they do not have much variation between the two ends- if any. This toy has one end with a very effective, smooth g-spot curve and one end with a 'bulged' type of texture.

The g-spot end worked wonderfully for me, and although it depends heavily on your anatomy, it should work for most people. The toy as two parts on that side that put pressure on the g-spot, the tip, and where the curved part meets the rest of the toy. Alternately, you can turn it around and get a more broad pressure across the area, making this a very versatile toy that can be used in the way that best suits you.

The bulged end also worked well, but was not my favorite. The bulges are spaced well so you can clean them easily, but unless you go very slowly it is difficult to feel each individual bulge.

This toy is a nice, medium size and should be okay for most people. Those who are virgins may want to start out with something smaller, but since there is a taper, the toy is quite accommodating.

The toy does not look realistic at all. It is translucent blue with large flecks of silver glitter inside of it, and the shape is nothing like a real penis. This could be great for people who want toys, but aren't attracted to the shape of a man's genitalia.

This toy is pretty discreet. It's easy to carry around and hide, but whether or not someone would guess it's a sex toy, honestly, depends on who your friends are. You could probably pass it off as a massage tool since the gentle curves of the toy are somewhat similar to a massage tool.


The g-spot curve, for me, is the best feature of this toy. It feels amazing, and the firmness of the toy allows you to get pressure exactly where you want it. The bulged end is alright, but seems more suited to anal play - which this toy should NOT be used for - than vaginal insertion. There is no suction cup on this toy, nor is it harness compatible.

Care and Maintenance

Acrylic is extremely easy to care for. It is treated much like a plastic, and you probably have some acrylic cups or dinnerware without even knowing it. It can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or toy wipes. I opt for toy wipes, and it's very easy to clean. The bulges are spaced enough so that you don't have to use your nails at all, and the toy isn't sticky or textured so bodily fluids basically wipe right off. It doesn't collect dust and is mostly nonreactive, so you can store this with other hard toys (like plastic, glass, etc) or in a plastic baggie or pouch. Care should be taken to protect the toy from sharp objects so that it does not get scratched.

This toy can be used with water based or silicone lubricants, but it should not be used with oil based because they can damage the smooth finish of the toy.


The packaging for this toy is simple, a box with flashy graphics, including a naked woman who is partially hidden by an image of the toy. I'm not sure how they got the toy to look so show worthy on the box, but the actual product is outshone considerably by the images on the packaging. Inside, there is a tray with a depression in it where the toy sits, and a small, folded up bit of paper that the instructions are printed on. The instructions come in a number of different languages, including English, and they are somewhat useful - they don't cover lube compatibility, but they do say to use soap and water to clean it. They also say to keep it away from children, and not to store it with other toys. You can store it with other hard toys though- it's just soft toys you need to worry about.

Personal comments

I am conflicted about this toy. It looks tacky, feels great, but then goes back to tacky with the packaging. In the end, I suppose what matters the most is that it works great in bed. As with all hard toys, I wouldn't recommend using this for partner use. It's pretty easy to get bruised in such a sensitive area, and your partner may not know your limits as well as you; or they may get carried away.

I do really, really like this toy. If I could suggest a few simple improvements, I suppose I'd ask for it to be a slightly deeper blue color and to have a much shinier finish, to match the picture on the package. Then, I'd ask for them to use smaller glitter. The glitter used in this toy is large, like children's craft glitter, and it makes the toy look cheap. However, the shape of the toy is fine as it is, and I really enjoy the g-spot end. It's staying in my top drawer.
Follow-up commentary
In the weeks past first receiving this toy I think its tackiness has become more apparent. I still like it in use, but the finish just dulls in comparison to the glass toys I have sitting next to it in the drawer.

It is hard, and it is fun to use, and it is pretty... but it has a ways to go until it can replace glass in my toybox. Doesn't mean it's bad... Just that it's still not gaining any points as a cheaper-than-glass alternative. I'd like to see urethane explored more, and since I know it CAN be taken to a high polish and hold it, I'd love to see it taken to that extreme. Urethane has so much potential as a new hard toy material, and I feel like, although this is good shapewise.. it's just not living up to it.

I still like the toy in use though, and that's what matters to me more than anything else- it hasn't gotten scratched, or been damaged in any way all the time I've had it, either. So if you're looking more for utility than beauty and you think you'd like the intense, pinpoint stimulation this provides- go for it. If you're looking for a replacement for glass, beauty included? you might be less than thrilled.
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  • Sundae
    The glitter and the bright colour definitely remind me of my childhood and cheap sort of dollar store toys. However, past that I'm happy to hear it works relatively well. Thanks for the review! Smile
  • Sundae
    The glitter and the bright colour definitely remind me of my childhood and cheap sort of dollar store toys. However, past that I'm happy to hear it works relatively well. Thanks for the review! Smile
  • Minxy
    I wanted this dildo the minute I saw it. Nice review!
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    I kinda like the color also Tongue out Nice review! Big smile
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