Fetish Fantasy Elite 7" penetrix dildo - double ended dildo by Pipedream - review by darthkitt3n

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The Monster Hiding In My Closet

This toy was pretty disappointing. When I first looked at the product page, I thought it looked interesting and worth a try. For us, this toy is simply too large and painful to use. When I insert the one end into myself, the other end, used for penetrating my partner, is pushed down at a very odd angle. The angle of the toy in my body is extremely uncomfortable. This is also difficult to get a hang of and requires a specific harness to work best.
made of silicone
too large, bad design, difficult to use, uncomfortable
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The 7 inch Penetrix Dildo, made of premium medical-grade silicone, from Pipe Dream’s Fetish Fantasy Elite line is a double-ended dildo for use with a partner. It can either be used with a harness or just as the toy itself. It’s compatible with the Fetish Fantasy Elite line of universal harnesses. When used with a partner, the shorter end penetrates the wearer vaginally, while the longer end can penetrate the receiver either anally or vaginally. If the Penetrix dildo is used alone, the backside of the penetrating dildo has little nubs for clitoral stimulation. When the short end is inserted, the nubs line up perfectly to provide clitoral stimulation. This toy is waterproof, so play can be taken into the shower.

Since there is a large, flat piece of silicone between both ends of the dildo, it's safe to use anally. At 7 inches in length for the one end, this toy is not for beginners. It's somewhat girthy, long, and curvy, making it difficult to insert. You may need to warm up with other toys first. The smaller end, meant for penetrating the wearer of the dildo, is only 4 inches long, making it much less of a challenge for insertion.

This toy may also be used alone, although the short end will kind of be hanging off into nowhere.

This toy is packaged together as a small kit with a few other items. Inside the box, you’ll also get samples of water based lubricant and toy cleaner, and a silicone mask.
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Material / Texture

The Penetrix dildo and included mask are both made out of premium, medical-grade silicone. The dildo is soft, somewhat bendy, and has some give to it, allowing for a comfortable fit during use. The thin piece holding the penetrating dildo and the wearer’s end together is very flexible, making it easy to penetrate a partner while wearing the other end inside of yourself.

The silicone is nice and smooth, with very little texture to it. There are some raised ridges along the side that enhance the feel of the curves during use. There’s a seam on this toy, but it is hidden within another ridge running the vertical length of the toy. It cannot be felt during use. On the bottom of penetrating dildo there are some gentle, rounded nubs for clitoral stimulation. These are well rounded and do not have any sharp spots on them. Without use of a lube, this dildo will have a lot of friction and drag against skin. Once it’s been lubed up, though, it will feel slick and easy to insert.

Since this is silicone, it’s non-porous, making it great for use with partners without using a condom. Washing and sterilizing the toy between uses allows you to share it with others. Silicone is also a lint magnet, though. Just within a few minutes of sitting on my lap for my review, my Penetrix dildo has almost as much fur on it as my cat.

The included black silicone mask is very flexible and somewhat stretchy. It has no texture to it and has no seams.

There is a very light odor to both silicone pieces. It's only noticeable if you stick them right under your nose. I did not notice a taste to either piece.
    • Flexible
    • Harness compatible
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is pretty simple. On one end, there's a large, curvy dildo meant to penetrate your partner. It's 7 inches in length and ranges in girth from 3 1/2 inches around to 5 inches. There are two curves in the shaft and a bulbous head. The curve further down the toy, closer to the base, is 5 inches around and probably presents the biggest challenge during insertion. The head is smaller with a rounded tip, allowing for an easy start at insertion. There are some ridges along the sides of it that curve along with the curves. They are pretty distinguishable during use. There is a very light seam that cannot be felt during use, but can be felt when you run a finger over it.

At the base of this piece there is enough room to fit an O-ring, making this harness compatible. On the backside of the base, there's some nubs for clitoral stimulation for the wearer. These are well rounded and gentle. They offer stimulation without being painful.

Beneath the nubs is the other side of the dildo, meant for the wearer. This one is much smaller, measuring 4 inches in length. At it's widest, this side measures 4 1/2 inches around. It has one bulbous curve, then the shaft slims and ends in a curvy tip. Unlike the other end, the tip is not nicely rounded. It's kind of flat when looked at from the side. This one does not have any ridges and has a light seam that cannot be felt during use.

This dildo is pretty large on the receiving end. It will be difficult for beginners to be able to insert this, both anally and vaginally. A warm-up may be necessary for both users. Users who have toys similar in size should have no trouble inserting this. I do like, though, how the shape will work well in both areas. The somewhat giving body will conform to your body, making this comfortable during use. The super flexible piece of silicone holding the two dildos together will also allow the smaller dildo end to be worn comfortably, while still giving a good angle of penetration with the larger end. The shorter end can also be a challenge to insert, just because of the curves.

This toy is very large. From one end to the other, it measures 10 inches. This is not a discreet toy. Anyone who finds it will at least understand that the bigger end is a dildo, though they may be confused by the smaller side, which looks like a handle. I personally do not think it's suitable for travel, because of the size and the material. If it's not packed right, the silicone could get covered in lint.

The included black silicone mask is not very big. It measures 18 inches around from the end of each strap at its largest. The silicone straps tighten through two plastic buckles in the back, like a swim mask. The tightest the mask can be adjusted is about 11 inches. The silicone is somewhat stretchy, but it does not have enough stretch to make this in any way comfortable. Sliding the mask over your head without undoing it first will most likely cause the plastic buckles to snap. The measurement around my head is 21 inches, which is 3 inches too large to comfortably wear this mask. When I have it on, even for a couple of minutes, it presses my eyes in. When I remove the mask, having my eyes pressed in and them suddenly having no pressure makes my vision very blurry and gives me a headache for a few minutes.
    • Partner play


This can be a difficult toy to work with. It's only compatible with the Fetish Fantasy Elite brand Universal harnesses. It won't work comfortably with any other harness, because the dildo sits much lower than where the average harness would have an O-ring.

If you're using the Fetish Fantasy Elite harness, you first attach this to the harness by slipping the longer end through the O-ring. You then would get the harness on and slide the shorter dildo into yourself. After that, you're ready to begin penetrating your partner. If you aren't using the harness, you would just insert the short end and be ready to penetrate your partner.

During use, this toy does kind of feel like a tug-of-war. As you push into your partner, your end may pop out a little. Pulling back from your partner will set your end back into you. Because of this, I do not particularly feel this toy can be used alone. The box says it can.

The short end is hooked so that it may provide G-spot stimulation. It did on me, but the curve of the toy did not make it comfortable stimulation.

The angle presented by inserting one end of this toy is not the best for penetration. It puts your "penis" much lower than it should be. If it were an actual penis, it would be hanging almost completely straight down a few inches down from where it should normally sit.

As I stated before, my kit came with two free samples, one of lube and one of toy cleaner. These may not be offered with the dildo and mask permanently.

The included lube sample is water based and will work fine with any silicone toy. It has a very light, though bad, odor. The taste is also nasty. This lube dries up quickly. When it is first on skin, it feels very slippery and silky like a silicone lube. Once it begins to dry, it gets very sticky. My fiance commented on it beading up on him on some other toys he was using it with. Some would puddle up in some spots and not spread to other areas. I tried it out on my hand and noticed it does do this. This is a very thin lube, and the bottle does not have an easy pour cap, so this could be very easy to spill everywhere.

The sample toy cleaner in the kit works fine. I pour some onto a lint-free cloth to clean toys. It also does not have anything to regulate the amount of liquid flowing through, just a plain screw-on cap. The scent of the toy cleaner reminds me of bubble liquid. It can be used to clean any toy.

The mask's design is like that of any other blindfold and mask. It blocks vision. I personally do not care for wearing it, but it can be used along with the dildo to tease your partner.
    • Hard to figure out
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Caring for a silicone toy can be a little complicated. The toy and mask can be washed with warm soap and water, toy cleaner (such as the included sample bottle), or it can be boiled. The dildo is also safe to throw in the dishwasher. Once either piece is clean, you need to leave it sitting out to dry. Toweling it dry will coat the surface with lint, which can be a little annoying to clean off. Once it’s dried, each piece should be stored separate. The mask can be stored in its original zipper-sealed bag, and the dildo should be placed in another bag. Silicone toys can’t be stored together, or they will bond together and be ruined. This should also be stored separately from other silicone toys, even if they are only separated by plastic bags. Keeping the toy and mask in bags will also keep them dust and lint free, making them useable right away without a need to wash beforehand. I put mine in separate bags and stick them back into the box.

Silicone toys are only compatible with water based lubes, such as the one included. Silicone based lubes will also bond with the toy and ruin it.

Clean up with the lube is simple. Some soap and warm water will wash off any lube on skin. Bedding can be washed according to manufacturer’s directions to get any spots of lube off. I just throw my sheets in the washer and dryer. They come out without any remaining spots from lubricant on them.


The packaging for this toy is nice looking and functional as well. Everything comes packed in a large cardboard box with Fetish Fantasy Elite written on it in silver. The sides and top are done up in a black snakeskin print. The back gives some information on the toy. It states that this toy is made from 100% medical-grade Elite Silicone, which is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and sculpted to excite. It is phthalate free, latex free, and nonporous. The dildo can be used either alone or with one of the Fetish Fantasy Elite Universal harnesses. When you're done playing, you can either boil or throw this in the dishwasher if you please, or just use a toy cleaner.

Inside, all of the pieces are wrapped up neatly. The mask comes in its own little zipper-sealed baggie. The dildo is wrapped in a plastic foam bag. Both free samples, which may or may not come with your dildo, are wrapped in a plastic bag together.

There are no user's instructions, but none are really needed. You simply attach this to the Fetish Fantasy Elite harness, if you so choose to, and then insert the shorter end into yourself and the larger end into your partner.

Both of the included sample bottles in my kit are just plain plastic bottles with screw on lids. They do not have anything regulating the flow of liquid, so I do end up pouring more lube or toy cleaner than I intend to. These do seal pretty well, so there's no worry about them tipping over and leaking.

Everything fits well into the box, which makes it good for storage. The box measures 9 x 5 x 3 inches, which is a little bit bigger than typical toy packaging. This will not make a discreet gift.

Moist personal lubricant:
Aloe Vera, Nettle Extract, Rosemary Extract, Balm Mint Extract, Ginseng Extract, Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethyl, Ethylcellulose, Diazolidinyl Urea, Carbopol, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, PEG 6-32, Triethanolomine, Nonylphenol, Citric Acid.

The lubricant does include glycerin and a paraben, so those with sensitivities to either should avoid it or perform small spot-tests.

Antibacterial toy cleaner:
Water (Aqua), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA, Sodium Carboxymethyl Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium PCA, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Citric Acid.

The toy cleaner also contains parabens, but since it shouldn't be used in or around the body, you should be fine.
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

We gave this dildo one really good try, which just did not work out for us.

The short end was uncomfortable for me, even though it was inserted properly. It felt like it was hitting my G-spot, but at the same time, different parts were knocking into other little bits inside of me and causing pain. I was unable to move my legs separately with this in, because it would just cause pain and pop the dildo out a little. It sat so low on me with my leather harness that both it and the harness were digging into my pubic bone. I did not feel any stimulation from the nubs.

He says it felt like it was too big, even though he enjoys using much girthier toys. The tip felt good when it was first sliding in, but the further inside it went, it began hurting. He also says he wishes it was straighter, because it would be easier to insert. He liked the feeling of the silicone.

I don't think this toy will work well for many couples, especially those who are beginners. My partner is not a beginner with anal toys. He's worked his way up to some pretty big ones. This will present a challenge to even the more experienced users.

The mask is crappy. It is way too small to fit either of our heads. I have a pretty small head, measuring 21 inches around. His is much larger and measures 24 inches around. The silicone also feels weird against my face, kind of like it's dragging my eyebrows and any hair on my face around.

I was not impressed with the lube sample I received, either. It smells and tastes nasty. It globs up too much in some areas and will not smooth out to evenly cover toys. We ended up putting it away and getting out some anal lube for him and the Pink Water for me.

I'm indifferent at the toy cleaner. It's a toy cleaner. It works. It doesn't do anything incredible.
Follow-up commentary
I still hate this thing. I haven't even tried using it again. It's still sitting in the same place in my closet. The only way I would consider using it is to chop it in half and use each piece separately for anal play with my fiance.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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