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Hot pepper pleasure

Dildo by Joyful Pleasures

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The only pepper that'll ever get close to your goodies!

If you have always wanted to put a pepper in your pussy or ass, then this one is safe to use for that purpose. Joyful Pleasures has crafted their hot pepper of medical grade glass to allow a safe, easy to care for sex toy experience. It is a great toy for beginners in vaginal and/or anal exploration. However for those who are looking for a hardcore g-spot experience, you'll have to find a bigger toy.
Great quality material, temp- play, unique design
thin, not best for g-spot play(depends on anatomy and preference)
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The hot pepper pleasure by Joyful Pleasures is one intriguing glass toy. How often is it that one can actually use a pepper to satisfy their sexual needs, not very often! Well, Joyful pleasures have a great hot pepper toy to finally satisfy your pepper fetishes.

The hot pepper can be used vaginally or anally for soft probing. It isn't a very a big toy so it is more likely going to satisfy beginners or intermediate players. It has a curved tip that could possibly reach the p-spot for men, for a bit of prostate milking, however my male partner isn't open to using any toy near or in his anus. So unfortunately I do not have the male perspective on this toy. The hot pepper can also probe and softly stimulate the g-spot.

As it is a glass toy, it holds heat or cold quite well and could make a great shower toy, but if you drop it you might get a useless chunky pepper. So I recommend playing with this toy on your bed, unless you feel comfortable using your glass toys in the shower.

Material / Texture

The hot pepper is made of hand blown medical grade glass. Since it is handmade, each toy is likely to have slight differences but one thing is for sure, each hot pepper is made of a very durable material.

Glass is very rigid and basically hard as a rock. Joyful Pleasures claims it is "virtually unbreakable"! Glass has no scent or taste, unless you just used it on your self and put it in your mouth right after... Glass is fracture resistant and it can retain heat and cold very well, which means lots of fun playing with temperature....and it can't be a hot pepper if it isn't hot now and then, right!

Glass is hypoallergenic, it contains no phthalates, and it is nonporous therefore it does not absorb any lube or bodily fluids. It also means that you can sanitize this toy for sharing or for using in different orifices. The glass of the hot Pepper is completely smooth without any imperfections or bubbles within the glass. There are no bumps or special textures to this toy, just a simple smooth surface.

Beginners and advanced users will enjoy glass, it just depends on whether one enjoys the qualities a glass toy can provide (temp play, sharable, rigidity, etc.

Design / Shape / Size

This glass dildo is quite cute and sort of small in terms of size. The tips width is slightly larger than my pointer finger (slightly bigger than 1/2 an inch) and the widest point near the stem of the pepper is slightly above an inch. The total length of the toy is roughly 8 inches, 6 of which are insertable.

The size of this toy makes this such a great toy for a beginner looking for something small to start with. Also, the size and shape is really ideal for someone adventuring into anal play with glass. The tip of the toy is small and it slowly and gradually becomes wider/thicker. So it is a great toy to start with for exploring anally.

The pepper does have a slight curve to it, which allows it to reach and stimulate the g-spot or it could also possibly reach and stimulate the p-spot. It's effectiveness depends on your anatomy and your preferences stimulation-wise.

This toy does sort of look "realistic" in terms of how well it resembles the actual thing. It is a very discreet toy. In fact, I am sure you could leave it out on your dinning room table with a glass tomato from a dollar store and no one would be the wiser.

The hot pepper is small enough to be a good travel toy but I strongly recommend getting a padded toy pouch or making one yourself, to protect the toy.


Anal probing is excellent with this toy. It doesn't have a flared base so I don't suggest you insert and leave this toy in as you attend other things as this toy could get sucked in. However, if you keep a hand on it and use it simply for probing in and out, this toy feels actually pretty delicious. Since it is quite thin and it thickens quite gradually, this toy can easily prepare you for a larger anal toy. And the sensation of the cool glass at room temperature is always a nice thing to try or experience at least once.

Vaginally, this toy might be too small for intermediate or advanced users. Being a thin toy, but also being an extremely smooth toy, the sensations it provides vaginally are quasi impossible to feel. It does reach my g-spot and it does stimulate it some, but it has such a small tip that it isn't enough to completely arouse and properly stimulate that area of my vagina.

I think that women who prefer smooth glass toys, (or any smooth and slick texture) and who do not require a large surface area to be stimulated for the g-spot to be aroused, will really love and enjoy this toy. However, women who enjoy more texture (bumps, ridges, nodules, veins, etc) and who require a thicker toy in order to get good g-spot stimulation, will not like this toy very much for vaginal use.

It really shines as an anal probe for me, it doesn't and hasn't done much for me vaginally, regardless of how insistent I was about making it work.

Care and Maintenance

Glass can be cleaned with 10% bleach solution, boiled or can be washed in your dish washer in the top rack with no soap.

However, the good old, sex toy spray cleaner works quite well.

Glass is compatible with all lubes.

I store it in an Eden Fantasys toy pouch as the toy did not come with a protective pouch to store it in.

Personal comments

In order to see the pictures bigger I recommend you click on this link!
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