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The pink fish of happiness

Jollet is an inventive dildo designed to fill you exactly as you are shaped. You will feel her touching every inch of you inside. Leave her in, rock her, squeeze on her, hold a vibrator against her base, insert a bullet into her base - there are many ways Jollet can please you. The best way though is by squeezing her as you receive clitoral stimulation. Do this and Jollet will reward you with stronger orgasms. Who doesn't want that?
platinum silicone, inventive design, great for kegel exercises
would be nice if it came in a smaller size
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extremely useful review


This is not your mother's dildo.

Jollet is designed not for thrusting but to rest inside you while you receive clitoral stimulation. You can also apply a vibrator to it, rock it or rotate it inside you. It also makes an excellent kegel exercisor.

Material / Texture

Jollet is made of firm, platinum silicone. There is no texture, just a pronounced bulge.

Jollet has absolutely no scent.

Design / Shape / Size

While Jollet resembles a fish to me, its shaped to exactly fill a woman's insides. It was designed from molds taken of women's vaginas. The largest part of the bulge is just shy of six inches in circumference. It feels even a little bigger than this since its so firm.

I do wish it came in a smaller size, but it doesn't.

The base flares out somewhat in a wavy pattern. The bottom three quarters of an inch is slightly textured to allow it to be better gripped.

Jollet also has a hole in its base where you can insert a bullet if you want a bit of extra vibration.

There are two small waves at the narrowest part of Jollet. These are presumably to provide a little extra stimulation at the opening of the vagina, but I can't say that their presence made a difference for me.

Jollet's head is vaguely penis shaped. One would think that because the top of the 'head' is on the side opposite the bulge, that it should be inserted bulge down, but that is not how its intended to be used. Insert it bulge up - doggy style insertion.

Its design is quite similar to Jollie, but instead of a loop that curves up to provide clitoral stimulation, Jollet extends out, allowing you to use whatever vibrator, fingers or other device you choose.


Jollet is very different from any other dildo I've tried.

Its not meant for thrusting, but I thought it would still feel ok with a little thrusting. After all it has that wonderful bulge that looks like it would feel good moving back and forth against a G-spot. But it actually feels terrible when thrusted.

Rolling it or rocking it feels ok - moderately pleasurable. Putting a strong vibrator against the base causes vibrations to travel through the entire toy. You will feel them in every inch of your vagina. But none of this without additional clitoral stimulation is enough to bring me to climax.

When its inside and you squeeze on it, you can feel that it completely fills you more than any other dildo, even dildos of comparable size. Squeezing against it feels better than squeezing against vaginal balls.

I believe that leaving it inside you as you use your favorite vibrator on your clitoris will result in a stronger orgasm than without it.

Care and Maintenance

Jollet is made from platinum silicone so water based lubes are best. I tried a small amount of Pink silicone lube on its base and let it sit for a minute. It wiped off and the base was just as shiny, but you could see a faint outline of where the lube had been applied. After a minute, even that faint mark was gone, but still, water based lubes are the safest choice.

Washing and towel drying are sufficient to clean this toy after use.

It can be boiled or bleached for sterilization.


It comes in a simple clear plastic container with no instructions. There is no company website either. If any product needs explanation, this one does. Its an unfortunate decision on Jollie's part not to include a sheet explaining how its design came about and offering tips for its use.

The plastic box isn't suitable for storage.


Be sure to use plenty of lube with Jollet. She requires it more than other toys her size.

For some reason, even though she's not THAT large, she hurts going in. Just a little. Once inside, it feels like Jollet completely fills me without further discomfort.

After I remove Jollet, I usually feel a little irritated. I'm not sure exactly why this is. Even if its inserted and left to stay inside while I squeeze against it and use a vibrator clitorally, I still feel irritated afterward.

But having something so firm inside you that fills you so completely and accurately does increase orgasm intensity. It has taken more time for me to evaluate Jollet than other toys because I felt it was necessary to repeatedly verify Jollet's orgasm intensity increasing ability and make sure it wasn't a fluke. Orgasm intensity is moderately stronger with Jollet inside.

If you're squeamish about details of female anatomy, skip this paragraph. Good, you're still with me. During one session I noticed a small amount of blood tinged liquid on Jollet when I removed it. Examining myself to see where it came from, I was alarmed to see that the entrance of my vagina was partially open and that the incredibly engorged insides of my vagina were visible. I almost called my health care provider's advice nurse to discuss possible vaginal prolapse, but after a few minutes the swelling was mostly gone. Everything that is normally not visible was fully tucked inside where it belongs. Whew! Orgasm achieved by any means without Jollet has never caused this response. I consider it to be evidence of the extra engorgement that corresponds with a more intense response.

I've tried Jollet a few more times after that and haven't achieved that level of swelling. This is not all bad. I'm finding that when my clitoris is being stimulated, I want Jollet inside me now. The combination of a vibrator or fingers plus Jollet is hard to beat.

I've tried a couple of vaginal exercisers, but they didn't feel nearly as nice as Jollet. You will feel your muscles squeezing against Jollet much more strongly than against vaginal balls. You can't run errands with Jollet inside you though.

So Jollet is a good choice for times when you're willing to take your time and work for more powerful results.
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  • ToyGeek
    I've been waffling back and forth between this one and the original Jollies for a while now. I guess I'd better just hurry up and buy one! Thanks for the review.
  • sophie2229
    I have the polka dots and I love it! Glad you commented on the firmness because it's much firmer than my Jollie. At first I thought the extra firmness in mine was due to the fact that they treated mine differently because it has pom-poms. Glad to see that it was just the plan of the toy!
  • LikeSunshineDust
    I've been curious about the Jollet for a while now. I think it's on it's way to the wish list shortly.
  • Shellz31
    Cheers on the review. I like the size of this toy.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Great job on the review, as usual! I have the Jollie and am debating whether I should also get the Jollet. I absolutely love the pressure the Jollie gives on the clit though and would miss that pressure! I, too, like to apply my Hitachi to it so that I'm also getting vibrations through the firm silicone -- it's fantastic!
  • Tuesday
    SS, Interesting. Do you have the firm or regular Jollie?
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for the review and video
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