Pixie - dildo by Tantus - review by ScottA

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The Pixie - a smooth and sensuous ride

An excellent dildo - a good design in a good size, made of silicone at a very good price. An affordable dildo that you can use for years to come.
Good design, great materials, good price. What's not to like?
When the Pixie is inserted there's no way to see which way the bulge on the head is facing.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Pixie dildo|Pixie Dildo by Tantus was recommended to me, but I was unsure at first. I thought it would be OK but no great shakes. Too short, too thin, too straight, and too smooth – or so I thought.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

While I probably won't leave them out in the living room as art, I do like my sex toys to be pretty (it makes foreplay more pleasurable), and the Pixie is pretty. The Pixie's ethereal color makes it look like a phallic version of a unicorn horn. Dancing glitter specks invite you to stare into the Pixie's depths to find patterns. When lubed, the smooth, shimmering silicone slides softly over skin. I could hardly wait to use it more intimately.

When I had some time to myself I got ready, greased up my butt (with a non-silicone lube), and slid the Pixie home – wow. It isn't too thin, it isn't too short, and it isn't too smooth. The Pixie is long enough to hit all the important bits (P-spot or G-spot|P-spot & G-spot Anal sex toys), and the shorter length makes it just about perfect for anal use (I find longer dildos need more warm-up to be comfortable). It's wide enough to be filling, but narrow enough to be usable by most people after a bit of foreplay (if you can get 2 fingers in you can get the Pixie in). The smooth finish was definitely different at first, since I was used to textured dildos|Dildos that provide more stimulation at the anus, but it allows you to focus on the sensations deep inside. The smooth shaft has another benefit - I find that textured dildos can cause irritation or sensation overload when thrust rapidly, whereas the Pixie can be thrust with wild abandon. The firmness of the silicone is good – not too floppy (I was able to insert it anally holding the base one-handed), and not too stiff (there were no sore bits after a session of rapid thrusting).

Since it's silicone, cleanup options are many and it can be sterilized between uses. [Editor's note: boil, wipe with 10% bleach solution, or top rack of dishwasher with no soap to sterilize.]

I appreciate the Pixie's well-defined head. It gives you two benefits: it lets you know when the Pixie is near its end, and it gives extra stimulation to the P-spot/G-spot on both the in and out stroke. The wide and sturdy base allows the Pixie to fit securely in a harness, and it's easy to attach as well, with no fuss required to get it in the 1.5” O-ring on a Wonder Woman harness|Wonder woman harness.

There is little I would change about the Pixie. Some sort of “this side up” indicator would be nice, so the bulge on the head could be best positioned, but that can be supplied by the end user (cutting a bit off of one side of the base is probably the best way). The Pixie is a good dildo at a great price, and it's made from the perfect material (silicone) - safe and easy to clean up. While it's not phenomenal in the way the Raquel|Raquel strap-on dildo review or O2 are, the Pixie's good design and compelling value make it a great addition to (or start of) a toybox.
Follow-up commentary
When I first got the Pixie, I played with it regularly but it eventually wound up migrating a little further down in the toy box every month. I found it and pulled it out again several months ago, giving myself the task of figuring out why I wasn't using it much anymore. It was still pretty, it was still nice and smooth, and it still had a nice head on it; but for some reason neither I nor my wife picked it up much.

I decided that there weren't any glaring faults. It was, and still is, a nice dildo, but there was something missing. It was hard to pin down, but I think it's the fact that the Pixie is on the smaller side and straight. If the Pixie were curved it would be much easier to stimulate those delightful alphabet spots and more, but it's straight. If it were a bit longer there would be a bit more latitude for moving around during play, but it's only 5-1/2" long. It's a nice starter dildo, but depending on your tastes it may or may not grow with you, and because of this I'm lowering my rating a bit.
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  • Ah, the wonders of smooth silicone. I would imagine that textured dildos for anal thrusting make for sore butts, pretty quickly. Good review!
  • Dame Demi
    I soooo wish this dildo came with a bullet, or at least a hole to accomodate one!
  • Oggins
    Thanks for the review!  I have to agree with you that some kind of an indicator to let you know which way the head is pointed would be very helpful!
  • I have never even noticed this toy. 100% silicone? I'm there!
  • Jimbo Jones
    I too have run into trouble with toys trying to decide which end is up when it is inside. Sometimes they print the Tantus name on one end of the base so that you know that is the top, but that is not always the case. Cutting a notch would work and if the toy is light colored a small mark with a dark idelible marker might work as well. Sounds like a fun toy and thanks for your review.
  • ScottA
    Jimbo - I think I'd go for cutting a strip off the base to make a flat side rather than a notch. While I'm not sure about this type of silicone, cutting a notch in some materials can concentrate stress and lead to tears (the classic example is cutting glass by scoring a notch). I'm not sure that an indelible marker would last more than a couple of uses, though - things generally don't stick so well to silicone (which is one reason it's so good for sex toys).

    CW - textured dildos can make for a sore butt, but they also can provide a little extra stimulation at the asshole that can be nice (if used more slowly and with a nice heavy lube). I'm glad my box includes both types, though, because textures can be too much sometimes but at other times they can be just right.

    Dame Demi - A vibe would be nice, but the Pixie is pretty good as it stands. I'd really like a vibe in the A-Bomb, though (if you're listening, Tantus...)
  • ScottA
    Just a followup - it looks like the base is sturdier on the Pixie than it is on some of the other Tantus dildos , such as the Luxury and Large Silk. It's the same size, but thicker and stronger so it feels more secure in a harness.
  • deltalima
    Thanks for sharing
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