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Rotary dildo

Steel rotary dildo by Phallix

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The Steel Power Tool Of Yummy Goodness

The Steel Rotary Dildo is truly a thing of pure, raw, intense, and insane pleasure, causing immense thrills for its amazing juicing aspects and its unique rotary mechanism. It is simply quite a blast and loads of fun playing with this playmate. Whether used vaginally or anally, you’ll be in for quite an arousing, orgasmic experience. Just when you think a steel dildo couldn’t be anymore perfect, here it is, the Steel Rotary Dildo. So worth the price, so worth the hype, and so worth the pleasure.
Slick, smooth, lightweight, rotary mechanism, great for anal and pussy play.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Steel Rotary Dildo is one of the most unique sex toys that one can own. When I first caught my eye on this, it reminded me of something that you would find at an antique shop or in granny’s attic. Yet, being that it is smooth, slick, and shiny chrome alloy, it is absolutely gorgeous, industrial, and stunning. I just couldn’t resist owning a thing of such novelty, and truthfully, who hasn’t yet been tempted in trying a rotary juicer? I’m guilty!

To my pleasant surprise, the Steel Rotary Dildo isn’t as heavy, long, or loaded with girth as I thought it would be. At seven inches long from base to tip, it fits snug and lightly at the palm of my hand. I tossed it and juggled it, in awe at its lightness. The bulbous head of the dildo elongates down to a slim, slender, and bump-less shaft, leading to the flared base which has six bumpy nubs. The feature that makes this one special is, of course, the rotary handle. Just looking at it makes me think of how much my hands (and my partner’s hands) are going to get to work using this baby (vroom, vroom!), or how I could insert the handle into my butt hole (it’s not mind-blowing, but it’s worth a try!). Other than using the handle to turn-turn-turn, I thought of the idea of putting the handle in a hole of some sort (in a really old but still useful chair perhaps?), where it can stay put and stable so you can fuck it to infinity. Instead, I put the handle inside the crevice of my underwear drawer, propped barely an inch open from where it stood, nice and firm, and upward, perfectly targeting my pussy and asshole. Needless to say, I was in for a fun and exciting ride.

With my back turned to the dildo, I bent myself over and comfortably found the right angle to sit down on it with my pussy. She was welcomed to the bulbous head, which felt thick and girth-y, causing that lovely stretching sensation that made me melt and then moan once it was fully in me. Through my trembling moans of pleasure, I very quickly bounced up and down on this baby as if I was being fucked by my partner from behind. The shaft is insanely slick and slender; it took barely a couple of seconds before it was glistening with my juices and plunging in and out of me like a fucking machine. My legs were trembling; pleasure shocks slivered down my spine from head to toe; I was sold. The coolness of the chrome alloy gradually warmed up to my body heat, causing me to moan and tremble all the more. And surprisingly, the handle stayed put in the crevice of my drawer, bringing “furniture sex” to a fun and unique level (mmm…).

Down to the real magic of this toy- the rotating mechanism! When I started to turn the handle, the sensation could be described as…a bit boring, not as exciting or mind-blowing as advertised to be, but pleasurable nonetheless. I didn’t find the sensation weird, as others that have said about rotary juicers, but I didn’t find it wow-worthy either, at first. Although the sensation of the rotation wasn’t spectacular, it indeed got my pussy juices flowing and my legs all shaky. I literally felt the juices pouring out of me during the rotating process, and my juices actually flowed out from my pussy hole when I pulled out, and I mean a lot of it. Now that’s WOW. Also, the bumps on the base added quite a surprising sensation that I wasn’t expecting to get out of it. It’s comforting, soothing, and oh so pleasurable with the faster I turned the handle (my clit LOVED the nubs). The more I punished my pussy with the rotary mechanism, the more and more I loved it, realizing that the sensation is indeed something remarkable and intensely orgasmic. Turning the handle is a rather fun activity, and the handle is perfect for control and movement. Again, the “juicing” sensation might be weird and lackluster to some, but I found it to be absolutely orgasmic after I tried it a multiple of times. I pretty much got addicted to the feeling of churning and juicing, and haven’t stopped taking advantage of it since.

The Rotary Dildo by Phallix is AMAZING. It is so worth every penny and worth the modest hype surrounding it. It is incredible in every way. Without a doubt in my mind, it will give me years and years of non-stop hot, sexy, and powerful solo-play and partnered sex. Can’t forget the furniture, it will offer years of fun and teasing play with that too.
The fun didn’t just stop there; naturally, I had to try it up the ass too! It is perfect for the bum hole because it is not too long and not too thick, just right. After lubing it up nicely (a little goes a long way), the dildo slipped inside of me like butta’. My anal sphincter practically sucked this baby in, and boy, once it was fully in there, it felt SO fucking good. It stayed inside me like a butt plug (to be more specific, like the Njoy steel butt plug), even during double penetration and fucking. It felt oh so slick and slim, causing no discomfort or pain. The juicing/rotating mechanism actually felt more noticeable and more orgasmic and exciting in my anus than it did in my pussy. The warm and pleasurable sensation of the turning-motion was more pronounced and far more stimulating, I just couldn’t stop turning and turning the damn thing. However, the nubs on the base were barely noticeable, but didn’t take away from my numerous anal orgasms. I didn’t initially think of this as a butt plug, but it truly is a butt plug and dildo in one. Because it is pretty light, it stayed put in my ass for hours when lying down and standing up. I even slept in it, and it never popped or slipped out. As far as cleaning is concerned, the only thing I would take note is to clean the tiny crevice marks in the glands of the dildo from any dirt, dry cum, or fecal matter, just in case. By far, the Steel Rotary Dildo is one of the most fun, versatile, and exciting sex toys that I own. I just love it and can’t recommend it highly enough! GET ONE!
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  • Victoria
    Great review - very detailed! The furniture-fucking made me laugh...very creative! Thanks!
  • Liz2
    Enjoyed your review...never thought of the furniture-fucking either. For me this could be a steel toy to use actively with a partner and not feel like I was being impailed.
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Thanks Liz2 and Pink! And Liz2, good point, this toy doesn't make you feel like you're being impaled, it just juices you up and feels so good, plus it is just fun to play with!
  • Alt
    Hot review, especially about the anal play Tongue out
  • dv8
    Blah. This looks fun but it's been discontinued.
  • Heatherbipoly
    great reivew thanks
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