Glo G-Spot - dildo by Lover's Choice Inc. - review by Safo Garcia

Glo G-Spot

Dildo by Lover's Choice Inc.

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This Silicone G-Spotter Will Make You Glow Inside

This slender Ophoria G-spot Glo dildo is made out of silicone, effectively shaped for hitting the G-spot, and capable of glowing in the dark when you insert one of the included assorted-color glow sticks.
shape; size; aesthetically-pleasing; made of silicone.
none, really, unless you like a bigger dildo.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
The G-spot Glo by Ophoria definitely hits the spot. For those who like their dildos relatively slender, the 1 1/14 inch G-Glo definitely fits the bill in this respect. It’s crafted of a white, semi-transparent silicone with a velvety-soft finish that feels wonderful in your hand. It’s rather firm, but still flexible enough to conform a bit to your inner curves. It is 7 1/4 inches long, but subtract a couple of inches from that if you want to insert it and still have room for a handle. The handle-end of it has some eye-pleasing bumps that help you hold on to it, but might also feel good inside if you insert it far enough to forgo the handle. The grooves on the handle end mean that some people might be tempted to use it for anal play, but that is not recommended, since only a truly flared base can prevent an item from disappearing all the way in.

The curved tip is just ideal for stimulating the G-spot—although other people can have different preferences in terms of ideal stimulating shapes. This one protrudes more than a gentle curve; the tip is also made of sold, not hollow silicone, giving it extra firmness. It feels almost like a curved pair of fingers when you slide it in and out quickly.

Now for the glow part. The manufacturer includes five glow sticks that can be inserted into the main shaft and then temporarily sealed inside. A small pink silicone plug does a good job of holding the glow stick inside the shaft and plugging the hole when it’s not glowing. You activate the glow stick by bending it until you hear a snap—and doing so brought back memories of mid-nineties rave culture. I actually accidentally dropped a stick on the floor, only to have it activate. So be careful about dropping unused sticks when you don’t want to use them. The glow is in the basic neon color range and lasts about three hours.

I likely will not use all of the glow sticks that are included, but I definitely like the dildo for regular use. It looks prettiest to me in its own white color, but I think it’s fun to consider possible uses for a glowing neon pink dildo: recreating your rave days, producing a little glow to help guide you to the right spot when it’s dark, adding a little pizazz to a dark dungeon scene.

The box is not extra-fancy, but looks more upscale than cheap novelty packaging. It says that it’s “100%” silicone, and it does feel like a cross between VixSkin silicone and harder silicone because of its velvety finish. It does, however, have a very slight chemical odor that did not disappear with a quick wash but did fade down over time. Also note that it’s not harness-compatible.
Follow-up commentary
The Glo G-Spot dildo is still in my vast collection. I don't use it a lot, but that's mostly because, as a reviewer for EdenFantasys, I receive more fantastic sex toys than a human being can play with. Sometimes, I sterilize silicone toys I've only used a couple of times with a condom on and give them to friends. I'm not sure about the Glo, it might deserve a few more uses before I gift it. I think I still have one glowstick left.
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  • ScottA
    I like the base on the Glo G-spot- it looks like it would be easy to hold on to - a definite plus. While the lack of a flange means that you can't use it in a harness, it also means that you don't have the flange getting in the way.

    Did you try it anally?
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    OK, this looks ridiculously fun. Nice review!
  • Nashville
    This is SO cool!!!!
  • ScottA
    On these the glow feature really works as well - you can successfully use them underneath the covers or in a dark room without worrying about your partner thinking you're clumsy or poking your partner somewhere uncomfortable.
  • RedHotHippieChick
    Nice review. I'm curious about the flexibility. Does the hollow interior affect bendability at all?
  • Safo Garcia
    The base is definitely a nice, easy-to-use handle. I did not use it anally; maybe the shape would be more enticing to someone with a prostrate. But, use extreme caution, as the base is not truly flared.

    By the way, the glow lasts MUCH longer than 3 hours, I now realize. It's on max glow for about 5 hours, then fades, but is still noticeably glowing. Days later, it still has a faint glow.

    It's definitely not bendable with glow stick inserted. Without it, it's more flexible, but still usable. Not like a limp dick at all.
  • ScottA
    On these the glow feature really works as well - you can successfully use them underneath the covers or in a dark room without worrying about your partner thinking you're clumsy or poking your partner somewhere uncomfortable.
  • ScottA
    Oops- clicked the wrong button in the browser
  • Femme Mystique
    Since these are the traditional "snapping" glowsticks, you can stick them in the freezer and re-snap them to reactivate the glow. Smile
  • Safo Garcia
    Oh...I totally forgot that about glowsticks!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    What a cool concept - I also never knew that about the glowsticks.
  • Can you buy more glow sticks and use them? Like the ones they sell at Party City?
  • Safo Garcia
    I would say yes, most likely. The sticks are fairly small (about the circumference of a papermate pen), but I seriously doubt they were manufactured exclusively for this dildo. I think it's pretty likely to find them at a big party supply store.

  • Alt
    If it is not bendable with the glow sticks inserted then I would assume that this toy could be safe for anal for people that have an average sized rectum. (since after all, this toy is 7.25 inches long and that shouldn't be making any right turns into the colon if it doesn't bend)

    Although I would have to try it to be 100% sure I guess.
  • fromazoo
    Great review
  • Kdlips
    great review
  • Sally Forth
    Looks like fun times! I might just have to pick one up. Thanks for the review!
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