Reflective gel veined double dong - double ended dildo by Cal Exotics - review by Meowmix

Two Heads ARE Better Than One!

Buy it, try it. You WILL love it! Perfect to try out as your first double ended dildo, and you can always upgrade later! If you really hate it (but why would you?!), you can always use it to beat the crap out of people. Has a great, bizarre fruity smell upon first open, so also might make good stand in for you Glade scented plug in if you're out.
Amazing toy, very reasonably priced, good length and girth.
Not the safest or cleanest material. Might be a little big for anal virgins.
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This toy is very versatile! My fiance and I have used it for both anal and vaginal play. It's great for solo play, and definitely good for couples play. There's two heads there, so you can afford to share. (Use a condom though, don't share you germies!!!)

When using it anally, use caution as it doesn't have a base. However, as it's 12" long, I really don't feel that you could get the thing stuck up in there unless you were being really careless; or taking a nap while your lover was asking "is that too much?". In which case you probably need a new partner if they're really that much of a snooze-fest.

This toy really has endless (literally!) options, that are limited to your imagination and comfort.

We used it in several ways, but by far my fiance's favorite way was with the two of us sort of scissoring; with one end in my pussy, and the other in his ass. My vaginal muscles are tight enough that I was able to grip the toy on my end, and slide it in and out of his ass. He absolutely loved this, and asked for this specific maneuver every night for over a week!

This is a great position to try, but a little difficult to get into. Again, I wasn't worried about losing the toy as I could feel how much was inside me and judge from there how much he had inserted. Still, be aware I'm a reckless risk taker.

The same end of the toy always goes in my vagina, and the same end into his ass. We know which is which because we marked it with our initials with sharpie in the center. Neither of us can insert enough to quite "meet in the middle" anyway, so this works quite well for us.

Material / Texture

When it first arrived, I smell something very fruity. I dismissed it as my breakfast (fruity pebbles! My favorite!). However, upon opening the box I knew EXACTLY where it came from. THIS DILDO IS FRUITY AS HELL! To be specific, it smelled like fruity pebbles with a hint of rubber.

I didn't find the odor offensive at all, and I was really amused by it. I was a little sad when it washed away (not completely, but mostly). This dildo is not supposed to be scented, so I am not sure why it is. Perhaps the manufacture gets a kick out of it every time some one calls to complain about their "fruity dildo"?

The material is very supple and flexible, but still very firm. If you hold one end, and waggle the other, if flops around like crazy; so be careful when examining that you don't flog your sweetie who's looking over your shoulder (not saying I did...). This material is not a safe one, so I recommend using a condom, whether you use it vaginally or anally!

It went from package, to sink, to pussy and anus, so I never tasted it, and never will. My best guess though is that it either has no taste, or is terrible. All water and silicone lubes are compatible with this toy!

Design / Shape / Size

The reflective material is VERY cool looking, it's a transparent purple with an iridescent blue hue, that shines in the light. The heads on either end taper enough, to make the toy fairly easy to insert. It's a little on the big size, so probably not so good for your first time with a toys, or anal virgins. For even anal veteran use, definitely play a bit before you go shovin' this big boy in there!


We loved the smell (oddly), the texture, the size, length, the heft of it. It performed wonderfully once you learn what you like. We loved just about everything about this toy except the safety factor of the material.

Care and Maintenance

To clean, use warm soap and water. It isn't overly grooved, so there aren't any tricky spots. Know that this toy can never be sterilized, so use a condom.

This toy is very hard to keep clean! It attracts more lint, dust, and hair in ten minutes than a Swiffer could ever hope to do. If it's not inside you, know that it's cleaning your house in some odd way.

It doesn't come with any type of storage, but I've made nearly all of my Jelly toys silk bags. Cheap, effective, and pretty.


I don't know what my man did, but I came home and there is a finger print engraved on one end of the toy, and that same end has smears all over it. The blue tint is all gone, and the Jelly looks foggy. Looks like what might happen if you put silicone lube on a silicone toy. All of our lubes are water based, and this isn't silicone anyway.

I have no idea what happened, but it makes me a very sad kitty.
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  • Valyn
    Ooh, I've been wanting a double ended dildo, and this one sounds good!How is it for solo play?
  • Meowmix
    It's really great! The girth is just right for my taste, and you can insert just enough to hit you g-spot, or put this baby all the way to cervix. Whatever your mood, this a really good toy. I THINK it might be long and flexible enough to be in there both vaginally and anally, but I haven't tried this as is IS too bid for my back door (at least right now!).

    Thank for the comment!
  • Naughty Student
    Is it weird that I want to buy this to smash against someones jaw? LOL. Thanks for the great review.
  • Naughty Student
    Sounds like you get to work out your kegels when you tighten your muscles for thrusting, pretty cool!
  • Meowmix
    Lol, yes, I believe you could group that desire slightly on the weird side.
    And I thing it could make a pretty good exerciser.

    Thanks for the comments!
  • Kinky Kitty
    Thank you! this sounds so fun...I think we are going to try one soon.
  • zandria
    Great review, thanks!
  • Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • Britt&Daniel
    thanks for the review!
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