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Um, that's going where?

When you open this box and remove this toy from inside it, I guarantee you. You'll feel like you're holding a porn star's massive cock and you won't know what to do with it given its Huge size. Well, that's a lie, you'll know exactly what to do to it. Mhm. I'd say it's well worth the money, given the orgasms this thing will cause and it'll definitely rekindle the fire of your sex life as well.
shape, design and details. Massive in size.
The bright pink head is weird, needs more olive to the skin tone.
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Yeah, so this guy is pretty massive. The balls are even huge. Nothing little about this guy, the veins are huge too. There is a section cup, but due to the weight, it fails at staying on walls or just bein horizontal. It'll stick to the floor pretty well, or a chair or anything with a smooth horizontal surface. I'd say if you can, get a friend/partner to help you use this massive thing. Please use lots of lube with this, I believe silicone and water based lubes would be the best, also some XL condoms, Lubricated at that. Unless you're a size queen that likes it rough, I'd highly advise you to take it very slow with this monster, he's huge.

Material / Texture

It stinks, but it's nothing to whine about. The material is pretty soft that it is made of. Better-than-real is what it is called. If you warm it up for a while, it feels pretty darn real actually. Very real. The veins are perfect for extra stimulation and I'm sure for females they could definitely make use of the huge balls for clitoral stimulation. It has quite a bit of "give" to it when you squeeze it, but it's firm enough for a good smooth entry.

Design / Shape / Size

Okay, the design of this toy is pretty good. It looks very nice, very detailed, even the foreskin nestled around the head is very detailed and realistic. Does not move though so don't get excited there folks. The size of this thing is out of this world, I seriously believe you could probably see this thing from outer space. Just kidding, but yes. I can definitely see why Dave Angelo is a porn star. I measured him myself and here are my measurements.

Head: 6 1/8 inches around, 2 1/8 inches wide.
Mid shaft: 6 1/4inches around 2 1/4 inches wide.
Bottom of the shaft: 6 1/2in, 2 5/8in wide.
Tip to base of the shaft: 8 1/4in insertable.

Now the only complaint I have about this guy is that the flesh is so pale and the head of it is a bright cartoonish pink. They should've at least tried to match Dave's skin tone, that would've been nice. The hole at the head is pretty realistic looking too, very nice add-on.

This product is Definitely NOT for beginners, it's pretty massive. Unless you're really looking to go past your boundaries, I would start out with something smaller than this. But as far as size queens & kings, cum eat your heart out!


The details are the best things about this toy, they did very well preserving Mr. Angelo's cock so good job on that. I'd say with lots of lube and a condom, this toy will preform very well for all your penetrable needs. Whether you use it by yourself, or suction cup this thing to a chair, it'll rock your world I'm sure. Also, yes Mr. Angelo's cock is harness compatible. Just toss a 2in cock ring around the suction cup and grab your favorite "O" ring universal harness and go to town, Gently.. VERY Gently. Don't forget your XL condoms and lube.

Care and Maintenance

It's pretty simple to take care of this toy by a few simple steps. Here are the steps.

1) Remove toy from your chosen place of storage.
-wrap it in a lent free cloth, such as ripped t-shirt or whatever and place inside a zip-lock bag if you can find one big enough.

2) Wash it with anti-bacterial soap.

3) Grab your favorite XL Condoms and Silicone or Water based Lube.

4) Grab your favorite partner, (i.e. Husband, wife, chair, bathtub.)

5) Kiss, cuddle, talk, make clothes off, possibly add some oral stimulation in places, do what you gotta' do.

6) Give Dave Angelo's cock his XL Raincoat (Condom), and lube him up and then slowly insert. I'd say probably in or around your vagina or anus. That'd be your best bet to fuck yourself/partner.

7) Orgasm.
8) Orgasm again.
9) Continue with the orgasms until you've had enough.
10) Withdraw toy slowly, wash toy thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap and stow the toy away in the t-shirt and plastic bag where people won't see it.


The packaging was nice, it came in a box which you could use as a gift box to gift it in or you could continue to stow it in its box until it falls apart, it's thin cardboard. The toy was inside the box, stored in plastic bags and the box had a picture of the toy itself, and also Dave. Very nice looking box. It also comes with a little black bag, it's perfect for storage.
Follow-up commentary
Um, I should've given this one a 5 star rating. Almost 9 months later, my girl STILL goes crazy with this thing. We can only bring it out after we're ridiculously drunk now because well. She loved using larger dildos right when I came back from deployments but when she noticed she was too comfortable with these more massive in size dildos, she decided she should go back to smaller ones before she bumped up to Bam or something crazy. But we actually brought this guy out after our Halloween Party because she was tired of Mr Boxer and wanted something a little more than what she's used to. And, we were both drunk. We strapped this guy on and she went to town on it. She did the best she could to get every inch of it. It's longer than she can handle but she tried. Especially after a long night of drinking. It left her a wet trembling mess, I tell ya what.

Once again, plenty of water-based lubes. Women, I'd like to suggest Wet Naturals, they're relatively inexpensive but they're pretty amazing for women. We've switched to that and it's working very well for us. Very easy to clean and doesn't leave behind any residue.

Don't forget to wash your toys with either a good sex toy cleaner or a mild anti-bacterial soap and uhh, use condoms. This guy needs magnums.. Drop a couple drops inside the condom as well. Don't want friction to break your rubber. heheheh.
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