Whose Got Big Balls?

Jesse's got big balls--- the biggest of them all! This is certainly not a beginner's toy, but it's something to look forward to working up to one day! I'm impressed, what can I say?
Realism, Curve of the Shaft, Base/Suction Cup
Curve of the Shaft, Pencil Thin It's Not
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This goliath of a cock is molded directly from the rock hard shaft and balls of transsexual adult star Jesse, and brought to you by Cal Exotics. It's meant for one thing and one thing only: fucking. Hardcore, in your face--- do it like they do in porn ---fucking. The length of the toy makes it nice and easy to ride while the base keeps it steady.

Oral? Check.
Vaginal penetration? Check.
Anal penetration? Check, with the caveat that it might take you a minute to get past the first set of muscles--- and a lot of lube.

You must use condoms with this toy if it's going in multiple places or being shared. Infections suck and not in the good way.
    • Couples
    • Gender play

Material / Texture

I absolutely love the way this dong feels in my hands! All of the details are perfect--- as if you were looking at the real thing. Of course, the color of the "flesh" isn't at all realistic, but it is pleasing to the eye. There is absolutely no odor or funny aftertaste to this dildo. I couldn't have asked for anything better after a really terrible experience with a UR3 realistic cock.

The head of the dildo is streaked with a little bit of red and the balls are nice and tight as if Jesse will orgasm at any moment. This only adds to the realism. The shaft does have a ton of veins on both the top and bottom--- all of which add to the pleasure and the fantasy.

This link will take you to kinky-blogging.com where you can view the pictures I took. There is one comparison photo with two of my other toys and three close-up shots of the details on the underside of the head, and the entire length of the top of the dildo as well as the underside.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

Here are the actual, measured by me, dimensions:

Length: 10.5" Total; 7" Insertable
Width: 2.25"; Circumference: 6"
Suction Cup Diameter: 3", Lip: 1"

At first glance--- and feel ---this toy is a little intimidating. If you're curious about how this toy looks in comparison to the actual owner's body, I suggest doing an internet search for TS Jesse and give a little look-see at what's going on there. Hot, hot stuff! Aside from the overall length, the girth is quite average. It does take a minute or two to work up to full throttle but I didn't have any of the problems I've had with really rigid, grooved toys. I was always sore with some of my other toys, but not with Jesse!

I really can't complain about the design of this toy. My only concern is the suction base and the shaft/balls appear to be two separate pieces. There's a very thin seam that runs all the way around about 1/16" where the two meet. So far, it seems to be holding up really well.


The only downside to this toy is the weight of it. If you use this in a harness it's going to pull away from your body unless the balls are also supported. You'll also need a flexible O-ring to accomodate the slightly thicker-than-average girth. The weight and length hinder hands-free pegging and that's kind of sad, but also totally okay by me! I have no problems switching to something else.

The suction cup holds for a ridiculous amount of time and is really easy to remove from whatever surface you've chosen. There wasn't any residue from the toy itself on the table when I removed it after play.

Care and Maintenance

The TPR material is compatible with both water-based and silicone lubricants. TPR has a safety rating of 7. It is less porous than Cyberskin and more porous than silicone materials. This toy cannot be sterilized and is not boilable. Please use condoms if you wish to share this toy.

A toy cleaner or simple dish soap is recommended to clean off any fluids, and dry it with a soft cloth. Do not store with similar materials; use a large plastic zip-top bag if at all possible. You can store it in the original paper box, but I doubt it's going to hold up well in travel or just trying to get it out of the drawer.


The box this toy arrives in isn't going to hold up very well with repeated use. There are also graphic pictures of the toy and model on all sides, so there's no hiding that.

One thing you may notice when the toy arrives: on the bottom where it lists the material, it says "Better-Than-Real Plus". I have confirmed with Al Bloom that this is a brand they sometimes use for their toys and it is indeed a TPR dildo.


All puns intended, there is a learning curve with this toy. The shaft curves off to an angle and there is another slight curve just below the head, and at first it was a little hard to maneuver. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to use this dildo in a variety of positions with ease and comfort. Having to not go straight in actually helped quite a bit. It's also been exceptionally hot while using it during gender play. I was worried maybe the jaw might get sore after a few minutes of oral, but it wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd imagined. This is, honestly, my favorite dildo. I've had many and none have compared to this gem!
Follow-up commentary
I ordered the Goodfella and kinda fell out of love with Jesse, but I still like to pull him out for the days when I'm wanting something thicker and longer than the Goodfella. It's holding up pretty well in the drawer; it hasn't picked up any funky odors or discolorations and the material seems to be in the same state it was when it arrived.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Waterfall
    Nice review. The pictures that you took make this one look more appealing than the picture on the product page. The shape looks like something fun that I want to try.
  • Contributor: wetone123
    Awesome review and pictures! Thanks for reviewing this giant cock!
  • Contributor: Ansley
    Thank you to you both!

    @Waterfall, the product pictures really don't do it any justice. My pictures were so realistic THREE different pic-hosting sites removed them before I could include them in the review (thankfully, nothing is more irritating than broken links).

  • Contributor: Shellz31
    Wow, I wanted this guy from looking at EF's images, but now I definitely NEED him after seeing your pictures. Awesome.

    Great review
  • Contributor: Ansley
    @Shellz: DOOO EEEEET!!! You won't be disappointed. And thank you!
  • Contributor: sexyintexas
    Great review, thanks for adding the link to your pics. He looks divine!!!
  • Contributor: Lucky21
    Wow! He looks like a beast! Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    Beautifully molded dildo, but oh, the size! Great review.
  • Contributor: BeautifulDarkness
    Wow, he is a biggin'! lol Great review. Glad I saw the pix. The comparison one was nice. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: melissa1973
    Great review, and the little extra with your pic. show, I have got to get this one.
  • Contributor: salaciousrex
    Fantastic review, and thanks for including the pics!!!!
  • Contributor: sarki
    Looks very real in your pictures
    Thank you for a great review
  • Contributor: Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review. This looks like a great dildo. Sorry you had so much trouble with your pictures.
  • Contributor: Ansley
    Thank you everyone!!!

    @Ivy, it's not a big deal. I know now where to post all of my future pictures and I have another avenue to pimp Eden! So, it's a win-win. And that reminds me that I need to upload a picture of the box.
  • Contributor: Booktease
    Thanks for the pictures and the review!!
  • Contributor: faust
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: Purpleladybug
    Thanks for the review!!!
  • Contributor: MKilo
    Great toy, any one know why it was discontinued so soon after release?
  • Contributor: HusbandandWife
    Thanks for the pics and great review. I need to stop reading your reviews, my wishlist is getting too big.
  • Contributor: BrittaniMaree
    Thanks for your review
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