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Nexus Jr.

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WTF is that??!?!

This double dildo is a luxury item in every sense. With its silicone material and unique design it is sure to give you a great ride...for both partners. The size is great for beginners wanting to try pegging for the first time. The sleek design makes use very easy and clean up is a cinch!
Comfortable, silicone, sterilization possible, harness friendly, good beginner size.
Collects dust, may be too small for some.
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This beautiful, blue, silicone creation is not a dildo that grew a weird diseased partner...but a uniquely designed, double dildo, strapless strap-on. Yup, that's a mouthful! So to review, this is a unique strap-on dildo. It is meant for a female to wear vaginally, to penetrate her partner anally or vaginally. It needs no harness, so this double dildo is designed to help you keep the dildo in without the extra straps, bells, and whistles. It is of superior quality and built to last a long time, perhaps a lifetime.

The size of the Nexus Jr is non-initmidating for the wearer and receiver. This was a great choice for my partner and I since neither of us had experimented with pegging before. We just had major fantasies about it that we never verbalized to other partners. I would recommend it to couples in a similar situation, to try this out and see how you like it.
    • Lesbians
    • Pegging couples
    • Gender play

Material / Texture

The Nexus is made of high food-grade material silicone. The silicone is non-porous and hypo-allergenic, as well as being latex and phthalates free. This kind of silicone can be sterilized and is extremely safe for your body and the environment. Being silicone, you don't have to worry about bacteria infestation, but you still have to worry about lint and hair. Even this silicone toy isn't immune from that annoyance.

The silicone used for the Nexus is soft yet firm if gripped. It has some "flop" and a lot of flex when bent. It isn't extremely realistic feeling but it sure beats jelly and cold plastic. The texture is smooth. There are no lifelike veins, etc. on the phallic dong. I prefer this sometimes. For this toy, I appreciate the smooth design.

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is among the weirdest looking ones I had seen at the time. I had to have it! The shape is so unique and brilliant. It isn't just a good idea on paper, it actually works; at least it did for me.

Without knowing the intended purpose, the design kind of looks like a dildo with a handle attached for easier solo thrusting (which works by the way!). The design's strength is that it really is like two totally separate designed dildos stuck together for one common purpose and strength: to please two people during intercourse with the aid of one toy. It is a brilliant blue with swirls. Gorgeous!

A traditional double dildo looks the same on both ends, or at least is straight the whole length. This double dildo is unique on both sides. On one side is a traditional dildo, on the other is a curved special dildo. As a whole, it is 11" long. I'll split it up into two sections to discuss the toy. First the thrusting dildo end. The thrusting end of the double dildo is very traditional in shape. It is 5 1/2 long. If you were to cut it in half to look at it cross-sectionally, you would see that it isn't round, it is more of a oval/tear shape (sorry if that was confusing, but I'm not about to cut my expensive dildo in half to show you lol). It is 4 1/2" in circumference at the thickest insertable portion. The thinnest is right below the head at 3 1/2". The head is phallic shaped and 4" around. The dildo itself has a slight upwards curve which aids in hitting the p or g-spot.

Now for the end that goes into the wearer. This half of the dildo curves up to point at a 90 degree angle. This allow for complete comfort on the female anatomy. It has slight bulbs on one side that are made to tantalize the g-spot during movement. They also serve to help keep the dildo in place. When straightened out, this half is 5 1/4" long, 4 1/4" in circumference at the widest insertable part, and 3 1/2" at the thinnest. This head is a more pronounced phallic shape.

The two dildos are molded together at their ends, creating a 1 1/2" thick hub that sticks up and serves as a "stopper" for the wearer. Kind of like a horn on a saddle. It provides clitoral stimulation through pressure. This double dildo is O-ring compatible if you choose to wear it.



Sliding the Nexus into me was fairly easy. I just needed a bit of lube. Once it was in and my partner was lubed up, I slid a condom over the dildo and up over the nub in the middle. This kept it in place to prevent slipping. I used a condom to make clean up even easier. Since this was the first pegging experience for my partner and I, we were a bit nervous. The Nexus Jr. ceased our fears by making it so easy to penetrate my partner. At first I entered him in a doggie style position. I found that thrusting even at a slow pace caused the Nexus Jr. to start to slip out of me. I had to either hold with one hand or keep stopping to push it back in me. This may be because the toy was stimulating my g-spot and making me very lubricated.

This became too annoying after awhile and my partner laid down on the bed instead. I have to admit, I felt a bit awkward. How does one hump a delicious roast on their first try? I had no clue, since I had never had a fake willy attached to me before. After a bit of trial and error, we found a position that worked. I slowly entered him again and this time, gravity was on my side. I was able to thrust and keep the toy inside me without holding it. The nubs on the dildo inside slid over my g-spot with perfection. The center nub applied perfect pressure to my clit as I pressed up against him. Throughout use I didn't notice that there was too much flex in the dildo. It didn't ever seem to want to go rogue which made me feel more comfortable using it. It was amazing how natural it all felt. I was so close to climax almost the entire time, but was unable to finish. I blame it on my knee banging against the wall lol. My partner didn't finish either but he said that it felt great. He wasn't in an ounce of pain and that for parts of it, I was hitting his p-spot perfectly. Despite not finishing, I think it was a win situation for our first try!

For those of you who want to use this double dildo with a harness, it worked just fine with my princess harness. It caused the harness to ride REALLY low in the front which made it slightly uncomfortable, but not too uncomfortable that I wouldn't use it if needed for various positions.

Care and Maintenance

Because of the high-grade silicone, cleaning is super easy. This toy can be sterilized by putting it in the dishwasher, boiling it (only for three minutes to retain shape), or even bleaching it. It can also be maintained by cleaning with soap and warm water. Stay away from soap with heavy fragrance; this may cause irritation.

The material is silicone, so that means no silicone lubricants. I recommend using what I did: Colt Slick Lubricant. Make sure to use water based lubricants with this toy. Silicone lubes will destroy it.

Storing is easy. The case is cool for display and is great to keep it free from dust and other things that will stick to the surface. The package specifically says to store upright in the container.


The packaging was interesting. It comes in a clear cylinder with two removable red end caps on either end. The toy touches the sides at two points, which cause it to suspend itself in the tube. This causes the illusion that it is floating. The cylinder has a sticker on one side that says a few words about the company, the material, care instructions, and contact information.

Personal comments

If you want to skip the intro experience and go onto something larger, you can try the Nexus Senior. If you want something longer and with vibration, you could try the Nexus Maximus.


If you don't have a harness: You can use a pair of button fly jeans. It actually worked pretty well when I tried it out of curiosity.

If you need vibration: You can add a vibrating cock ring to either end of the dildo for added stimulation.

This specific product is not under warranty from the company. Take good care of it.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this a lot, but have solely been using it as a solo toy. This is important because if you are afraid to buy something like this for experimentation because of the price tag, feel confident that this double non-harness dildo can work well even if you are not pegging. I love the smooth end vaginally and the bulbed anally. The dildo is even flexible enough that double penetration is possible in certain positions. The only thing I hate about this toy is the attraction to lint!
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