Fetish Fantasy Elite vibrating 6" strap-on - harness and dildo set by Pipedream - review by Eva Schwaltz

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You Will Never Have to Worry About Feeling Inadequate With This On

This strap-on kit is for the people who know what they like and want to move on to something larger. The strap-on can be worn by men and women, and the head of the dildo is curved to stimulate the G-spot or P-spot. The dildo has the added feature of vibrating via a remote control so you can enjoy pleasure in more than one way.
Nice extras, vibrating bullet, Curved head
Attracts hair like crazy, Straps are quite unstable, Not for beginners
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extremely useful review


Fetish Fantasy Elite vibrating 6" strap-on is a strap-on dildo set from Pidedream. This is more than just a strap-on though. This is a kit that has everything you need. Along with the dildo and harness, it includes a blindfold, toy cleaner, and water based lube. Best of all, it vibrates. The remote is not cordless, but it will not get in the way, and I will explain more about that in a bit.

You can use the dildo with or without the harness, and the dildo itself has a flared base so it won’t get lost in the rectum. The dildo itself is hollow so men can rest their penis inside while penetrating their partner.


The dildo and harness straps are completely made of matte silicone. There’s not much drag to the silicone, but it manages to pick up quite a bit of hair so if you have cats, you’ll want to wash this frequently.

The dildo is very firm, especially for it’s size. Being hollow, you would think it has a lot of give but it is pretty difficult for me to squeeze. The head is not pronounced, but the tapered head is curved upwards to stimulate the G-spot or P-spot, which ever you prefer. This works beautifully for me because I have a deeper G-spot.

There are no seams from what I can detect, but there is a little raised line where the cord is moulded in the silicone so it can reach the bullet. The sheer size of this dildo means the little raised line tends to push up against my urethra which does not like large things inside me apparently. I wish the cord was moulded near the back of the dildo, but this really shouldn’t bother most people.

There are wide wavy ridges on each side of the shaft that follow the whole length of the dildo, but aren’t that noticeable during use. The lack of texture is good for something of this size.

The remote is plastic. It has a little clip in the back which made me laugh at first. You can clip the remote to the harness or your partners clothing much like you would with a pager. This is really handy for keeping the remote from falling on the floor, and keeping the cord from getting tangled.

The blindfold is also silicone. The strap that goes around the head is adjustable, but even on the largest setting, it will only accommodate a small head. I have a fairly small head and I have to wear this on the largest setting. I get a headache if something is too tight around my head so even this is very uncomfortable for me. Most men will not be able to wear it. This blindfold also picks up a lot of hair, even your own.

Design / Craftsmanship

The straps of the harness adjust by sliding through a buckle. Because the straps are silicone, getting the right fit is pretty difficult. You need to use a lot of force to pull the straps to the length you want, I sometimes feel like I will break them. Once you have it to the right fit, it won't easily come undone.

I’m not a huge fan of the straps. The straps are very stretchy and I found that while wearing it, the straps pull and give while the dildo hardly moves at all. If your partner likes a lot of motion, you’ll want to unhook the straps and get a more stable harness.

There are four straps that use the same slide mechanism to hold the dildo in place. This harness will only work with dildos of that style, but of course you can use an O-ring on the dildo if you have a different harness.

Size / Fit

The stretchiness of the harness means this will accommodate most people. If your waist is over 56, then you’ll need a different harness. This is a jock style harness, meaning it has two straps, one for each leg, so the person wearing the harness can have their genitals exposed if they choose not to wear any clothing.

The dildo is really not suitable for a beginner. The 5 ½” circumference is definitely not the largest out there, but it will please most size queens. It is 6” insertable, so you have quite a bit of length and girth to work with, but luckily the length isn’t too overwhelming.


The remote has two buttons, one is the power button which will turn on and off the vibrations, and the other button takes you through the different modes. The first three modes are steady vibration: low, medium, and high; 2 vrooms, 3 vrooms, and 4 vrooms respectively. Then there are four pattern modes: pulsation, escalation from low to high, long pulsations, then three short pulses followed by a long pulse.

The vibrations are rumbly which I love. It’s whisper quiet. I can’t even hear it from under the covers. It runs on two AAA batteries, not included which is strange considering all the other extras.

With this kit, you get a one ounce bottle of Moist lubricant which has a screw top. The lube is nothing to brag about but it is still a nice touch all the same. It is water based which is good because you don’t want to use silicone lube on silicone toys. It’s not as thick as I would like, and for a dildo this size, I need something thick. The smell and taste are very light. Ingredients: Aloe vera, Nettle extract, rosemary extract, balm mint extract, ginseng extract, water, glycerin, hydroxyethyl, ethylcellulose, diazolidinyl urea, carbopol, sodium benzoate, methylparaben, PEG 6-32, triethanolamine, nonylphenol, citric acid. If you are prone to yeast infections, then you will probably not want to use this lube.

Care and Maintenance

Pipedream was nice enough to include a one ounce bottle of toy cleaner with this kit. It is antibacterial so it will clean the dildo very well. When you run out, you can just use soap and water. Ingredients for the toy cleaner are: Water, ammonium, lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide DEA, sodium carboxymetyl lauryl glucoside, sodium PCA, propyl-paraben, methylparaben, diazolinyl urea, citric acid.

You won’t be able to boil this or run it through the dishwasher because of the electrical components inside, but you can wipe it down with a 10 percent bleach solution to sterilize it.

Store this where it won’t pick up too much hair and lint, and where hopefully no one will find it. If someone sees this, there’s no mistaking what it is.


The box this kit comes in is really not discreet. Pictures of the products are plastered on the front. The box works well for storage so that is where I keep everything, minus the lube and toy cleaner. The toy cleaner and lube were placed in a plastic baggy, and the blindfold was individually wrapped. The dildo and straps were wrapped in a foam material. No instructions were included. The straps were difficult to figure out at first, so you’ll just have to get the hang of them.
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