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A Masterpiece For Sure

This is a really great toy for vaginal penetration. It has two ends, making this accessible for beginners and advanced users, and it has all of the benefits of metal (doesn't need a lot of lube, can be sanitized, awesome for temperature play...) The only real downside to this one is its substantial weight, which can tire you out.
The metal is lovely, requires little lube, and has two size ends.
It's pretty damn heavy.
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Pride and Prejudice.
The Mona Lisa.
A Pontiac GTO.
The Rolling Stones.
What do these four things have in common with this toy?
They are all considered classics, in literature, art, cars, and rock music, and the Classic Aluminum is a product to fit right in with them.

The Classic Aluminum is a double-ended dildo made (Surprise!) of aluminum, meant for vaginal penetration and stimulation. It is the metal version of The Classic in glass, and, personally, I think it's much more attractive in metal.

The classic is almost a double hourglass shape, if you consider each half to be its own hourglass; the end is large, and the middle shrinks in, and the second end (the actual middle of the toy) flares out again. The Classic's smaller end has about a 3.5" circumference, and its largest end has a 4.75" circumference, making it similar in size to the Pure Wand, without the steep curve. The center is a bit larger than the smaller end, about 4" in circumference. I found that the smaller end was really lovely for warming up, and the larger end was perfect for a thrilling climax. Neither end really massaged my g-spot, but I do need a fairly significant curve to massage mine, so I was unsurprised. If you don't need a curve, this will probably rock your world, as the bulbous 'head' is stiff enough to massage nicely.

For vaginal play, this is a toy that can grow with you, so to speak. It's perfect for penetration novices, as the smaller end is completely manageable for even the most virgin of toy users, but the larger end will satisfy an advanced user. This dildo, however, is not something I'd recommend for anal usage, for a few reasons. Neither end is truly flared, so loss can certainly occur. If you're an advanced user, and choose to use this for anal, I would only recommend using the smallest end for penetration, but remember that metal is extremely slick so it'll slide in very well and very easily. It has an insertable length of 7", assuming you need an inch to hold during use.

Being made of aluminum, you can be a bit rough with it; it won't crack of you drop it on the floor (though I certainly don't recommend it, as it can be dented and rendered unusable if handled roughly). Another fabulous benefit of metal is that it's easily sterilized; you can put it in the dishwasher (top rack, be kind to it!) or boil it to sterilize it. For daily use, you can use antibacterial soap and water. For fun, Luxotiq (who makes this beauty) included a soft pink polishing cloth (similar to what's included with a pair of new spectacles).

Metal responds well to lubricant; water, oil and silicone based lubricants will work well on all of them, and the slick texture of metal means that a little lubricant goes a long way. I would recommend lubricating yourself prior to use, as lubricant tends to bead up and run off a bit quickly, simply because metal is so slick. Another property of metal that I enjoy is its sensitivity to temperature; aluminum holds heat and cold very well, making this a great toy for temperature play. You can stick it in warm water to heat it up, or in the freezer to make it cold. No matter what temperature you're choosing, make sure to test it on your forearm before using it internally, because you don't want to burn (or freeze) your naughty bits.

Unfortunately, aluminum does have an unfortunate property, and that's weight. This baby is heavy! If you need to explain it to a nosy neighbor, just say it's your new billy club. Weighing in a a full pound, you will NOT want to drop this on your iPhone. Because it's so heavy, it can be very tiring to use for an extended amount of time. Add this into your workout routine and skip the free weights.

The Classic comes in a shimmering white box, with Luxotiq written on it, tied with a white ribbon. The inside is pink satin, with a foam inside where the Classic can be nestled. It's rather lovely packaging, but I found that my box began coming apart after a few open and closes. It's nice packaging, and would be great for gifting, but it isn't very long-lasting, apparently, so I'll pick up a storage pouch meant for glass.
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  • Talena
    I read 4 reviews and not one of them said how it handled when lubed up. I would imagine very slippery but does the bulbs make good handles for that.
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Hey Talena!

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean; when I lube up the toy, I only lubricate the end I'll be using for penetration, so the handle end doesn't really get coated in lube, and thus isn't really slick or slippery. If it was lubricated, it would be a gigantic pain in the ass to keep a good grip on.

    Hope that helps!
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