G-spot rabbit vibrator

A "Shocking" experience

If you're looking for a new vibrator that has a little twist, this is it! It's very unique and produces intense sensations with its electro-stim properties. Users advanced with electro-stim will love this, but beginners or someone who doesn't use it internally regularly, will have to work up to this or it may be slightly painful. Either way, it is definitely worth adding to your collection.
-textured shaft
-7 vibration modes
-electro-stim may be too strong for some
-electro button needs to be held down
Rating by reviewer:
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First impression

I was so excited to receive this product. I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised to see the cute little neon pink toy packed in the black sheer drawstring bag, making it perfect for storage. Taking the product out of the bag, I noticed the great shape of the toy, which has a curved shaft, and rabbit ears that are meant to sit on your clit with the toy inserted. I noticed it had a texture down the shaft for extra stimulation, which I personally love. I put the two AAA batteries (not included) it needed in to turn it on and held down the button on the right, which I assumed was the vibration button. The end of the toy, on the side you hold it, unscrews and that is how you put in and take out the batteries. I turned it on and held it in my hands as I switched through the 7 vibration modes, pleasantly surprised by their strength. I held down the button on the left, which turns on the electro-stim aspect of it and put my fingers on the metal plates at the end of the toy's shaft. Being the electro-stim lover I am, I was super excited to feel how strong this was, especially for the price. I noticed once I let go of the electro button, the pulses stopped and just pushing the button does not turn it on. No directions were sent with the package, so I never figured out if there is a way to keep both the electro-stim and vibration on but after about 30 minutes of trying everything, I am assuming there is not a way to do so.

First Use

My first experience with this toy was a solo experience. I laid on my back on the bed and lubed the toy up with a water-based lube. (The only thing lube you can use with this without damaging your toy!) I warmed up with just the vibrations on, and honestly, I love this toy as just a vibrator. The flexible aspect of the shaft makes it easy to hit your g-spot and in my experience, even hits it easier than most similar toys. The vibrations are satisfyingly strong and feel really good internally and externally. After taking a few deep breaths, I finally turned on the electro-stim. I felt strong pulses throughout my entire pelvic area, and my hips jumped off the bed! WOW, they were intense! It is definitely a sensation you need to get used to, and since the toy does not have a way to keep the electro-stim on without holding the button, or a way to turn down the strength of it, it takes a lot of building up to handle. I removed the toy and attempted again, this time with the electro-stim already on when I was inserting it, hoping it wouldn't be so surprising then. When doing so, I just felt as if it was shocking me, like when you touch your finger to a metal item. It didn't feel good to me, just like little needle pricks going into my skin.

Further Experience

The main thing to using this item is not to be scared of it. Just go for it and try the electro-stim aspect of it a few times before you decide whether or not you like it. It is very intense, and there is not a way to turn the strength of it down. The product itself, without the electro on, would be good for beginner or advanced users,b but I would recommend beginners use other electro-stim items before turning those metal places on this toy on! Advanced users, on the other hand, will be pleasantly surprised by the strong stimulation you'll get out of this! The texture down the shaft feels nice, especially with the vibrations on high because it causes the grooves to rub just right. The rabbit ears could be slightly firmer, but it is nice they are so smooth and flexible because they don't apply too much pressure to your clit like some similar products, which is good if you have a sensitive clit. The flexibility is one of my favorite things about this item. With other rabbits I've used, they seem too firm, and I have to force it into place or hold the rabbit ears up, so they are not applying too much pressure on my clit, which can be uncomfortable. With this, I have not experienced that inconvenience. One thing I discovered with further use is that if you are not touching both metal plates on the shaft, it will not deliver any electrical pulses. For example, even if the light is blinking, (which indicates the electro-stim is on) if you are only touching one of the plates, you won't feel anything. It could be used vaginally or anally, but the main purpose is meant to be vaginally. Since it is made from silicone, make sure to not store it with other silicone toys. I also do not think it is travel-friendly due to the metal plates. It if set off an alarm and had to be pulled out of your bag, there would be no doubt what it was.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are about a 4 out of 5, with the strongest rabbit ears that touch your clit. The end of the shaft is very strong as well and almost, but not quite as intense as the ears. I actually enjoy just running it over my body while on high. Although it isn't the intended purpose, it feels pretty relaxing.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My orgasm with this was caused by using it as just a vibrator/dildo. I had just the average orgasm with this, nothing too strong. I, unfortunately, could not reach orgasm with the electro-stim on due to it being too strong for my preference.


1. SOLO- Using this toy solo is the most common way to use it, I suppose. It is great for masturbating, and the electro-stim is different from other vibrators, so if you are looking for a toy with a little extra something to it to add to your alone time...you'll love this.

2. PARTNER- Using this with a partner could potentially be more stimulating for you, considering the electro-stim button requires you to hold it down, it can be a little difficult to do by yourself. Grab your partner and have them do it for you, letting you lay back and enjoy the insane sensations this toy delivers!

3. BDSM- Electro-stim is a great thing to include in your BDSM sessions. Let your dom take the control and be able to control the strength of vibrations you receive while throwing in some intense electro-stim that will blow your mind.

4. MASSAGE- you could technically give yourself a massage with this toy by running it over your body with the vibrations turned on while applying some pressure. It could certainly help you loosen some tense muscles.
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Follow-up commentary
I tend to not use this anymore because I’ve purchased other e-stim items that are more comfortable to use internally than this. The fact it only has one setting of strength for it kind of killed it for me. If you are an advanced user with electrical stimulation however, I think you will really like this. It is just too intense for me.
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