Sexual accelerator gel by Cal Exotics - review by P'Gell

"Accelerator" Gel simply puts me into Neutral

This small tube of clear, medicinal gel is touted to "increase clitoral sensitivity and increase orgasm frequency." The product contains myriad chemical and "natural" agents, but in our trials did little more than cause a short burst of tingling, with no increase or hastening of orgasm or it's intensity over many uses.

Not the best product for this woman with a legendary "Clit O Steel." At least from our rather extensive testing.
May help sensitive women, easily absorbed, small amount of product needed
did not perform, didn't effect orgasm response, contains chemicals some may want to avoid
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This is a gel which is supposed to help women come to orgasm more quickly and more easily. It can also be used on the nipples for increased sensitivity.

It is used in very small amounts and is not to be used as a sexual lubricant exclusively. The cost and the size of the tube make that clear.

The active ingredients are Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, L'Arginine, Menthol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA. These in an Deionized water base. The product is glycerin free, but does contain parabens and Glycol.

I received no directions with my gel (as it was bought a while ago, from a brick and mortar store.) It seems intuitive that a small amount should be placed on the clitoris and the clitoral hood and rubbed in, but I looked it up online and was instructed to do what I assumed I was to do. Rub a small quantity, about the size of a small pea, into the clitoris and clitoral hood. (One website said "avoid contact with the vagina." Uh, I don't know how some people have oral sex, PIV sex or self gratify, but "avoiding the vagina" isn't possible for me. It didn't appear to present a problem when some of the gel did "contact the vagina." Aside from the slight tingling.)

L'Arginine is an amino acid that not only increased blood flow when applied topically, but is believed to be a precursor to testosterone. Either or both of these effects may help with orgasm in some people by sensitizing the sexual organs. People with genital herpes should not use this product, as the "opposite" amino acid to Arginine, L-Lysine, is used to treat herpes, and large amounts of Arginine in the diet (it is found in nuts, avocados and other foods) are believed to trigger herpes outbreaks.

Menthol is a chemical found in many plants, from peppermint to eucalyptus and is often used as a "counter irritant" and also to help with blood flow for sore muscles, mild abrasions and even treat the pain of shingles (which, oddly enough is a form of herpes, caused by long dormant Chicken Pox virus being reactivated in the nervous system.) Mentol is used in many tingling sexual gels to give an aroused or sexually excited feeling for some people.

Hydroxyethylcellulose is a thickening agent, made from cellulose. This gives the gel it's texture.

Phenoxyethanol is a bacteriocide (it kills germs) and preservative. This chemical does not break down into formaldehyde, as some preservatives do, and works to kill gram positive micro-organisms and even can kill some forms of yeasts and fungus.

Methylparaben is an anti-fungal agent which is found naturally in foods such as blueberries. It kills and prevents the development of several different forms of fungus. Even though most people do not want preservatives in their foods and sexual products, it is true that many forms of fungi,yeasts, bacteria and viruses can often be more dangerous than small quantities of certain preservatives. Fungus growing in a sexual product could be quite dangerous, so the use of small amounts of anti-fungal and bacteriostatic agents, within reason, is understood to often be necessary.

Tetrasodium EDTA is a stabilizing chemical. It prevents water from forming scale (which would be pretty nasty if scale were to form inside your tube of gel or lube) and can prevent the formation of benzene, a known carcinogen. It has other uses, such as chelation of heavy metals from the blood in Alternative Medicine, and many laboratory uses.

Propylene Glycol is an emulsifier (it thickens liquids) is used as a humectant (it attracts fluid and prevents tissue and hair from drying out) and can be used chemically for everything from making a mainly non toxic (compared to other forms) of antifreeze to making tattoo ink to treating diseases in animals.

Some people have reasons for avoiding some of the chemicals in this gel, if so, they will want to avoid this product. All the ingredients in this product are considered "Generally Recognized As Safe" by the FDA.

Of course, if any allergies to any of the ingredients are present or allergies to related chemicals or agents, do not use this product.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation
    • Sex
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoral hood
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The gel is rather viscous, about the thickness of a medium lubricant or hair product. It squeezes easily out of the small tube and although will run if allowed, can be placed on the clitoris without too much problem. It seems to stay in place well, and is not greasy. The product seems to be absorbed rather quickly and does not turn sticky, although the taste may linger for an hour or so after any effects have worn off.

It is clear in color. It does not stain or seem to effect fabrics.

    • Slick
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

It smells slightly like menthol, medicinal and clean. The taste is medicinal and numbing. After I tasted it, I began to wonder, "If it numbs my tongue, what is it actually doing to my clitoris?" I only put a small amount on my tongue and after a minute or two my lips and throat began to burn. I don't think I'm allergic to any of the ingredients in this gel, and I've used it for sexual purposes with no allergic reaction. I am assuming the Arginine was increasing blood flow to my mouth and caused the strange sensations and the menthol was providing additional stimulation. The sensations disappeared in less than 10 minutes.

My Man did not notice any flavor whatsoever when this was used before cunnilingus. But, he did feel the smooth lubricant like texture of the gel. (In fact, several times he thought it was regular lube, and wondered why I had put lube there. Even though I had told him I was using the product to increase sensitivity. Yeah, he listens......) However, he smokes menthol cigarettes, has a weak sense of taste and smell and I am assuming he is immune to the numbing or tingling sensation of this product, when it hits his mouth.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


I gave this product many trials, in many situations over more than a year of attempts. As only a drop is suggested for usage, even after multiple attempts, there is still a small amount of product left in the tube.

The product is to be placed on the clitoris and/or the clitoral hood and rubbed in. Of course, any manual stimulation of the clitoris will usually produce some arousal. At first the product feels a little cold, then it starts to tingle a little, then one starts to wonder if maybe, just maybe one is just a little more turned on than normal.....then everything goes back to the normal, as if you had not used the product at all.

I tried the product with hands, toys, My Man providing every type of stimulation we could think of. I tried putting it on, and simply leaving it alone. We tried him applying it (he uses too much) and I simply felt numb after a short while. I tried reapplying it, and after a while, it appeared I was simply wasting the product. Even the original mild tingling seemed to disappear with repeated applications.

At most, this product provides a light tingling and a sensation similar to light sexual arousal, but the effects last only about 10 minutes in most trials. The most I felt was a slight burning after usage for more than an hour, but probably shouldn't have used it only a few hours after shaving.

Orgasm is a funny thing. At least for me. Sometimes it eludes me, other times it is easy to access, other times I nearly kill myself or my partner because I feel like I am "right there" and "right there" can be anywhere from a few seconds to 45 minutes away. It's hard to judge a product that is supposed to make orgasm easier to obtain, when one's orgasms are so finicky anyway. However, I can't imagine a woman who orgasms easily all the time would find need for a product like this (I never did, until recently, when orgasm became elusive) so "testing" a product like this is tricky.

We did NOT see any across the board, absolute proof that this product increased sexual arousal (which really isn't a problem for me anyway) made orgasm easier or faster. Sometimes it was easy and happened quickly, sometimes it took a while, sometimes it took a very long time and occasionally it didn't happen at all. As that is my normal orgasm pattern, we saw no increase in intensity, ease of orgasm or speed in reaching orgasm. Use on the nipples was less than a stellar experience, it felt little different than simple stimulation without the gel. Blowing on the body part the gel was applied to did not seem to cause any further sensitization.

I can say with little hesitation that this product was thoroughly tested and failed for our needs completely.

That does not mean, however that this product is useless for everyone. I can imagine a woman with a more sensitive clitoris may find that the tingling sensation could help with easier orgasm, also some women may be more sensitive to the L Arginine's effect to bring more blood to the clitoral area. (I've tried Viagra to bring more blood to my clitoris, and noticed some effects, but nothing spectacular, either.)
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Reapply often


Sexual Accelerator Gel by Cal Exotics comes in a small tube containing 0.5 oz of the product. The overview says "1.5 oz." but both my tube and the tube shown in the picture (which are identical) are labeled as 0.5 (or one half) ounces. There were no instructions with my tube, but I picked it up at a brick and mortar porn store, grabbed it out of a bin, stuffed my crumpled bills into the porn store's tattooed hands and ran the hell out of there. (Hey, weird looking dudes in the S&M section were looking at me! *pout* I wanted to look in the S&M section and they were in my way. And looking at me. Hphm.)

The tube is small, it fits into my hand, and the writing isn't too large. It could pass for lip gel, or a very small quantity of hand sanitizer, but if one looks carefully, it does say; Sexual Accelerator Gel right on the tube in black lettering. It would not be hard to place into a purse or pocket, if one were to find the need to bring it somewhere and it is under the FCC regulations of 4 oz of fluid, so travel is easy with this product.

And of course, it has the du rugir "For Novelty Use Only" warning on the tube. Meaning, If you do anything back assed stupid with this stuff and hurt yourself, we are not responsible.
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly

Special Features

The product contains L-Arginine and menthol, both of which have reputed sexual uses. The product does tingle and feel cool when applied.

There doesn't appear to be anything in this product which would cause a problem with either latex, polyisproine, natural or plastic condoms. The ingredients also appear to be compatible with most materials sex toys are made of.
    • Cooling
    • Increases sensitivity
    • Tingling

Personal comments

I bought this gel, (along with many others over the past few years) when early peri-menopause caused a change in my once hair-trigger ability to orgasm. The occasional inability to come to orgasm, and often extended sessions which are necessary to produce climax have brought me to great grief. Knowing that I could once have an ability to enjoy easy climax with little effort, only to have that ability taken away by changing hormones has left me in a state, at times near despair.

Thinking that perhaps a sensitizing gel would "help" I purchased this product, but as it did not help my problem, it has really only added to the frustration.

I am quite frustrated and disappointed that none of these products, this one included, seemed to help a very serious issue. Perhaps they help some women, but the tube only reminds me of my once easy to obtain state, which is at times now out of reach or only obtainable through great effort and frustration.

I think I know how men with erectile dysfunction must have felt, years ago, before Viagra and Cialis, when magazines and porn shops touted "cures and remedies" which only left them in the same sad state, minus some money, that they were in before they bought the useless product.

Perhaps someday Medicine will investigate female orgasm dysfunction, and actually find a real treatment. Menthol and L-Arginine do not seem to be that treatment, at least not for many. Certainly not for me.


I am making the assumption that for women who orgasm easily, this may be an occasional fun adjunct to oral, manual or even PIV sex and may notice some increase sensitivity. (I sure as hell wouldn't put this anywhere near my anus, it can burn!) But, those of us with a Clit O Steel will have to continue our search for the Magic Bullet which helps bring us to the precipice of orgasm and over the edge with little effort.

This was not our first foray into "enhancement gels" nor our last. None, save one which caused a UTI or vaginal infection (not this product, a small bottle of $25.00 "natural herbs for female pleasure during peri-menopause") have shown any increase in orgasm speed, intensity or frequency.

Someone let me know when this product, which will ease our woe arrives. Please.
    • Disapointing
Follow-up commentary
I have given this product a few more tries. I'm having trouble with orgasm again (my last 3 have taken at least 45 minutes, after lots of other stimulation, with great frustration on both mine and My Man's part)

I give up on this stuff. From my experience, and talking to other women with High Orgasmic Thresholds I am pretty sure it does nothing for those of us who need it the most. If someone doesn't have problems having orgasms, I don't even see the point of using it. (Why? If you can come with no problem, there isn't a point of using something like this, from what I can see.) If one does have problems with orgasm, this product seems to aggravate the problem, as you want it to work, and still end up frustrated.

I'm beginning to think things like this are like patent medicines and maybe should be reviewed by the FDA, so frustrated women don't waste their money and still end up unsatisfied and in tears.

Like me. :(

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    They can make a pill to help men have an erection, why can't they make a product for those of us with difficult orgasms?
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