Lucid dream 39 - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by tantric

All the right curves, all the wrong places.

The bad news: no matter what angle we tried we never got any G-spot stimulation, a bummer because this was listed as a G-spot vibe. I know everyone is built different so what works for some may not for others. The good news: do to the unique shape we found many other positions of stimulation. From clitoral play to light thrusting. It provides her with a lot of pleasure. For jelly, it was a bit ridged. For us, this was a good thing.
We had fun together and she got of really hard.
Did not stimulate G-spot, made of Jelly.
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useful review
I got the Doc Johnson Lucid Dream no. 39 as an x-mas gift for my girlfriend. I was captivated by the interesting shape. The waterproof feature was a must and it wasn’t a big investment. With her having been away for the holidays visiting family, I had high hopes this would kick off a night of fun and pleasure.

The outside packaging is interesting, has kind of a subdued swirly psychedelic pattern to it. A refreshing touch in the face of so many pictures of garish models, or obnoxious “bright consumer product colors” that often accompany such products. She excitedly pulled this toy out and the first thing I notice, as always with jelly, is the smell. A bit strong, but it always fades with use. I find the fuchsia color lends a nice feminine touch. Being excited by a new toy, we wanted to waste no time and give it a try. Since jelly is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubes, we ended up using both in our session.

My main thought was this would be a G-spot toy. This is something she intensely enjoys and I intensely enjoy watching her writhe in G-spot pleasure. Unfortunately, this did not provide those effects. The shape did not hit her G-spot, had I known this, I would have made another choice. This costs it one star. Nonetheless, it has other features to make up for that problem. We got down to business by rubbing the rounded head around her clit for a while and experimenting with the variable vibration speeds. This was erotic for the both of us and I was able to bring her to the edge of climax several times. One of her favorite sensations by far, is being on the edge and trying to maintain there.

Next up was insertion. Now let me state for the record, she is a petite woman. This toy does have some girth, but for the life of me - I can’t see why anyone would have a problem with it. A little info on the vagina folks, it can pass a baby through it! A 1 5/8” toy may take a little adjusting if your tight but YOU CAN DO IT. I set to working it in while she lay back. For a few moments, just teasing her with the tip. I then inserted the entire length. This did lead to some discomfort if I started thrusting hard. I like that there is plenty of material to hold onto for maneuvering it inside her. Gentle manipulation, combined with high vibration, was the cause of many squeals and “Oh My Gods”. She also found pleasure in having it inserted deeply and just resting there at different vibratory speeds.

She was really able to enjoy clitoral stimulation with this toy. The head is large and can cover a good amount of area on and around the clitoris. The bullet delivers a decent amount of power but nothing overwhelming. She also likes that due to the positioning of the bullet she can aggressively press it into her clit for maximum stimulation. Using this technique to intensely tease her clit to the point that it was engorged and dripping wet she had one of those “levitating and convulsing orgasms”. Not the kind that causes her to squirt but the kind that leaves her a quivering mass of Jell-O for the next fifteen minutes. This was a real thrill for me to watch. Since then we have used this in the shower, and a bath with no leaks, another plus.

Clean up was simple. We used a fragrance free, hypoallergenic soap to wash it down and that was that. We store our toys in separate plastic bags once their dry. This is to prevent incompatible materials from coming into contact with one another. I recommend anyone who has a toy collection of various materials to do the same.
While this toy did not stimulate her G-spot, it may be very different for someone else, due to infinite variations on female anatomy. I have had a very hard time deciding on a rating due to this factor.
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  • Naughty Student
    You might want to use it with a condom (if you haven't) bcs it releases phthalates which are potentialy harmful to the body.

    Nice review, it's a shame it didn't work for its intended use but you managed to make it work for you and your partner Smile
  • Victoria
    You choose an odd way of doing your summary, kind of like a Pros and Cons, right above the Pros and Cons Winking - thanks for the review.
  • Dame Demi
    Lucid Dreams Line. Hate it.
  • tantric
    In the pink, what do you think is a more appropriate way of doing the summary? just trying to give others the most useful review. Feed back on what is helpful and what is not helps me to give the best review I can. thanks. Tantric
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I tihnk your summary is fine but I felt a little offended at the "you can take it" line. Yea, the vagina can pass a baby through it but you know what? It hurts like a bitch. Just because we are equipped to do that doesn't mean we WANT to use a large toy.

    Otherwise, I felt this was a pretty useful review.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    I agree with Adriana. Other than your generalized statements about women's bodies, I think this is a pretty good review.

    I really like my Lucid Dream, but the jelly is a big turn off. Mine still smells after over 7 months.
  • tantric
    sorry to cause offense. I was only trying to demonstrate that, while petite women may feel intimidated by the girth of certain "objects", with a little tender loving kindness, and a gentle approach, they can often accommodate them without pain. I meant in no chauvinistic manner and hope you won't hold it against me, I suppose these things happen when men review toys for the fairer sex. Still I think the male perspective is useful especially to those men who are shopping for gifts.
  • ichigostrawberry
    Thanks for the review!
  • Ash1141
    Great review
  • Jon S
  • yarii
  • yarii
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