Rechargeable oral clit stimulator

Are You Ready To Have The Moon Rabbit Take You Into Orbit?

The Moon Rabbit is the ultimate orgasm producing sex toy. I've seen my wife have orgasms before, but nothing like what the Moon Rabbit did to her and her pussy. She definitely was in orbit.
Dual vibes, Self-cleaning, sucking action on the clit
Controls could be easier to find
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First impression

I told my wife that this was coming for us to test and review, so she was very excited when it arrived yesterday. She's been looking forward to trying one of the new toys she's seen that use suction on her clit. She tore open the box and removed the Rabbit in its decretive storage bag,
Storage bag
and removed the Rabbit in its shipping bag, held it up and said: "It's so cute".

Her initial thought was let's get naked and jump in bed and test this little cutie out. But like all our other rechargeable toys, I knew it needs a couple of hours of charge time before we used it. So I located the port for the charger to plug in,

make sure you're plugging into the right hole because a few inches above the charging port is the exhaust port for the clit sucker.
Top-suction vent, bottom recharging port While we waited for the Rabbit to charge up we turned down the bed, put our water-proof throe on it and got naked and, well occupied ourselves while we waited.

First Use

Two hours later we unplugged the Moon Rabbit and got ready to take it for a test drive. The controls were a little hard to find, and then we had to try each of the three buttons to see what they did. The moon Rabbit didn't come with any type of instructions. We found that the button with the waves on it turned the vibes on when you held it down and if you pressed it cycled thru the vibe patterns. The next button upturned the suction on, and the last button with a waterdrop on it was for cleaning out the suction port. Okay, while I was figuring out the controls my lovely wife Di was laying back on the bed, her ample thighs spread open, and her talented fingers were warming up her pussy and clit. I told her to open her pussy for me, and her trembling, excited fingers spread her pussy lips for me exposing her wetness and growing clit. I slipped the Moon Rabbits ears, one on each side of her throbbing clit into her pussy until the suction cup was resting on her big clit, her body began to tremble. I ask if she was ready, she told me:" yes, do it, baby." I switched on the vibe which was set to a pulsating pattern she picked out of the seven different patterns. Her ass raised off the bed to meet the Rabbit, and she moaned softly as the vibes took her over. I thought she was going to cum from just the vibes alone. I turned on the suction and pressed the cup against her swollen clit, and it sucked it right up and began it sucking action. Di's moans turned to screams of pleasure, she said: "This is fucking great baby, it's sucking my clit almost as good as you". And at that moment she screamed, she was cumming, and her pussy erupted in huge gushes of pussy cum all over the poor Moon Rabbit; don't worry it's water-proof, and me. I ask if I needed to take it out and she screamed: " Don't you fucking dare, I want more". Well, four or five huge gushing orgasms later she asked me to turn the Moon Rabbit off. I pulled it out of her soaking wet pussy and knelt between her quivering thighs my hard cock waving in front of me, and she surprised me when she said: "Fuck me, baby, I want your cock now". I thought she was totally worn out. I moved forward sliding my hardness into her soaking wet pussy. Di pulled me on top of her my bare chest against her big tits and hard nipples, she raised up and whispered in my ear "Thank you, baby, I love my cute little Moon Rabbit".

Further Experience

My wife Di is totally in love with her Moon Rabbit. She says the ears that slide into her pussy were just the right size for great stimulation and should easily please and fit any size woman's pussy. She enjoyed the soft texture of the smooth silicone and has enjoyed trying out the multiple vibe patterns. She said that she enjoyed me running the controls and handling the Moon Rabbit, so she could just lay back and enjoy her orgasms and all the pleasure the Rabbit gave her without her having to worry about pressing the buttons. After I was done fucking her the first time we used the Rabbit we ran a hot bath and hopped in to clean up. Di didn't know I had brought the Moon Rabbit with me to clean and when she saw it, she told me to put it in her under water. I slipped it into her pussy that she was spreading open for me and pressed the cup against her clit. I turned on the vibes, and she went crazy again with pleasure, then I hit the suction button. I couldn't tell if the water was quivering from the Rabbit or Di's whole body shaking in pleasure. I no time she was gushing pussy cum in our bath and begging me to stop because her clit couldn't take any more pleasure. So it works fine even underwater. Di woke up this morning, and her pussy and especially her clit were a little sore, so the next time we use her Rabbit, we decided we need to use some lube.

Vibration Map

Each one of the Moon Rabbits ears has a separate vibrator in it, and that alone makes the vibrations more intense on both sides of my wife's clit. Combined that with the gentle but more than ample suction on her clit and it makes for the ultimate orgasm toy. My wife tried using just the ears to vibrate on her clit but said direct contact with those strong vibes on her clit was slightly too intense and she prefers the ears in her pussy.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

The first time we tried the Moon Rabbit my wife Di had at least five huge squirting orgasms that had her screaming in pleasure. I have to admit that I've given her plenty of orgasms, especially orally sucking her clit, but the orgasms she had while using the Moon Rabbit were off the chart and stronger or at least as strong as the ones I give her. My wife has tried to us the Moon Rabbit by herself but says she much prefers me using it on her pussy a lot better. The controls are a bit hard to find, and with me being able to see them it's easier for me to work them, and she can just lay back and tell me what she wants and totally enjoy.
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my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
More than like it, my wife still loves her little clit sucking Moon Rabbit. She manages to have a few orgasms a week with it, and I really enjoy watching her enjoy.
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  • Contributor: Leil@
    What a hot and impassioned review!
  • Contributor: Lilith Bealove
    I need this thing in my hands. Like, yesterday! Thank you for sharing your experience.
  • Contributor: NinaH
    What an erotic review! Reading it made me hot!
  • Contributor: frisky069
    Loved reading your review! Thanks
  • Contributor: dt5440
    Am I understanding right that you need to hold down the waves button to keep the ears running? I got one of these for my girl and it keeps stopping on her.
  • Contributor: Di's Guy
    Hi dt5440
    You shouldn't have to hold the wave button down just turn it on and use the button to cycle through the vibe patterns.
  • Contributor: dt5440
    Thanks! I'll pass that along.
  • Contributor: Robin Goodfellow
    Wonderful review. I may need to acquire one of these
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