Ophoria K-balls #10 - sex toy for women by Lover's Choice Inc. - review by Airlia

Vaginal balls by Lover's Choice Inc.

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Ball's out of the park!

These Kegel Exercisers are both for pleasure and to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. They have amazing results, quite quickly. They are gorgeous and will last a long time.
Easy to use, clean and feel! Pretty and discreet.
Not really ribbed.
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useful review
The Ophoria K-Balls #10 Ribbed are an amazing weighted Kegel Exerciser. Here are some simple facts:

It is 100% pure silicone.
It is soft, weighted, with a few raised designs (not noticeable within you).
It is extremely easy to insert, even without lubrication. (Although this is not recommended.)
It is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
It is quiet.
It can be felt with amazing results!

The Ophoria K-Balls #10 Ribbed come packaged beautifully. The instructions are unfortunately universal, but the balls are easy to use. Simply add a drop of lubrication and insert it gently. You will begin to feel it as you walk around. It isn't as noticeable when sitting, but if you clench and unclench the balls can definitely be felt as an asset to your exercise.

Because the balls are 100% silicone, it is easy to clean. Boiling them works wonderfully, or cleaning them in warm water with anti bacterial soap. Your final option is to use a toy cleaner.

Wearing the Ophoria K-Balls #10 for an extended amount of time is not uncomfortable at all. On the contrary you may feel your muscles clench harder as time goes by. The vibrations can be heard in extremely quiet surroundings, so wearing it to church might not be the best idea. What would be great though, is wearing them on a night out. They work both to strengthen your Kegel muscles and give you pleasure. Moving your hips will increase the strength of the vibrations, but as I said before, walking around is more than sufficient.

They weren't noticeably ribbed in any way, however this did not deter from such a great product. They had a few white raised designs on the balls, but could not be felt individually inside. The Ophoria K-Balls #10 Ribbed are a great Kegel exerciser, made with a high quality silicone, it will be long lasting with great results.
The Ophoria K-Balls #10 are a personal new favourite of mine. Since they are so easy to use and clean it is in constant demand. You can read more about what I thought here: Geometric Bubbles Review: Ophoria K-Balls #10 Ribbed
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    There are vibrations? Is it powered by batteries or...? I've never used this kind of exerciser before, so sorry if the answer's really obvious! I had no idea that this vibrated until you mentioned wearing it (or...not) to church. Could you tell us a little more about that? Good review!
  • Epiphora
    You mentioned on your blog that you like them better than the Luna Beads. I'd love to know why, since I heart my Luna Beads.
  • Airlia
    Miss Cinnamon - I could only describe it as vibrations because the weighted balls inside move around creating a vibration feeling. They aren't battery operated. Hope that helps! Just ask if you need more clarification!

    Epiphora - There are a few key reasons for me personally:

    It's easier to use. I don't need the pink balls on the Luna Beads, so to line the blue balls up perfectly with the silicone wrapping sometimes gets annoying. I could also feel these balls a lot more. And I mean significantly.

    I still love the Luna Beads, it's just that these were a clear winner for me!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    These are so interesting-looking; I just wish they were smaller.
  • Airlia
    Did you see the pics of it in my hand? If it's too big sorry, wish we could find one that was amazing and tiny!!
  • Oggins
    It's weird that these don't look much like the ones you received. I thought the blue with swirls was cute too. I wonder what's up with that? Great comparison to the Luna beads though and a great review! Smile
  • Airlia
    I sent a msg to the administrators describing the exact balls and making sure it was ok - so maybe they have different types of 'ribbed' balls and mine happened to be raised designs...
  • Minxy
    I own these blue ribbed ones and mine are horribly uncomfortable. They're very rigid even the piece that connects the balls. I'm glad you enjoy your's.
  • Airlia
    Aha so they might be different after all! Mine is soft in the connecting part and quite easy to manipulate.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    These are a different product. You received #10 and this is listed as a review for #5. WTF EF?
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Erm, I mean.. #10 Ribbed. Don't know where the 5 came from. LOL
  • Airlia
    Yeh I was actually just looking at that. I definitely received the 10... and I sent a message to Eden when I sent my review in.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I see they've since moved the review to the correct place. I think it changes a couple things in your review so you might want to edit that?

    But you're SO right. I can feel them so much more than the Luna Beads.
  • Airlia
    Yep, new updated review soon to be posted.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • potstickers
    Good review.
  • K101
    Yes! So glad to finally come across the good king of balls! Ok, I so didn't mean that in the way it may have sounded Lol. I meant, I've read such bad things about the other balls & I've been desperately searching for the right pair for me and came up with not so promising reviews so I wanted to search carefully to find exactly what I was looking for in the k balls. Thanks to your review, I've found my match! I believe these are the ones I'm going to give a try! Thanks so much for the review!

    By the way, I had no idea the little boogers vibrated! Heck yea! I've heard some say they are pleasurable and some say they're not. Either way, I'm too excited to try these! Perfect review!
  • Diabolical Kitty
    Nice review
  • big b
  • blonde1216
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