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G-spot vibrator by WHK GmbH

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An enticingly ridged surface, independent speed and rotation control and massive size make this vibrator a good choice for those interested in intense stimulation. Check dimensions carefully; this product is for size kings and queens only!
Great for size kings and queens
Too large for most, especially with its pointy bits
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extremely useful review
I was shocked when I saw the ginormous size of the G-twist|G-twist. Measuring nearly 2 1/4" at its widest point, it's not for beginners or those looking for mild stimulation.

The toy features a long shaft decorated with highly textured ridges on the front and six pleasure bumps on the back. The toy's tip is strongly curved and covered with little nubs. The feel of the toy is very firm; it will not compress much at all when used inside the body.

I had the devil's own time getting the batteries into this toy. A screw-cap on the toy's base provides access to the battery compartment. Inside rests a cradle to hold the batteries. There are even tiny " " and "-" signs printed onto the cradle so that you don't have to guess which direction the batteries go. My problem was that I didn't realize that three of the batteries go in the front of the cradle while one hides in the back. Oops. It only took me *cough*fifteen*cough* minutes of fumbling around before I realized my mistake.

Speed and rotation are controlled independently from a small panel on the front of the toy. The buttons are protected with water-resistant covers. This is a very nice touch. Two buttons turn the speed and rotation on or off, while two more toggle between high or low speeds and left or right rotation. This is a little complicated, especially in the heat of the moment.

After a long round of oral, fucking and fisting (and more orgasms than we could count), my friend and I felt ready to try out this massive toy. I wanted to make sure that I was completely relaxed, totally comfortable and very turned on before I attempted to use something so large and textured.

Alas, even with plentiful lube the toy was quite painful going into me. The various bumps, ridges and nubby things hurt instead of giving pleasure.

We settled for inserting just the tip with the vibrations turned to their maximum capacity. That felt nice, but even with that small portion in my body, I could feel bumps poking me painfully in the labia.

Also, the toy's rotation is very mild and easily stopped by pressure from the body. My friend reported that he could barely discern any rotation from his perch between my legs, and I certainly couldn't feel it.

After I admitted defeat with this toy, I just had to experiment with another toy of similar size. Was I broken, I wondered? Was there something wrong with me that I couldn't handle such a large toy? Nope, we found out. My other toy is equally large but boasts a very smooth texture. It felt great. The problem was only in the toy's extreme size and texture.

My friend opined that there should be an inverse relationship between size and texture: the larger the size, the lower the texture. I would have to agree.

While its level of rotation was disappointing, I can certainly imagine that size kings and queens would love the extreme girth and knobbiness of this toy. Check measurements carefully; if you're in the mood for a very intense ride, this product would be a worthy choice.
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  • Fun Lover
    Sounds like a torture test.
  • Epiphora
    I have a toy that rotates but can be stopped easily by the body too. It's laaame.
  • Always Aroused Girl
    I suppose they want to make sure you don't hurt yourself on it? Or are they just too cheap to use a more powerful motor?
  • Dame Demi
    Maybe the motor just isn't suited to the size of the toy. Yow, thanks for the warning--this toy looks fairly innocuous in pictures. I would never have guessed it would be such a handful! Great review!
  • I'm starting to think that rotating toys are all kind of a sham- unless you know how to keep your body relaxed enough to let them move, and who wants to do that on their way to an orgasm?
    I'm sensitive to textures too- but some people like little bumps.
  • Dude. These are NOT little bumps. These are like dinosaur ridges!

    But having said that, I'm sure there are people who adore dinosaur ridges.

  • Jimbo Jones
    I think the Flintstones liked dinosaur ridges in the bedroom, but that's a little too much for me. I'm surprised that there was still difficulty after some fisting had gone on. Also, the product page lists a diameter of 1 1/2" which is a far cry from 2 1/4" and the view actual size picture doesn't come out that big either. Not to be a jerk, but help me understand. By the way, excellent review and I'm glad to see AAG is back with a vengeance.
  • Yes, I know...I'm wondering if there was some variation in size? Or if I measured incorrectly? It's possible.

    The difference between fisting and this toy is that this toy is POINTY!!!!! And hard.
  • Kcito
    great review, i still think a toy with smooth surface is more friendly on body cavity.
  • Stinkytofu10
    Thank you for sharing
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