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Bitter sweet sugar

Sugar is a nice vibrator. I can't say it's as good as Flutter from Evolved's Slender line, but it's close. With strong vibrations and a bendable clitoral attachment, this should fit a wider variety of women than rabbit vibrators. It's a good selection for beginners and even an advanced user, but the short size will not be enough for everyone.
Adorable toy and tin.
Strong vibrations.
Long clitoral attachment.
Texture and shape.
Push button's location.
vibrations are a bit hard to get used to.
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Sugar is from Evolved Noveltie's Short and Sweet series. It is a rabbit style vibrator with the clitoral attachment being... a ridged long thing that's hard to describe. It isn't an animal attachment which can be a nice change. The shaft has amazing ripples.

Sugar is definitely short, but nice. With such defined texture, longer for thrusting would make this better for me, but it's still a great toy. The small size and cute look of Sugar makes this beginner friendly, but as someone who's used a variety of everything, (vaginal) I find it quite satisfying. Short and Sweet can be an awesome toy for solo use, but I prefer my partner using it on me as foreplay.

Sugar performs well in the water, for some travel and in a dorm.

    • Couples

Material / Texture

Sugar is made of non-toxic TPR, is pthalates free and body safe. It's made of food-grade material is hypo-allergenic, latex free and Non-porous! It rates a 7 on the material rating scale. Compared to Flutter, Short-N-Sweet feels nothing like the same TPR.

Sugar actually feels like jelly to me, but is firmer than jelly. It has amazing texture! There's nothing I love more than some defined curves, ripples or swirls and this one has a nice amount. The little ridges cover the clitoral attachment and the shaft. The tips of the clitoral attachment and shaft doesn't have these ridges, but is so uniquely shaped! The texture of the clitoral attachment is mostly on the underside and the back so it doesn't come in contact with my lady bits unless I rub the back of the attachment on myself. The end of the attachment is shaped like the tip of the shaft, kind of pointy.

The pointy tip of the clitoral attachment makes this great for pin point stimulation. You can also turn the toy backwards and use the end of the shaft to sort of contour to your clitoris. See the photo to see what I mean by the tip kind of hugging to the clitoris.

The ridges are nice and noticeable, but I doubt they would be too much for a beginner. I don't feel this would please a "size queen" though. To me, it's a satisfying size.

While this does feel like jelly, it does not have a scent or taste.

It has quite a bit of give to it and isn't as firm as Flutter. The long clitoral attachment can be manipulated a little to fit your shape. The shaft easily flexes when bent, but is not floppy.

This also has more of a drag than Flutter. Lubricant works well for getting this to glide around.
    • Flexible
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

Sugar's design is unique. I've never seen clitoral attachments quite like the ones that come from Evolved Novelties. I love the unique designs. Sugar is designed to stimulate the clitoris while being inserted. The tip is kind of curved upward on both the clitoral stimulator and the shaft. The shaft's tip can be used to hug the clitoris and since one bullet it located in the tip, this works wonderfully.

The size is nice, but I would love to have this in a longer size as well so I could thrust with this. This can be used by both beginner's and those who have more experience. I don't see any reason someone with more experience couldn't love this toy. Surely I'm not the only one?! I do prefer longer, but this has many great qualities.

It's short so it takes up less space than an average dual action vibrator. It hides well on a shelf, drawer or closet, even in the metal container. This could be thrown in a purse for travelling, but it is clearly a vibrator.

Sugar's Measurements:
Length:6 3/4"
Insertable length: 4"
Circumference: 4 1/2"
Diameter: 1 3/8"
The clitoral attachment is not animal shaped. It is a little over 4" long from tip to butt. It's long and bendable enough to accomadate most anatomies

For someone who needs a little more length, this would make a great foreplay toy and that's my favorite use. For those that don't need the extra length, this would probably meet their expectations well. The gorgeous pink (or purple) makes it pleasant to look at and not big and scary. I'd describe it as cute and funky.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The control is one squishy button located at the very bottom of the toy, on the battery cap. This can be annoying since it can be pushed by accident during use. I will usually hit the button once or twice with each use before I adjust to holding it around the base. The cap screws on and thankfully I've not had issues with this one cross threading. The cap is round and smooth. Short-N-Sweet is waterproof and has a sturdy O-ring to seal off all water. It doesn't leak.

Sugar's functions similar to Flutter. It has 3 speeds and takes 2AA batteries. When I screw the cap on, I hear a popping sound. It worries me everytime, but I think it's just the prongs in there. It still makes me worry that it may break. There's no way of screwing the cap without making this noise. I didn't notice Flutter making noise like this.

The button is pushed to turn on and off and to cycle through the 3 speeds. It's easy and since there are only three, I have no problem clicking it off when I hear footsteps approaching. It's simple, easy to use and doesn't have all the special feature that most rabbit-style vibrators do. It doesn't rotate or have finicky pearls or cords. I appreciate the simplicity. I find that those extras make things more complicated.

Sugar works well in and out of water. Like Flutter, Sugar has double motors and the vibrations are still strong in the water. There's a bullet located in the tip of the shaft and one in the clitoral attachment.

The vibrations are really strong to me, even the lowest setting is enough for me when used in direct contact with my clitoris. The second is powerful enough without direct contact and the third is even stronger. The vibrations are buzzier than Flutter's and not as deep and rumbly. They are so strong that I can feel the vibrations in my stomach and it sometimes the strong vibrations all over and the way it feels like it's thudding against me, makes me dizzy!

My Sugar does a strange thumping type of thing to my lady bits. It's very weird, but feels good usually. It's sort of like it's squeezing or shaking me. Hard to explain that one.I don't know if it's just something with my particular one or if all of them do it. This one leaves my hands and lady bits numb quickly.

The vibrations don't carry as well as Flutter's. Flutter has a thick TPR and is long and it's motor carries evenly from tip to end. Short-N-Sweet on the other hand, doesn't carry them in the end closest to the attachment. Strange because I'd think the shorter, less thick one would carry better. The vibrations are plenty for me and the part that doesn't vibrate well isn't insertable anyways. It's the area right below the attachment.

The clitoral attachment carries the vibrations evenly and nicely. Both the shaft end and the clitoral attachment jiggle and shiver when turned on! It takes me very little time to be satisfied with this.

Another thing that's different about my Sugar is that it makes a weird sound. It's quiet, but it'll start making a thudding sound like something's loose in the clitoral attachment. Again, I don't know if this is just mine or if it's all of them. The vibrations are quiet, but the thudding can be heard in the same room and it may be possible to hear them through thin walls if music or TV isn't on. It can't be heard through my bedroom door though.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

You can use mild soap and warm water to clean Sugar. I use hot water and soap to make sure the ridges and everything is nice and clean. You can't boil or put this little guy in the dishwasher! Cleaning is easy. It takes only a few minutes and the ridges are easy to clean.

-Make sure the batteries are removed when not in use.
-Make sure the cap is on when cleaning.

Sugar is not porous, but if you absolutely have to share it, use a condom or two! Do not store this in contact with other toys. Instead, I prefer keeping it in it's gorgeous metal tin container. It takes up little space and can put stashed away on the top of a dresser, shelf, closet, drawer, etc.

Sugar can be used with water or silicone based lubricants.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Like Flutter, Sugar also comes in an adorable metal tin container! It's durable enough for long term storage and makes for beautiful gift giving. It has a plastic insert to hold the toy still, but this can be removed. The lid is made of a sturdy clear plastic with text on it. There are 2 metal lock clasps things on the top and bottom to ensure that the toy stays in well. I love these little boxes!

The containers come with a good bit of information on the back, but Flutter has a lot more of it's container.

The front says "Sugar. Double Motors. Waterproof and Short and Sweet Series."

The back has a paragraph describing Sugar and below that says:
"Waterproof. Double Motors. 3 stimulating speeds. Easy push button controls. Phthalates free and body safe. Satin smooth coated controls. Ultra powerful motors. Non-toxic TPR."

Then there's the whole "Novely only!" disclaimer.

The clear lid shows the toy and if you read the box, you'll know this is a vibrator. The packaging is still somewhat discrete though since it doesn't have all kinds of vulgar text or nude photos to trash it up. It's just beautiful!
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


I really enjoy Sugar, but the vibrations are something I'm not used to. That weird thumping and the way it makes other parts of my body feel like they're vibrating are sometimes annoying. It quickly makes my hands numb, but it is a nice vibrator. I would prefer the vibrations to be more like Flutter's, smooth, deep and strong. I am thinking mine may be off since it's thuddy and feels like it's squeezing me in a way and also the weird noise. I still really like it, but it's taking me some adjusting to those vibrations.

Other than that, the size is nice, but I would love to have one a little longer. The ridges are a nice little extra and I can't get enough of the clitoral attachment.

My parnter and I use this as foreplay and he enjoys using it to find my hot spots and I enjoy that as well. At certain angles, there is some G-spot stimulation which is much appreciated, but it must be shallow to be able to reach with this.

While we like Sugar, Flutter satisfies me more with it's long shaft and deep, strong, smooth vibrations.
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