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Blooming belly balm

Hand cream by Sensuous Beauty

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Blooming Belly Balm is a wonderful purchase for any expectant mother, a growing adolescent, or really anyone looking to condition damaged skin. It spreads easily yet is not overly greasy, and it adsorbs into the skin to leave satiny softness in its wake.
Beautiful healing salve that conditions skin, providing elasticity during periods of growth.
The smell could be off-putting to some.
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This product is marketed towards pregnant women (hence the name) because it is an excellent preventative measure/treatment to use on stretch marks. Stretch marks, of course, don't just plague pregnant women, so this salve is really for anyone who needs an amazing skin conditioner to have on hand for those times when the healing power of potent moisturizing is called for. This cream is also an excellent heavy-duty moisturizer, suitable for any super-dry areas that are begging for a dousing - feet, elbows, etc. It also acts as a healing salve for injured skin that needs some extra care to keep moist and refreshed, such as sun burnt skin or 'new pink skin' revealed by a minor scrape of cut.

This product is not a sexual lubricant, nor is it a massage product (although it does make skin a little slick).
    • Healing
    • Moisturizing

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This product has a texture not unlike Vaseline, but instead of being maddeningly oily, it melts into your skin and spreads rapidly, leaving vaguely tacky skin in its wake. It adsorbs decently quickly for an oil based cream, leaving very soft skin wherever it was spread. In the jar, it seems incredibly firm but it melts at body temperature to be imminently scoopable (careful though, a little goes a long way).
    • Greasy
    • Oily

Taste / Aroma

Tasting this product would not be recommended, but the smell is worth noting. It is an interesting floral/medicinal smell - my partner tells me it is standard for St. Johns Wort but to me, it's like nothing I've ever smelt before. It's not unpleasant, to me anyways, but it is a little funky. If pressed to describe it, I would simply say it smells 'healing', which is true. It makes me feel secure and cared for.
    • Light smell


Blooming Belly Balm & Healing Salve does what it promises - it conditions, moisturizes and strengthens skin. I love the way it feels when spread over my belly and breasts (both of which are swelling during my pregnancy) and soaks in - my skin feels softer than it normally does, and while I am not capable of performing a double blind study on the effects, it seems to be working as I have not sprung any new stretch marks yet. I'm not sure if its my imagination, but I almost feel like my existing stretch marks - ones I earned by going through a growth spurt in my teenage years - are getting better.

The salve is oil based, so it does stick around for a while before it absorbs into my skin - I make sure I wear clothing that covers the skin in question after I apply it in order to avoid damaging my couch or having it rub off on my sheets. It does not massage well, as it is not really slick, but this is ok because a little does go a long way and it is nice to slowly work it into the desired areas without getting greasy. I do have sensitive skin but it's never bothered me at all, and I make sure to shower 4-8 hours after I apply it in order to get rid of any residue (especially under my breasts).
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Gets sticky

Personal comments

The ingredients in this product are all natural an organic where applicable. Some of the descriptions, however, leave me wondering "what do they mean by that?" For example, St. Johns Wort is added in the form of "wildcrafted St. Johns Wort infusion". What "wildcrafted" means is anyone's guess, but I would like to point out that when it comes to cosmetic additives, crafting in the wild is not really desirable. Give me products from a lab any day, thanks very much.

Other ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E (for healing), cocoa butter, and ylang ylang essential oil.


I love this product - it feels good to be doing something excellent for my skin as my body adapts and changes. I got pretty bad stretch marks as a teenager when my curves all suddenly appeared, so I am very fearful of getting a bunch more during pregnancy. Spreading this salve over my belly, breasts and hips helps me feel like I am taking control of the situation. I'll report, postpartum, on how successful this strategy was in the follow up review.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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