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Big Breasts Beware!

The chain made for an interesting night and made me feel a little bit sexier. However, it was incredibly annoying because it barely fit and I hated having to worry that it might break when play got a little too rough.
The chain looked cute.
The metal felt cheap and the chain didn't fit on my large breasts.
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I love to show off my body, I've been doing it for years. I'm a crazy exhibitionist that gets off on knowing that I can seduce someone with visuals alone. I had my nipples pierced years ago for purely aesthetic reasons, I'd like to be able to say that it enhanced the sensitivity of them but that would be untrue. I loved the looks I'd get as my rings poked through my shirts on days where I didn't feel the need to wear a bra. After giving birth, I decided it was time I retired my fetish fashions and graduate to being ring free. I miss my pierced nipples, I really do, so when I saw Cleavage links|Nipple jewelry: Cleavage links by Topco it reminded me of a chain I used to wear in years past.

I concocted a plan before they arrived; I'd take off my clothes, slip the chain on my nipples before my husband came home, and offer up my naked body to him in the foyer. When they finally came, I ripped open the package and took the chain in my hands. I was surprised by how cheap the metal felt, I didn't think it would hold up during play. The chain was also shorter than expected, I have large breasts so 16" was just barely long enough to be able to connect to both nipples. When I finally had the loops positioned snuggly, the chain was pulled taut instead of being a sexy arch that draped between my breasts. I realized if I posed as I waited for my husband, by pushing my breasts together with my hands, that it might hold and give me the look I wanted. I tell you, those were the longest 15 minutes of my life! Every time I let one breast go, it would yank the chain back and pull my nipple along with it.

My husband finally got home and dropped his things at the door the moment he saw me, enveloping me in his arms. I felt so sexy, but my breasts were bouncing like crazy and the loop over one nipple let go after only a moment of touching. He took my nipple between his fingers and massaged it until it was hard again and slipped the loop over it. When his mouth found my breasts, the sensation of his hot tongue mixed with the tight pinch of the loop felt incredibly erotic. Foreplay ended as quickly as it began and we made our way to the bedroom. Every time I'd reposition myself during sex I'd have the fear that the chain would break. I hated having to take caution and be gentle, so I finally took the chain off and threw it on my nightstand.

It looked great for the short time I wore it but I was too preoccupied worrying that it was going to break. My breasts were too large for this chain and for the first time in my life I actually wished they had been smaller so I could have enjoyed this pretty piece of body jewelry.
Follow-up commentary
I recently went through my lingerie drawers (yes, pluralized) and found these stashed at the bottom. I was home alone and obviously very bored so I tried to get these to fit. An absolute no go, while I managed to loop the loops around my nipples by squeezing my breasts together, as soon as I let them go the chain slipped off. A major disappointment but one size fits all is certainly not the case with these links. :(
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