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Curiouser and Curiouser

At first I was confused about what exactly to do with Curiosity. I was, indeed, curious. After some experimenting, I found this was a good vibrator for external stimulation and a very weird internal vibrator. Size and power girls will be disappointed, but beginners and sensitive users who want a textured vibrator should take a look at Curiosity.
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Draggy Silicone
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Sweet Obsession Curiosity is Cal Exotics' latest sort of rechargeable vibrator in the Sweet Obsessions line. I was a little confused as to what the best use of this vibrator was when I received it. It's longer than most clitoral vibrators I owned but shorter than most traditional ones. I tried both ways and with Curiosity, it's basically pick your poison. It can be used either externally or internally. It can also be used to vibrate any erogenous zone that you see fit to use it on, especially with the extra texture to the tip. Note that Curiosity does not have a flared base and thus should not be used anally.

As is the case with many vibrators, Curiosity can be used either solo or with a partner. It will not fit in a harness but can be used in many other partner situations. I found it to be a bit too large to use during sex, but that it made for good foreplay.

Material / Texture

Curiosity is made of two parts. The top part, the part that is used for stimulation, is made of silicone. The handle is made of plastic. The silicone has a ton of drag to it. When I rub my finger along it, my finger literally hops along the shaft. If you decide to use this internally, don't be skimpy with the lube because you can feel the drag inside as well as on your finger.

While the box claims it is made of unscented silicone, I noticed a very heavy silicone smell to it. It wasn't so strong that I could smell it through the packaging, but it was very noticeable when I got it close to my face. My husband tells me that there is a chemical that is added to make silicone not smell and thus "unscented" silicone actually smells like silicone. So maybe that's what they meant on the box. Even though it absolutely smells of silicone, it didn't taste like anything.

The plastic on the handle is regular plastic - nothing special. I didn't notice any plastic scented added into the mix nor a plastic taste.

The tip of Curiosity is made with little feelers for texture. They remind me of a pore scrubber I got for my face. They come just a small amount above the base. They are made of soft silicone and are intended for sensual, soft texture, not a rough or scratchy feeling. I found that the texture was good for clitoral stimulation but a little odd feeling internally. I know some bullets sell sleeves with similar feelers on them and if you have liked those in the past you will likely have a favorable opinion of these as well. Any beginner or advanced user that likes that type of texture will enjoy this vibrator. It's more of a texture preference than an experience requirement.

The silicone of the insertable portion of Curiosity has a good bit a flexibility to it. It will bend quite a ways forward and a little to the back. You have to hold it to do this. It won't stay in the position. This could be good for those that like a little give to internal use vibrators and something that will bend to their curves.

Design / Shape / Size

The design threw me off completely. I'm bad about reading the sizes of things and just looking at the photos. Looking at the stock photo, I expected this to be much larger than what it was and more along "traditional" vibrator size. Curiosity comes in at 6 inches total length of which 4 are insertable. It is 1 inch wide. Too big to be classified as a bullet or in the range of my "discreet clitoral vibrators" but probably too small to classify as "traditional vibrator," I wasn't really sure what to make of Curiosity. Was I supposed to insert it? Was I supposed to use it externally? I found myself wishing the directions had come with a diagram of how to actually use it.

Ever the tester, I decided to just go ahead and try both and see if I could figure it out. I think the purpose here is that it could really be dual action. So if you're using it as a clitoral stimulator but get the sudden urge for a moment of penetration, you don't have to go grab another toy. You have four insertable inches right there. This might not satisfy everyone, but for some it might be enough to quell a sudden desire.

I had better luck with this externally than I did internally. I do like that it gives me the option for both. While it threw me off at first, I'm starting to like the dual action nature of the Curiosity as it means one less toy I need for quick sessions.

When I first saw it, I thought it looked like something I had seen before but couldn't put my finger on it. The second my husband saw it he said it reminded him of this vibrating crevice cleaner we had gotten for our bathroom. That is exactly what it looks like! I'm throughly convinced now that if you kept this with your cleaning supplies (in a bag of course) that you could play this off as a cleaning tool. If you choose to keep it in your bedroom though, it's probably not all that discreet.

Vibrator or Bathroom Cleaner??

Functions / Performance / Controls

Curiosity runs on two buttons - an on/off switch and a mode switch. Press the on/off button to start and press the mode button to scroll through the different patterns. To turn off, press the on/off button again. I always like three buttons over two, but it's offered so little I won't hold it against anyone. The really awesome thing about Curiosity is that it has a memory chip. If you find a setting you like and turn it off, the next time you turn it on it will still be on that setting. I absolutely hate patterns and low settings so this is a huge perk for me. I always press through to the highest setting anyway. Curiosity just starts right up where I want it to with no hassle. The only problem is that you can turn it on with the mode button and if you accidentally do this it will also change from the last mode and then you're scrolling through the whole thing again.

The buttons are located near the base of the vibrator and are made of what seems to be silicone. They are easy to press when you want to but I haven't had any issues with accidentally pressing them when I didn't intend to. I'm guessing this is because they aren't located where I place my hand.

You get the option of ten different modes, three of which are different steady vibration settings - high, medium, and low. The low option is very low - probably a high end one vroom. Even the most sensitive person should be able to use this on the low setting. The highest setting comes in at about three, but about a mid to high range three. The vibrations are on the buzzier, higher pitched side. Not as buzzy as a bullet but certainly not deep or rumbly. When pressure is applied, it will lose almost a full vroom in power.

There are five pulse options: single pulse, high-low pulse, double pulse, triple pulse, and strong pulse. The differences are just how strong the vibrations are and how fast the pulses go. The other two options are called "steeplechase." The manual diagrams these out like the little tracks you see if you get on an elliptical machine. I honestly couldn't tell any difference between these and a pulse. I cycled through over and over counting the cycles to make sure I wasn't missing something or counting the cycles wrong or something. They all still feel like varied pulses to me.

The vibrations start at about the center of the insertable portion the vibrator and run up to the tip. The base does carry some of the vibration to it but it took a very long time for my hand to start to go numb. In fact, the only time my hand went numb is when I held it for forty minutes timing the battery life. Unless you spend a lot of time with this vibrator, you should have no hand numbing issues.

For a level three vroom vibrator, this is as quiet as a vroom level one vibrator. Not only can it not be heard through a closed door, but I had this on in the bathroom and my husband was not but five feet away and he couldn't hear it with the door open. No sheets, no running water. It emits a very low hum at the highest setting. If you need something quiet, this will certainly do the trick.

Curiosity is a waterproof vibrator, always a plus in my book. It held up with no issues in the shower and no issues when submerged. It doesn't have an O ring like most waterproof vibrators so I'm very untrusting of the waterproof claim and was just waiting for it to die on me underwater. It held up like a champ though.

I mentioned earlier that Curiosity is a kinda rechargeable vibrator. It comes with a rechargeable RCR2 battery and the pack to charge it in. So it's rechargeable in so much as a AAA vibrator would be if you bought some rechargeable Duracel batteries, this just happens to come pre-packaged with everything. It's not like a vibrator that you plug directly into the wall. It comes it one RCR2 battery but the charger can hold two. That is, if you can find another one. Good luck with that because this is one hard to find battery. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, when the battery gives I can always hunt down another rare gem RCR2 but on the other hand it's certainly not as nice or powerful as what I've found in the wall charged vibrators.

Care and Maintenance

Waterproof vibrators are always on the easier end of cleaning and the Curiosity is no exception. Simply wash with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. I have not found the silicone to be a lint or hair magnet.

Note that since the vibrator is made of silicone that you will not want to use silicone lube with it. The two don't play well together and it's possible to mess up the material this way. Water based lube is best.

Storage is much the same and it's always better to keep silicone toys separated if possible. You can keep this in the package it came in, though it is on the large side. If you choose not to do that, I would suggest picking up a pouch for it.


Curiosity comes in a large box that looks like it was meant to be hung in a shop somewhere. It features a woman's face on the front with the words "Sweet Obsessions Curiosity" on it. The woman isn't nude since it's just her face, but I still think it's pretty obvious it's a sex toy from the packaging. There is clear cutout where the Curiosity can be seen. The back has some key specs about the product such as the ten modes and that it's waterproof. It's pretty basic packaging and nothing that I plan on keeping around for storage. It's also fairly large because it contains all the charging pieces in it so it seems too bulky to store a smaller toy in.

Once opened, you will find the Curiosity next to all the pieces of the charger. There is also a lengthy instruction manual that will tell you how to put the battery pack together and about how the setting on the vibrator. It mentions that you can get plugs for Australia, Europe, and UK as well as the American plug that it comes with. It gives the standard warnings and precautions that you get with most vibrators. The manual came in handy and was written in an understandable way with nice pictures in case you get confused just reading things.

Personal comments

It took me a full fifteen minutes to get the battery charger put together. Even with the nice pictures I just couldn't figure this thing out. I'm dingy though and my husband says he could have done it in less than a minute. I took some pictures of the finished product so you'll know what to aim for.

When I put the battery in, the vibrator worked so I assumed that meant it came fully charged. Amount of time the vibrator lasted? Fifteen minutes. How pissed was I? You have no idea. I was just about ready to trash it when I thought that maybe the battery just wasn't charged all the way and I was being a bit hasty. I put the battery on charge overnight and decided to try it again the next day. The packaging says that on low the vibrator will run for forty-five minutes. After a full night's charge it lasted one hour and fifty two minutes. Why, yes, I did pull out a timer thinking I would only be there for twenty minutes tops. That's over an HOUR more than the stated time. Color me impressed.

I think this is a great toy for beginners. The clitoral stimulation isn't overwhelming for someone just staring out and if you decide to use it internally the size won't be too much. The added texture adds a softness that I think a beginner, or really anyone, can appreciate. For internal use, size queens will be sorely disappointed here. My fellow power girls will also want to looks elsewhere with this vibrator coming in at only three vrooms.

Despite the fact that for clitoral use I really need more than this provided, I can't help but give it four stars. I like the texture a lot (see experience) and the size and dual action is growing on me. It didn't work internally for me at all, but the fact that there's an option makes me happy. Like being invited to a party even if I know I don't want to go. While I probably won't be pulling this out regularly, this might be one of the first three vroom clitoral vibrators that doesn't go into permanent hiding in my toy drawer.


I tried this first as a clitoral vibrator because I had a feeling the texture would feel best that way. I went through all the speeds just for fun, though I never end up using anything but the highest setting anyway. I was sad when I realized that it didn't go up that high. I gave it a good go anyway, and much to my surprise, the added texture brought something extra to the vibrator. Normally anything under four vrooms won't even get me wet, let alone make me cum no matter how long I spend with it. With Curiosity, I was able to get the most mild mannered orgasm (I think I heard it say "yes, ma'am") ever, but it did happen. I had to turn it all the way up and rub the feelers in small circles to get there. It did take a good fifteen minutes or so as compared to my normal under five. I really like texture but don't often find any that suit me the way I'd like. Curiosity fit the bill.

After much debate on if I should attempt to insert this, I decided to try it. It felt like I was brushing my pussy. Really an odd feeling. Imagine a huge, soft toothbrush going in and out of you and that's what it felt like. The texture that worked great on my clit was not so lovely inside of me. I like to feel clean, but I don't want my vibrators to be what does the job for me. Some might love the texture of this internally, but I just couldn't deal with it for very long. It's not that it felt bad or hurt. It just felt bizarre. It was almost like there was some new expensive procedure that had come out to get your insides extra clean and this is what it was. It just wasn't a sexual experience.

Despite not being a huge fan, I did use it a few times when I would use this externally and had an itch for penetration and didn't feel like grabbing something else. I would just insert it once or twice real quick to get it out of my system and try to ignore the deep cleaning feeling and go right back to the clitoral part.

I didn't even try using this during sex because the size was too big and I felt like it would get in the way versus my smaller vibrators. I feel like this is better in a foreplay situation than an addition to sex.
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    Very nice review, thanks!
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    Wow, awesome review!

    I was kinda interested in this toy...til I scrolled down and saw your pics. Annnnd then my knees clamped shut. Eep! What an uncomfortable looking toy for penetration!

    I also don't really think that coming with a (hard to replace) rechargeable battery really makes this worth the price tag. Suggested retail price of $90? Owch.
  • - Kira -

    Yeah inserting this was really awkward and weird. I debated even doing it for a while. I even emailed the company asking if I should because it just didn't look like it was supposed to in you.

    I hope they come down on the $90 price. That seems more along the lines of wall charge price to me not battery charge price. The other obsessions are $80 I think so I kinda doubt it.
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    Awesome review, thank you for sharing!
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    Great review, very thorough. I'm not so sure this would be for me. I have honestly never even heard of this type of battery before either. It does look like it would be uncomfortable for penetration too.
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    Thanks! I hadn't heard of it either. Maybe eBay has them? lol
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Very comprehensive review!
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    Hmm, it sounded interesting at first, but I'm not too excited after reading this. Thanks for the super detailed review and the pictures! At least it's rechargeable for that price!
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