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Lovemoiselle Juliane

G-spot vibrator by Lovemoiselle

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Elegant G-Spot Pleasure

The Lovemoiselle Julianne is an elegant, ceramic vibrator that very nicely stimulates the g-spot through both shape and through vibrations. Easy to hold and easy to tell which way is pointing up, the Julianne is great for both advanced and beginners who enjoy g-spot stimulation. It's minimal, yet feminine design and included storage are even more reasons to love the Julianne.
Smooth ceramic, elegant design, effective g-spot stimulation, vibrations transfer well.
Vibrations may not be strong enough for everyone, ceramic requires careful storage.
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The Julianne is a white, smooth, and very rigid ceramic vibrator. Its milk colored body has a single simple flower printed on it in pink that also matches the toys base which houses the battery compartment for the vibrator. The design that is most appealing is the nicely tapered head that is ideal for g-spot stimulation.

The fact that this vibrates and that ceramic transmits those vibrations well to the head of the toy and does not yield: makes the Julianne an ideal luxury toy for both advanced users and beginners trying to locate their g-spot. Glass and steel lovers will rejoice at the similar properties ceramic offers combined with a very nice vibrating feature.

It's smooth, frictionless body glides effortless against the skin. There are two raised waves on each side that add more stimulation during thrusting and especially insertion. As this toy does not yield at all, using it for solo indulgence is the safest way. If using this with a partner, be sure to communicate well as a heavy thrust could easily result in tissue irritation. The material is frictionless and does not absorb your body’s own lubrication, but if needed both silicone and water based lubricants are safe to use with ceramic.

Material / Texture

Made of Ceramic, Julianne is not as sensitive as one would think. This ceramic has been specially treated to handle use and vibrations very well. Being that ceramic does not bend or yield in any way, the curve on this g-spot vibrator is ideal for massaging the g-spot and stimulating orgasm. There are two raised, thin waves going down each side of the head of Julianne, adding additional stimulation.
Ceramic will easily take on any temperature it is exposed to, even more quickly than glass. For extra sensations run the Julianne under some warm or cool water, taking care not to get the base wet. Ceramic should never be transferred from one extreme temperature to another, as you risk damaging the material.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Julianne is ideal for g-spot stimulation and for thrusting. Due to the tapered end, I recommend not entirely removing this toy as it can catch on the pubic bone during quick thrusting and cause some discomfort. The 1.5" diameter of this toy is not nearly as threatening as it sounds, but the vibrator does a nice job of providing a full feeling.

The Julianne, when stored in it's black pouch, is pretty easy to pass over if someone would see it in a drawer. If removed from the storage pouch, it's pretty obvious what this ceramic beauty is designed for. Batteries can easily be taken out (and should be for storage) to prevent accidental turning on during travel, but due to the fact ceramic requires a bit of additional care, I'd be hesitant to travel with this toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Being made of non-yielding ceramic with a tapered head, the Julianne is ideal for g-spot stimulation. The base of the toy has a single button that controls the vibrations. Press it once and you have a continuous setting, again and a slightly stronger continuous setting. There are then a total of four more patterns creating six vibration choices in all. To turn the Julianne off, simply hold down the power button for one second at any time. This is especially nice as you do not have to endlessly cycle through the settings when you are done.

The vibrations are fairly strong for 2-AAs, but can be described as medium in strength. The vibrations seem to originate just under the pink flower design, though ceramic does transfer the vibrations very well to both the base of the toy, and more importantly to the head for g-spot stimulation. This toy can easily be heard through covers and possibly through the thinnest of doors. A low radio would easily disguise any noise coming from the Julianne.

The Julianne is controlled by 2-AA batteries (not included) that are easily inserted into the base of the toy. The + & - indicators are easily found just outside the battery compartment. The pink cap slips back into place with a simple half twist. I have been using rechargeable batteries and they are working just fine.

Care and Maintenance

Ceramic should last provided it is properly cared for. There is an included pouch, though the material is thin and care should be taken that the Julianne is not bumped into by other toys of a solid material (steel, glass, ceramic, etc.). You should avoid dropping Julianne at all costs, especially onto a hard surface. If your vibrator is accidentally dropped, be sure to thoroughly inspect it for any cracks or chips before using it again. Avoid exposing Julianne to sudden temperature changes.

To clean this vibrator, Lovemoiselle simply recommends running it under warm water (be sure to not get the base of the toy wet) and drying it with a soft towel. I have also used some antibacterial soap and a wet rag just to make sure to thoroughly clean it. The glazing on Julianne will not absorb liquids, but be sure to never use any abrasive material to clean it as it can compromise the integrity of the glaze.


The Julianne comes in a sleek, black cardboard box that has flowers printed on it in silver and a black gloss. The word "Lovemoiselle" appears below the cut out window showing off your new ceramic vibrator. The lid slips off and nestled in a shaped piece of foam lies the Julianne. A storage pouch and small instruction booklet lies beneath the vibrator. The packaging is classy, elegant and would definitely make a nice presentation for a gift. I doubt the package would hold up for long term storage, but Lovemoiselle includes a black storage bag that works very nicely.
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  • ThePornLibrarian
    Wow. that looks like a must have. great review.
  • Purple Foxglove
    I think I need this, lol. Nice review! Big smile
  • Valyn
    Sounds really nice! It's not waterproof, right? I have a Noemie coming any day now, and it sounds like it could be submerged. But, from the pictures of this one, it looks like there is a gap on the underside of it that might let liquids seep through to the batteries. Is that the case? Thanks for the very descriptive review!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    ThePornLibrarian & purple_foxglove- thanks for the comments!
    Valyn- No- I doubt this is even water resistant. The cap is a very simple half twist- there is no o-ring. The Noemi doesn't have a motor, so I can clearly see why it can be submerged versus this particular toy (it has a vibrator, after all). Thanks for the comment & I hope I helped clear up this toys features.
  • Valyn
    Indeed you did! Thank you! It's sometimes hard to tell just by the pictures!
  • Juliettia
    It looks like there is a little sperm design on it. Maybe it's just me.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review!

    LOL @ Julietta!
  • Selective Sensualist
    Such a beautiful vibrator! I have the Aveline and have had my eye on the rest of this line. Wish I could afford to collect them all. Nice review and glad you enjoy your Juliane!
  • TexasBrat
    I have this one. And, it feels very much like glass (though not as sturdy as a glass toy), with the cold and warm feelings. VERY nice & elegant toy!!!!
  • TexasBrat
    I have this one. And, it feels very much like glass (though not as sturdy as a glass toy), with the cold and warm feelings. VERY nice & elegant toy!!!!
  • AlaskanBeauty
    Thanks for the reviewSmile
  • Stinkytofu10
    Thank you for the review!
  • Sangsara
    Man wish I could still get ahold of this!
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