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Elise left me longing for a little bit more.

If you're looking for a high quality toy, then look no further with Elise 2. It is waterproof, rechargeable, and offers seven variations of vibrations and patterns.
Not quite 5 Vrooms which I need
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Elise 2 by Lelo is an updated version of Elise and is designed for g-spot exploration. I do not have the original Elise so I cannot make any comparisons of them, but Elise 2 is waterproof and according to the packaging is stronger than the original.

Elise 2 can also be used for external stimulation as well to tease and caress your body during foreplay over all of your erogenous zones that enjoy attention and being stimulated. This could be nipples, testicles, shaft, clitoris, labia, etc. It does not have a flared base so anal play is not recommended.

You can use Elise 2 solo or with a partner inserting it for you.

I feel this would be best for beginners and advanced users alike who don't mind a little bit of size to their toys. It is not intimidating so beginners shouldn't be worried about a phallic shaped toy.

As mentioned earlier, Elise 2 is waterproof so you can feel free to take this in any water setting that you prefer such as the bath, shower, or swimming pool.

Material / Texture

Elise 2 is made out of a smooth, soft, velvety 100% body-safe silicone that is FDA approved. Silicone is one of the safest product materials on the market and is considered a 10 on the safety scale because it isn't porous and won't harbor bacteria. It is also considered a food-grade material, is phthalate free, latex free, and hypoallergenic. There is a silver ring for decorative purposes on the Elise 2 and that is made out of ABS plastic. ABS plastic rates an 8 on the safety scale, but isn't part of the toy that you insert.

It is ideal for those who prefer smooth toys because there is no added texture anywhere. The core of the toy is very hard and firm and offers no flexibility to this at all. The firmness allows for better pressure to be applied to the g-spot. There is a visible seam that runs the length of the toy, but it is completely smooth and can't be felt while in use.

It has a slight silicone smell, but nothing that is off putting.

Design / Shape / Size

Elise 2 comes in three colors pink, plum, and black. I have the plum and it is a very deep purple very similar to Je Joues deep purple and not similar to earlier versions of Lelos purple. It has a shiny silver ring that separates the shaft from the base where the controls are located.

Elise 2's design is simple, it has a slight curve in the middle to help with g-spotting. It is thicker at the top and the base than it is at this curve.

Elise 2 measures 9" overall with an insertable length of 5 1/4". At the tip it measures 4 1/4" around then increases to 4 1/2" around before dropping back to 4 1/4" around in the curve. Right above the silver ring measures 4 1/2" around and the handle measures 5 1/2" around to provide plenty of room for gripping.

It is best for those who enjoy average sized toys and don't prefer slender or girthier toys.

Although Elise 2 isn't a realistic sex-toy and doesn't have a phallic shape, it is obvious what its intended use is so if being discreet is important to you, please hide it when not in use.

Elise has a travel lock feature that makes it easy to carry with you traveling without worrying about it coming on unexpectantly. It has a satin pouch to store it in and then you could easily fit it in a medium sized purse or bag.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Elise 2 has two motors to provide excellent stimulation for the user. One motor is located at the tip and the other motor is located at the base. The vibrations are deep and rumbly and can be felt throughout the entire toy, but are more focused where the motors are located. When in use, if you have it on the base you can feel the strong vibrations all the way up your arm. At the highest setting, Elise 2 would be considered a high 4 vroom, but not quite a 5 Vroom. This is in comparison with Uma which I consider to be a 5 Vroom toy.

It has four easy to use push button controls a +, -, up arrow, and down arrow.

These buttons help increase and decrease the vibration power as well as cycle through the 7 modes. The packaging states there are eight modes, but I'm assuming one is off because there are only seven modes. They are:

1: constant vibrations at the top
2: constant vibrations at the base
3: constant vibrations that alternate from top to bottom
4: fast pulses from top to bottom
5: revs up from low to high
6: Escalates low-high-low
7: sounds like its trying to play a musical tune. It escalates, pulses, and vibrates at both motors.

To go through the patterns, just hit the up button. At the last pattern, you can't hit the up button anymore to get back to the beginning. You will have to press the down arrow to cycle to previous patterns. You can increase or decrease the intensity of these vibrations at any point by pressing the + and - button.

You are not able to apply any pressure when using this because it decreases the intensity of the vibrations. I have a tendency to squeeze my kegel muscles when I have a toy inserted and when I do this, I can hear a difference in the toy.

Elise 2 is rechargeable and will need to be charged before first use. According to Lelo's website it initially takes two hours to charge, will last up to four hours of play time, and has a standby time of 90 days. It plugs up at the end of the toy and then plugs into the wall. The included charger is compatible with the earlier versions of Mona and Gigi that I have and is 5 feet long.

While charging, it blinks on and off purple and becomes a solid purple when fully charged.

It is completely waterproof, and while submerged in water did not have any issues with decreasing frequency. After being submerged, I did not have any issues with the Elise 2 operating properly.

At the highest setting, this can be heard through a closed door or through thin walls.

Care and Maintenance

It is best to clean before and after every use. Clean-up is a breeze with the Elise 2 because you can submerge it in water and clean it off easily. If using cleaning solution, keep in mind not to use alcohol, acetone, or silicone based solutions. You can apply the cleaning solution directly to the toy or a towel. Lelo suggests charging monthly. It is best not to boil this or store in direct sunlight and never use while charging.

It is best to use water-based lubricants with this.


Like other Lelo products, Elise 2 is presented as a box inside of a box. The outside box is deep purple, has Lelo written on the front, shows a picture of the Elise 2 on the back, and has information regarding it on the sides of the box. Inside this box is a black box that I would gladly use as a gift box. It contains the Elise 2, a sample of Lelo's lubricant, the charger, authentic Lelo registration card, black drawstring storage pouch, and a user manual.

Personal comments

Lelo has a 1 year warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee after the date of original purchase against defects due to faulty workmanship and materials. If you discover a defect within this time frame, notify Lelo and they will replace the Elise 2 free of charge. As with any warranty, any attempt to open or take apart the vibe will invalidate the warranty. They do not cover cosmetic deterioration from normal wear and tear of the product. The 10 year quality guarantee says if your item breaks within 10 years they will reduce 50% off the listed price of a new Lelo vibe. To register your Elise 2, all you need to do is go to the link on the back of your product registration card and follow the instructions there.


I've used Elise 2 for internal and external stimulation, but I must say it is not strong enough for me to achieve climax clitorally. However, I require powerhouse toys with 5 Vrooms along with climax cream to orgasm so that may not be the case for you. If you can get off with high 4 Vrooms then this is a wonderful toy to use.
Follow-up commentary
I just require too much power for this to be useful to me. It is a wonderful luxury toy, but it is not the toy for me.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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