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Pheromone massage candle for women

Scented massage candle by Eye of Love

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Eye Spy A Wonderful Candle

If you've got the time to invest in waiting for your candle to melt all the way across the top to use, you can't go wrong with choosing this one. The oil spreads smoothly and evenly, sinking into the skin for a delightfully moisturized finish. The scent is lingering, but not so strong that you can smell it unless you're on top of it.
Wonderful scent, sinks into the skin beautifully, isn't strongly scented
Some may find it doesn't last as long as they'd like, long burn before use
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Massage candles are a wonderful way to add more intimacy, rather than straight spice, into the bedroom. They melt at a lower temperature than your standard candle so you experience a pleasant warming sensation rather than the feeling of being burned. In addition to the obvious benefits of being able to scent a room while you wait for them to work and getting a good massage out of them, you can also use massage candles as a heavier moisturizer for your skin.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Once this candle melts, the wax has a consistency on the thicker end of liquid. It's runny, but thick enough that you can pretty easily compensate for where you think it's going to go. It also pours very easily, but you'll want to make it a quick and calculated pour. If you try to do it slower and more sensual, it's likely to drip down the side of the can and drip off the bottom instead. On the skin it feels smooth and glides like a nice oil leaving a lightly oily feel, similar to if you had just moisturized with an oil instead of lotion.

Taste / Aroma

This candle came in a number of different scents, and I chose "After Dark." Its difficult to nail down a specific scent that it reminds me of, but I would definitely describe it as musky and sensual, with hints of amber. It's a scent that one might associate with an evening event that runs late into the night. It's also got just about the perfect strength to it; if you're on top of the skin it was put on you can smell it very clearly, but you have to be close enough to touch before you can really smell it.


As a massage aid this pairs better with a massage stone or something similar rather than a pair of hands. This is only because it sinks into the skin so nicely that you may have a hard time keeping a good glide for more than a few minutes. If you do prefer a hands on approach, you can pool a small reservoir into the small of the back or along the spine so you can refresh what you're working with to stop and pour more. If you're worried about pouring, it does come with a small spoon, but you may find you make more of a mess trying to spoon it than to just pour it.

After all is said and done you probably won't want to wash it off, since it soaks into the skin so nicely, but if you do you'll probably want to use soap and water. As far as cleaning it off the sheets, well, try not to get it on the sheets. It should come completely out in a wash or two, but the oil may stain the fabric.

It took about an hour and a half before the top layer of wax had melted completely and evenly, so that's a factor if time is something that's not on your side for the night. If you don't mind the occasional uneven burn you can even light it as you get in the shower or bath and use it to moisturize your skin afterwards, leaving you silky smooth with a wonderful scent. Because the wax does have a lower melting point, if you leave it in the bathroom it should be soft enough for you to dip your fingers into and use it as a perfume even, especially in warmer months.


The container is actually pretty nice. It's clearly a sensual product, but it's not overtly sexual so you can leave it out without worrying about people's reactions. Ingredients are listed on the bottom as shea butter, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, tocopheryl acetate, diphenylmethane, and estratetraenol. Those last two appear to be most of the scent with the pheromones.

Special Features

In theory this candle has pheromones that will amp up the mood. I'm not sure if it's the scent or if they actually do anything, but I typically find I'm more relaxed after smelling this.


In all honesty, I use this more as a moisturizer than anything else because I love the way it smells. It worked well enough for massages, but we like ours on the shorter side most of the time. When my skin is on the dry side the massages don't seem to last quite as long to begin with, but after a few applications of oil it goes on longer than I like to be touched. I also like dabbing a little bit behind my ears and on my wrists just to get extra whiffs during the day because I find that I feel a little more relaxed after smelling it.
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