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Far from a Body Candy

My partner and I weren't thrilled at all with this stuff. Body Candy sounds edible, and tasty and this falls short majorly. It has great ingredients, but the name and description is very misleading. The only use I get out of it is on my skin, feet, and lips. It's not a product that enhances an intimate experience. If anything it should be sold as a foot or lip balm. Nothing more.

I gave Body Candy 2 stars strictly for the ingredients and their healing properties.
100% natural
Healing ingredients
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The tiny tin can that Body Candy comes in is 2 oz. Body Candy can be used by anybody, advanced or beginners. It's simple to use. Just glide your fingers through the tin can and slap it on wherever you want. This is not a lube, and it isn't really a massage product, but could be used to enhance a massage. The Body Candy is made by Good Clean Love and is all natural so you really don't have to worry with chemicals or allergies. It's light to the touch and softens the skin. It can be used all over the body and it won't harm anything if it gets in the mouth. It's made to be rubbed on the body and kissed. It has a cooling sensation, but it's not extreme like some. The flavor I have is coco mint. Unfortunately, the title "Body Candy" gave me the wrong impression. I expected sweet, delicious, or something. It's nothing like candy at all.

Body Candy is 100% natural. A list of the ingredients below:

-Stevia Extract
-Avocado Butter
-Shea Butter
-Organic Jojoba Oil
-Coconut Oil
-Essential Oil Blend
-Isopropyl Myristate Lecithin

The back of the can says this product is not for internal use.
    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Body Candy comes in a small (smaller than your palm) tin can and is a creamy white color. The best way I know how to describe the texture of the Body Candy is a waxy type of feel. It's not as hard as wax, but has a softer texture similar to a chapstick, only not as slippery and greasy. It's different than anything I've tried and I have to admit, it wasn't thrilling. It wouldn't be a good substitute for lubrication, but you can rub it over the body for a mood enhancer. I don't think it does anything special. It feels cool on the skin and smells OK. It is vegan and the ingredients are 100% natural, so that is a huge plus. I guess the Body Candy just isn't my thing.

It has a soft feel to it and is not greasy or sticky! Huge kudos for that! You don't have to worry about this stuff leaving stains or greasy residue behind and won't leave anything on your clothing or covers.
    • Creamy
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

It has a subtle scent and taste. The flavor is Cocoa Mint, but it smells and tastes more like mint than cocoa. I couldn't really detect any hint of cocoa. It leaves the skin perfectly smooth and soft. I've used it on my lips, and it's a lot like a chap stick, a cooling chap stick. I wouldn't call it delicious, but it's nice, and if you are into this type of thing then I'm sure you'll enjoy the Good Clean Love Body Candy.

The flavor isn't very strong, it doesn't have much of a taste. I expected it to taste minty, but like a scented chap stick, it has really no taste, but leaves your mouth with a cooling sensation. Again, my partner and I aren't thrilled with it. I honestly don't have much use for it. A piece of spearmint gum will give the same cooling effect. It left much to be desired.
    • Decent scent


Unless you apply a load of this stuff, you probably won't need anything more than a damp washcloth to wipe away the product. A shower is not necessary as it's not greasy or wet. It will leave your skin with the Body Candy still there, but shouldn't be uncomfortable.

The cooling sensation lasts, but it's not an extreme feeling and when applied to my lady bits they kind of felt numb. I wiped it away with a dry towel and the sensation and product was totally gone and left my skin super moisturized.

I do like how it performs as a moisturizer for skin and even chapstick. It heals my cracked, dry lips in an instant! It also seems to be very healing to the feet. If you read the ingredient list I listed in previous paragraphs, you'll see Coconut Oil is listed. I use Coconut Oil (Virgin only!) by eating it and it can be applied to skin and hair as well. It has amazing healing benefits. So I immediately wanted to use this Body Candy on my skin and chapped lips. Coconut Oil tends to be greasy, but this stuff isn't pure coconut oil so you have many ingredients that work in your favor for healing the skin. It even works perfectly as a dry skin solution on even the most dry, cracked skin. If you have had cracked and dry feet then you know how near impossible it is to get that area moisturized and healed. The Body Candy is perfect for feet. Instead of using it as a body rub, I like having a foot massage with it. It feels amazing and doesn't leave them greasy like most foot products do.

I also thought it felt decent on my breasts. The light cooling sensation wasn't bad, but it certainly could've been better. With hardly any taste and nothing more than a subtle cooling sensation, it really doesn't have much use unless you want to use it for your skin.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting


From what I recall, the Body Candy came in its tin can with no packaging around it. It was only put in a shipping package, but I could be wrong.

The tin can is nice. It's not big and can be slipped into any drawer, box, purse, etc. The tiny tin can doesn't draw much attention to itself. It says Good Clean Love on the lid and has Cm with tiny words underneath that say "Cocoa mint". The lid also says "Chemistry Without Chemicals" and many of Good Clean Love products are vegan and "Chemisty without chemicals." If you're serious about using natural products, they do have great options, even lube!

I believe the only instructions or information was included on the tin can itself. The back side has a list of ingredients with a short description of the product.The packaging is absolutely discreet. The back says "enjoy an entirely new flavor of a kiss or a topping for all your lovers most kissable spots."

So unless someone reads the entire label on the back, they'll more than likely not think anything of it.

Special Features

Besides the subtle cooling sensation, this product really doesn't have much to offer. Like I mentioned, I have found a couple of uses for it. It's great for dry, cracked skin, but that's about as good as it gets. I really was disappointed that Body Candy left me thinking it would be tasty or candy-like or something, but I've yet to really figure out what the intentions of the company were when making this product. It's not to be ingested or used internally, and it won't be good for a back massage so I really wonder what exactly they planned for this stuff.

It doesn't increase sensitivity or heighten pleasure.
    • Cooling
Follow-up commentary
While I don't hate the Body Candy, I rarely use it. It's just not something that does much for me. It's a great product, but I prefer a little more excitement in mine. It does last forever though! It's still great on the skin and even after having it forever, it works just as well as it did in the beginning.
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  • Crystal1
    There should be some kind of law against anything called "candy" not being tasty!
  • K101
    Lol I totally agree Crystal1!
  • Coralbell
    Sorry to hear it wasn't what you were expecting, but at least it turned out to be a good lip balm. I have really dry lips and the Spicy Orange and Vanilla Chai scents sound good to me, so I might have to give it a try.
  • Eva Schwaltz
    Too bad it's nothing like candy, that would ruin the experience. Thanks for the review.
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    Great review!
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    Sorry that this just didn't work for you. Products like this are really tricky. It sounds like you're really into natural things, but I would like to mention some of Shunga's products. They have worked out for me so far. I need to do my reviews because I got most of them as gifts over the summer for my wedding but I can tell you that I'm very pleased with their line of products. I really like their flavored massage oil. I hope you find something that works!

    P.S. - You might want to try Tasty Twist if you're looking for an oral sex aid. Just a suggestion. It's pleased my husband and I very much. It comes in Orange Dreamsicle and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream flavors. You can buy it other places in different flavors but EF only offers those two (it's okay though because they are the best ones).
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