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Forming my 3 Disappointments

The Form 3 is a luxury vibrator that just didn't work for my body. I have a feeling like it might work better for those who enjoy moderate vibrations or thing the shape of the vibe will work for them.
Amazing vibration settings, lasts forever on a charge, body-safe
Packaging is underwhelming, vibrations buzzy/moderate, just doesn't work for me
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The JimmyJane Form 3 is one of the newest wanted toys out on the market. Part of Jimmy Jane's "Pleasure To the People" campaign, the Form 3 has a unique design that allows it to be flexible enough to bend where you want the vibrations to go. This vibrator is made from silicone and has a body-shape that resembles the Form 2. It also includes a 3 year limited warranty in case yours ends up breaking.

The packaging is pretty basic and underwhelming for what I've come to expect from luxury vibrators (this is my first JimmyJane product, but not my first LELO or NJoy). Normally I get a reusable box that allows me to keep my toy in there with ease. Not with the Form 3. The box includes the charger and base in a small box at the bottom of the foot-tall box with the Form 3 packaged in some plastic that holds it still like you see in Tantus or Vixen Creation toys. While it'd be possible to repackage this into the original packaging, I'd be an angry kitty if I tried because it'd be frustrating. I wish this included nice reusable packaging even though I know their intention was to have this sit out on the charger for storage. The Form 3 comes with a charging base, AC adapter for the base, and the instruction book.

The Form 3 is rechargable. It just sits in a base like the Form 2 does. They can share the same base as well if you are a JimmyJane collector. The base has an adapter that plugs into the wall, so no cords go into your Form 3. (Which also means it is waterproof.) Charging wasn't horrible, but I swore up a fit because I couldn't get the Form 3 to sit in the charger right. It kept falling over. I'd place it. Plop. Again. Plop. And again. Plop. There's a certain angle it has to sit at to charge - and if it's just a bit off, it falls over. Bumping the table made the darn thing fall over too. But if you place this somewhere out of regular walking, it should charge fine once you get it on the base. Since EF stats don't include it, the Form 3 takes 2 hours to fully charge (they recommend a full 8 before first use. Yeah, didn't do that.) and the vibrator should run a little over 7 hours on that 2 hour charge.

The vibrations are pretty good. I wouldn't call them amazing, but they are about average. They end up being a lot more buzzy than I'd like, and most of the "vibration" goes away once you add any pressure to whatever you're using it for. I like strong vibrations, so this kinda failed in that department since I love pressure too. The vibrations are actually pretty soft in sound, and this couldn't be heard through a closed door though it definitely could be heard in the same room. The vibration controls are pretty intuitive and don't require any learning. One thing I will definitely give the Form 3: It has amazing vibration patterns and controls. You can choose your pattern then you can choose what strength you'd like that pattern to be which is something I rarely see in my toys.

This is going to be the most TMI review I've ever written. Just for a warning I guess. But there's no other way to explain why I don't like this luxury toy without getting a bit personal with it.

I wanted to like the Form 3. I did. Seriously. I rarely lust after a vibrator, but even after entering contests for this one, I decided I wanted it too much to wait the week that it'd take for the contest to be over. So I bought it. Which is very uncharacteristic for me with a vibrator that doesn't have any reviews. But the video that shows how flexible this is made me want it so much since I honestly love using my own hand, and I figured anything that turned my hand in a *vibrating* hand would make me a happy panda.

But it didn't work that way. Not due to lack of trying, but it just didn't. It might just be my body type, but the Form 3 just ended up being very frustrating. First off, while the silicone top portion is flexible, it's certainly not flexible enough to allow you to really *do* anything with your finger. You can push the silicone part down some, but you can't actually manipulate anything underneath that silicone layer - it just allows you to push the silicone down. So there's disappointment #1 - it just didn't work like I thought it was going to.
Disappointment #2 - it bends to meet my body, but not the right part. The silicone is a bit wider than I'd imagined it'd be. At the least widest part (the tip) it still ends up being an inch and a fourth. I'm not sure if you've ever tried to slide an inch and a fourth between your vaginal lips while sitting in a normal position, but it's definitely not easy nor comfortable, or for me, even possible. There's no way for me to fit the body of the toy between my lips comfortably. (I tried sitting down with legs open, more open while still seated in a chair, and moved my lazy butt to shove my legs in the air with help of the Wedge and spread my legs as far as possible, and it still was a tight fit that wasn't very comfortable. So, now I have these good vibrations that I can't manipulate against myself well nor can I actually get them against myself. Unlike bigger toys that have the size to hold lips open comfortably with their size, the Form 3 doesn't. It was possible to use the Form 3 by using both hands, but that takes the fun out of a vibrator for me.

So this leads to Disappointment #3. I turned the toy sideways to attempt to use it in a much more comfortable manner that would be more comfortable. No go there either. While the vibrations traveled there and the toy fit comfortably when tipped sideways, now I have the problem of the vibrations. The motor is definitely at the base of this toy, and the vibrations lose about a third of their power by the time they hit the tip of the toy. So it was much softer than I wanted to be.

So this led to a "fuck this" and just shoved the base of the toy against myself. For okay results, but each time I tried that, it still wasn't enough so I'd pull out another toy. (Surprisingly, I am a creative of habit, and I repeated this process each of the five times I tried this toy. Each time attempting to make small changes to make it work with no avail.)

Check out EF's page for cleaning information. It's silicone, so just use water-based lubricant with it. For storage, if you like your Form 3 and want to keep it out, it sits on the charger with no adverse reaction to the battery (according to the manual) so it can be stored there.

Overall? The Form 3 seems like a good vibrator for some (maybe those who have a more easily-accessible clitoris), but just not for me. I can't find anyway to make this toy work for me. It would be a tease, but I'm so frustrated by trying to make it work that it doesn't really do that either. It's sadly going to go sit in its (oversized) box until I get over the frustration and give it another try. I just wanted to throw this review out there for those who do have a more tucked-away clitoris.
Follow-up commentary
I ended up trading away my Form 3. It never would have worked for me. Ever. I still have a hard time believing anyone who says that this product works for them. Maybe I just have a mutant body or something, but it just was probably one of the bigger "let downs" I've had from the build-up that JimmyJane gave it. After trying this Form 3, I tried another one of their board games, and then I was disappointed too. I was about to write-off JimmyJane as crappy products, but then I tried the Contour Massage Stones. Those have renewed my faith in non-vibrating JimmyJane products.
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