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Gee, I might be better off with a rock!

As a sex toy, this left me sorely disappointed. While it seems to be well made, the Mini G Rock is simply poorly designed. A weak bullet and floppy silicone left me wanting more but at least I could salvage it as a neck massager.
Gorgeous color, discreet, waterproof, very quiet, unique shape, quality silicone.
Bullet is weak, has only one level, is difficult to get out, silicone is floppy, curve too wide.
Rating by reviewer:
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I admit, I was wary when I requested to review the Mini G Rock. The "C" shaped toys are becoming more common when it comes to clitoral stimulation but most of these seem to have a smaller curve and the ends are much closer together. Still, I decided to give the Mini GRock a chance because I would looking to increase my experience with g-spot toys. I hoped the Mini G-Rock would also be an efficient clit stimulator and that it would hug my pubic bone closely.

In a shade of purple - with just a hint of blue - the Mini G Rock is a very uniquely colored vibrator and is really a treat for my eyes. Its discreet shape and quiet bullet also make this toy easy to hide; you could probably use it in bed with someone sleeping beside you.

The vibrations in this toy stem from a slim bullet inserted toward the g-spot end. The cap of the bullet is covered in the same TPR silicone which makes the toy not only waterproof but fairly hygienic. If used with a water based lubricant, cleaned with soap and water and stored without the battery, this little toy should last you quite a while. However, the silicone material is slightly porous and cannot be sterilized and also picks up lint like crazy!

Pressing the cap on the bullet starts this one speed vibrator. It's not the strongest I have used and I really prefer something stronger. Compared to the Rock Chick, this is a weaker bullet. Although the bulbous, g-spot stimulator vibrates fairly well, the intensity certainly decreases once this turn is inserted. The TPR silicone is pretty soft and while some g-spot toys seem to almost be painful, the softness of this material felt much nicer and provided pleasant stimulation. However, the Mini GRock wasn't sending me over the edge.

The clitoral stimulator was extremely disappointing. Because this toy is so small and the external part is especially narrow, the silicone is pretty much floppy and I was not able to apply any of the necessary pressure to my clit in order to achieve orgasm. The vibrations were also not carried very well to this part of the toy. Without vibrations or pressure, this isn't much of a clitoral stimulator.

I would have been satisfied if I had been able to have a clitoral orgasm and the internal part was acting as more of a plug, but this was not the case. It's a shame, too, because I liked how the toy flared out at the end. It sort of reminded me of a whale's tale and who doesn't want a whale's tale on their clit?! Additionally, the side of the clitoral stimulator which doesn't touch the clit has a couple strange nubs on it. I guess that's so that air around me can get off. "Do you feel that air? That's for you baby!"

I quickly gave up using this vibe as it was intended. It was impossible to rock because the material had too much give and the curve was simply too wide. My pubic bone was not being hugged sensually. I wasn't receiving any pleasure in way of my clitoris so I tried the toy by pressing either end on my clit; I even went so far as to try to use this toy like little pincers (lightly) around my clit but to no avail.

I had to face the truth: there was no way I was getting off with the Mini G Rock.

Disappointment aside, I figured I'd see if I could remove the bullet (which is powered by a strange N sized battery) and use it alone. It took a lot of effort and, in the process, I snapped off the cap. I would say that's probably a bit too snug (although I guess you needn't worry about the waterproof capabilities of this toy). The cap screwed back on and I eventually got the bullet out but it was a struggle. Adding a drop of lube to the bullet might make this process easier in the future.

I was nearly frustrated enough to throw this toy away (were it not for the garbage can with a slash through it molded into the toy) when I had an idea. Using the floppy clit part as a handle, with my thumb resting where the bullet meets the silicone, I tried this as a body massager and found that it actually worked all right. The curve and more rigid g-spot stimulator worked really well on my neck.

While I have myself a dual stimulation vibrator that stimulates neither my g-spot nor clitoris and fails to hug my pubic bone, I guess I will at least have a semi-functional neck massager.
Follow-up commentary
Since my G-spot has become more responsive to vibrations, I decided to try the Mini G Rock once more. It had been some time but still worked when I popped in the battery. The vibrations were still underwhelming, despite being powered by an N battery like the much more powerful R0-80 bullet by Rocks Off. However, I was able to position it against my G-spot and squirt. Still, the shape of this toy meant the clitoral stimulator was either floating in the air, several inches over my clit (on my mons) or barely touching my clit. The lackluster vibes were barely discernible at that end. As I experienced before, the positioning of the bullet meant I accidentally turned the toy off a time or two during play. There are many other toys which have proven to be more effective - like the Juliane!
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