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Gives More Stress Than it Relieves

California Exotics keeps creating sleek looking toys in their Couture line but they consistently fall short when it comes to functionality. The same can be said for Masseur whose misplaced buttons, difficult battery compartment and almost ergonomic design succeed at providing the user with as much frustration as pleasure.
Easy to use, relatively quiet, waterproof, light up buttons, silicone.
Shape, weak, battery compartment is hard to open, button placement.
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Like every other piece on the Couture line, CEN has crafted a an elegant looking vibrator. Crafted of black and silver plastic and black silicone with sleek lines, the Masseur certainly gives the impression of a palm sized, clitoral stimulator. I am consistently drawn to this style of vibrator and was excited to try the Masseur.

However, it didn't take long for me to realize that the design really isn't ergonomic. The Masseur is much more difficult to hold than any other clitoral vibrator I've tried. It's not a large vibrator by any means but the 5" length is simply too long to comfortably fit in my hand. My finger tends to rest exactly over the buttons. Any other semi-comfortable position results in my fingers being so far from the controls that I have to stop using the toy in order to make function adjustments.

Although the Masseur is a bit more broad than some clitoral stimulators, which I prefer, the entire thing is just too tall. At the largest points, it's about 1.75" tall which only adds to the awkwardness of holding it.

I also find the angle on the underside to be too large to rest over my mons and adequately stimulate my clitoris. I am more of a fan of LayaSpot which has a more acute angle (and is noticeably smaller as well). I actually feel as though the design is backwards and that the vibrations should be centered in the wider, flatter edge of the Masseur (where the batteries are inserted). However, it doesn't work well to use it this way because the vibrations are not centered there and are weak.

Compared to the Layaspot and Better Than Chocolate which also run on 2AAAs, Masseur puts out a laughable amount of power. The vibrations are so shallow and weak that I don't even know why this vibrator has a "low" and "medium" setting. I only ever use "high" because anything lower than this is hard to notice. Furthermore, the pulsation settings--of which there are 4--lack depth to make them interesting and pleasurable. The Masseur is acceptably quiet, however, and this adds to its discretion.

As I mentioned, my finger is constantly resting over the buttons which results in accidentally turning off the vibrator or switching settings. This is more of a hassle than it should be, given the button design. Like other Couture vibrators, Masseur has a master power switch and another button to control settings. Turning on the power does not turn on the first setting, however. There is also no way to page through the functions backward. If you bump the setting button, you have to press it 6 more times to get back to the right setting. This wouldn't be an issue if there was a lock button.

I also wish the smooth buttons had some sort of engraved symbol on them so my finger could tell them apart. Sometimes I accidentally turn the whole thing off because I cannot remember which button is which. Although they are backlit by a red LED, I cannot actually see the buttons in use. It may also be trivial but I find the red LED light to be a bit disturbing; I would prefer it it were blue like other Couture toys.

The Masseur is waterproof and the battery compartment contains a removable O-ring made of soft plastic or rubber. I think it would work better if this ring was not removable. Combined with the HORRIBLE battery compartment cap, the Masseur takes in water much easier than a waterproof toy should. Do not submerge this one.

The battery cap is made of a cheap piece of plastic, the overly rigid type that breaks easily and lacks flexibility. This lack of flexibility is frustrating when the cap is styled like those of remote controls and opens by pushing a small flexible piece. I have not been able to open the battery pack without finding something small to wedge beneath it.

Furthermore, the edge around the battery cap and the seams where the plastic meet the silicone provide a perfect habitat for gunk to collect up so while the materials are body friendly and the Masseur is easy enough to clean, I wouldn't share it.

Aside from that, I do like the feel of the velvety silicone. The underside of the vibrator is coated in in a layer which adds a bit of softness (and picks up lint) but is completely inflexible.

With all my complaints about the Masseur, it did bring me to orgasm. I just prefer toys which do it.. better.
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