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Hey girl! Get off that subwoofer!

What's more fun than feeling the bass line in your favorite song resonate through your entire body? It's actually a pretty sexy feeling. OhMiBod strikes again with this thing. Honestly, this one way out preforms the other products of theirs I've met. It's highly responsive, powerful, versatile, and a whole lot of groovy fun. I'm honestly completely impressed by this one and that's a really hard thing to accomplish these days. Pardon me, I'm off to play piano with this thing at my side.
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Have you ever been out at the club and wished you had a vibrator in your pants so you could get orgasmically awesome on the dance floor? Do the vibrations from subwoofers make you all hot and bothered? Have you ever wished you could get it on with your favorite song? Your lover's voice? Well, this OhMiBod Club Vibe is just the thing you need!

The control pack has a built in microphone that picks up the sounds going on around you, whether it be music, conversation, the dishwasher, or the television! Unlike the other OhMiBod vibes out there, this one doesn't keep you confined to your bedroom or stuck to a pair of headphones! It's great for getting a little bit of buzz on the go and will keep you entertained for hours while you flip through your playlist to find your best orgasm-inducing tracks. Trust me, it makes playing my piano a million times more fun!

It's capable of a few other things, too! Not only does it have your ambient noise function, but it also can be plugged into a iPod, computer, or any other device with a 3.5mm jack. No need to always have that music blaring while you're having your fun time. You can have that in peace and quiet, too!

If that wasn't enough, you also get a variety of different vibration patterns. Of course there are your standard steady ones, but you get a few pulsating ones, as well! There's also a wonderful iPhone app that is touch responsive and allows you to create your own patterns. Nifty!

The bullet is quite small and works just like any other bullet would. It's best for stimulating the clitoral area. You know, your happy button. The Club Vibe comes with a pair of panties you can tuck it into that will keep it snugly in place, and if those don't fit you can just grab a pair with an opening in the lining and go from there. You're only limited by your . . . well, nothing, actually. If you're a guy who likes to get a little groovy you can still take advantage of this bullet, but you'll have to be a little more creative about where you put it. Wear some sexy briefs, maybe?

Whether you're a complete beginner or someone like me who has mountains of toys, this little party vibe will totally float your boat, rock your socks, and leave you with much more of an appreciation for your favorite music.
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Material / Texture

There's a lot of plastic going on, but that's pretty much a given for this sort of device. The bullet itself is made out of, well, plastic. It's very velvety in its touch. I don't know why velvety plastic feels somewhat "softer" than regular slick plastic, but it does. I appreciate this texture because it gives the bullet a little bit of grab and keeps it from sliding around everywhere. If you want some slip to it, grab some lube, dab a little on the cute little thing and you're ready to rock!

Of course the controller is made of plastic, too. It's not waterproof, so make sure you stay away from those tipsy people who like to slosh their drinks around a whole lot. Too bad you can't take it in the shower with you. That would make for the best shower dance party ever.

Why is plastic a good choice? It's easy to clean and doesn't absorb bacteria or other gross things like odor. It holds up to use well. It's pretty inexpensive. There you go. Need I say more?

The thong is made of an elastic lace band and cotton. Cotton is a great material for panties, of course, because it lets you breathe down there and such. It's nothing too over the top and pretty plain, so it'll fit in pretty well with your other underthings without being so flashy.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Okay, let's start with the control box thingy. It's about 3" long, 1 1/2" long, and less than an 1" thick. It's relatively light and comes with a belt clip so it's not going to be pulling down your cute little going out skirt. The controller is pretty easy to hide if you're wearing a long or slightly flowy shirt. Wherever you decide to put it, make sure the microphone is facing outwards, because if it's not you'll just pick up the sound of it rubbing against your skin and that's not too sexy, really. It's got a couple of little buttons and things on it that are really easy to figure out. (I scoff at instruction manuals. Who needs them!?) On the front of the controller you have an "X" and a circle. Your microphone is here, as well. On the sides you have a couple of jacks. The one at the top of the controller is where you plug the bullet in, and the one on the bottom is where you would plug in some sort of musical device with the cord that is provided. There is also a knob that seems like it would control volume or something, but that's where you adjust the sensitivity. On the side you have a little switch where you can choose either ambient, patterns, or iPod (aka music player, etc.) mode.

Now we have the bullet. It's about the size of most small "micro bullets" measuring in at about 1 1/2" long. Not at all bulky and quite easy to tuck into your sexy little thong you get with the set. The cord on the bullet is about 30" long, so you'll totally have enough to work with there. With all that room you can wear the controller on your waistband, bra band (just tell people you're from some sort of reality show), or, if you're a fan of boots like I am, you can clip it there, as well. The bullet is overall very smooth, but it does have a small bit of a seam running across the middle of it. Again, this isn't anything to worry about, as it's not some crazy jagged edge or something. The jack at the end of the cord is a standard 3.5mm one, so you can actually use the bullet with other controllers that take bullets like this, or vice versa. This is also what allows you to plug it into your iPhone for use with the app.

This also comes with the connector cord you can use with your iPod, music player, phone, or whatever else you want to that has that little jack on it. You'll plug one end into the controller, the other end into your musical device and then plug your headphones into the jack! Yes, that's quite a few cords, but the connector cord has a pretty long length at over four feet so you can spread everything out. Try not to get too tangled up in it during bedroom tango.

The thong is pretty simple. There's a nice wide lade waistband around the top that's super stretchy, but not so stretchy that it would be uncomfortable on those curvier girls out there. The rest of the thong is your typical thong style. Not too skimpy, but not too wide in the back so it doesn't have you walking around with that thong wedgie thing going on. (That's why I just refuse to wear them, anyway.) The opening in the crotch of it is just like the one you'd see in most panties. The top edge isn't secured to the actual panty itself which gives you a little secret pocket to put stuff into. (I always wondered why they did this. Now I know.) This is that whole "one size fits most" deal, and we all know how that usually goes. I'm a size 0-2 and this is still a tiny bit loose on me, but it should fit comfortably on those around a size 5 to 10, maybe 12. It still kinda works for me, but I've got some other panties I like I can use it with. (The nice ones that came with the stupid Astrea I remote control disaster.)

You also get a little black velvet storage pouch with this one. Totally purse friendly.

Overall, everything is pretty discreet looking. The controller doesn't scream that it has anything to do with a vibrator. I'm not sure what you could pass it off as, but I'm sure you could think of something. An mp3 player with a speaker? And you like to carry your headphones around in your underwear? Who knows.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

I'd had my run in with the NaughtiBod and the Freestyle:W and didn't really find either of them to be too impressive. Even though they were reactive to the music, they didn't quite give me the vibrations I was looking for which gave me a major sadface. This thing, on the other hand, highly surpassed my expectations.

I decided to tests how reactive and strong it was on my way home from work. No, I wan't actually using it, but it seemed way too cool to sit in the package on the ride home. I quickly figured out all of the controls, turned my music up, and it went crazy. The other ones would end up with steady vibrations during complex parts of songs or react to the vocals too much to really pick up on the beat, but this one was what I'd hoped the others had been like. Every beat, every thump of the base, escalating rhythms, and all of that fun musical stuff was captured. There wasn't really one song where it didn't perform well. I tested it to hip-hop, electronic music, indie, punk, and a whole bunch of other stuff and there was nothing it found too confusing. The more I turned the bass up the more thump I got out of it. I'm super impressed!

Not to mention, this little bullet packs quite a punch. I really haven't met a bullet this strong. Yes, it's a little buzzy, but that's to be expected. He is a little guy, you know. It's not overly buzzy, though. I had it between my thighs and it actually prompted a "whoa!" from me because of how intense it was. This wasn't just during thumping bass, either. It reacted beautifully to the intensity of the songs without being to soft or light and had a considerable amount of rumble to it the whole time. It made me wonder how this little thing could be more intense than the bigger members of his family. Surprisingly, it wasn't loud at all, either. I mean, it's nothing you can hear over the music you're using with, and not really loud enough to be heard when it's going incognito. That little volume looking dial on the control panel allows you to set the intensity of the microphone so if things are too loud or quiet to work well you can adjust it to find the optimum level.

Music played through a music player might not be as intense or have the bullet react as well as it does to music on ambient mode, but that's because ambient mode picks up more of the bass and such, whereas music players themselves don't really pull that off as well and tend to lack those deeper tones.

The steady vibration modes aren't anything too unusual. You have your low, medium, and high like you do with most others, and then you have a few functions of pulsation, roller coaster, and random all over the place vibrations. It's nice to have these features, but I have other things that do this, so I'm much more enthusiastic about the music modes.

Another thing I really love about this is the iPhone app. Just plug the bullet into your headphone jack and fire up the app. It's touch reactive so you can create your own rhythms, control the speeds, and save customized patterns and you don't need any music! Quite neat. iPhones can do everything, really. This means that I can throw this little bullet in my purse and take it with me while I'm on the go. As long as my phone battery is good, I'm good.

Care and Maintenance

There's not much you have to worry about here when it comes to taking care of it. First, and this is common sense, really, don't leave the cord all crazy tangled up or put too much stress on it because it may end up shorting out. This isn't something you really have to stress over, though. It's pretty durable and if it ever goes out on you there are always replacement bullets with the same type of jack. (Cal Exotic has their Sterling line of bullets just like this one and they offer different shapes, too.)

None of this is waterproof, so keep that in mind while cleaning it. The bullet is easily detached so you can clean it a little more thoroughly without having to worry about much. As with basically everything else, some soap and water should do the trick. With plastic, you can also wipe it down with an alcohol wipe and be fine. Easy and convenient.

The thong is something you can throw in the wash with the rest of your undies. Nothing crazy or complicated about that, really.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
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