I'll keep you, my dirty little sparkly.

I would say it's a great beginner's toy only when paired with a good set of condoms. A great buy for curious newlings to the sexuality of oneself. I'm not really disappointed in my purchase of it. It's definitely a keeper, but I am looking out for something much better!
Hot vibes. Gorgeous color. Strong motor. Keeps going for hours!
Scent very strong. Needs thicker jelly. The buzz was loud.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Being one of the first vibrators I had the pleasure of using - and such a shiny freaking thing, too - my own personal rating is a 3/5 stars on this one. First off - the smell. I knew nothing of phthalates or jelly, when I got hit with that first whiff of PLASTIC-OMG I was elated. After about three months, it made me want to wretch. It smelled brand new every day it was used, mind you; however, one gets sick of toy-store chemical fantasies and no matter what cleaners I used, it just doesn't go away.

Cleaning is easy! Almost like it's real. A little bit of soap and a lush little hand job before and after and voila! Spic-and-Span. Though due to sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend using anything but the gentler cleaners. Something with no scent (however much we want to mask it!) preferred.

The jazzy three-thousand-something-plus RPM made it a worthwhile shake, especially for warm-up periods of putting that bulbous little head against a bored clitoris. Though the jelly was soft, the motor definitely isn't, so if you're a girl (or boy) who likes to give your pseudo-beaus a good squeeze during playtime, try not to squeeze too hard. Believe me. It hurts. The best thing about this toy was the vibes. A fresh set of batteries and the damn thing could go on for hours, but even on the lowest setting you don't need to! I was able to prolong my orgasm for ages or speed up the RPM for a "quickie". Awesome.

A forewarning, also, to those looking to buy a sleek little Gem of their own, an easy fix to the safety rating level (Of 2, mind you, damn close to dangerous) and the horrible scent - Scented and/or flavored condoms. As long as you're not allergic to latex. Then I can't help you.
Follow-up commentary
You know, I adored this little bauble of a gemshaker when i got it. Four months later it was still going strong. However, I have some quirks that seem to be instilled into the brand, not this particular model itself.

The motor is loud and as it gets older, it gets louder. The device only lasted about a total year before it was toasted altogether. I'm not a frequent user, either. Not frequent enough for it to just collapse! Once or twice a week (minus obvious off weeks once a month) and that put's it's usage at about 48 times a year. ..Not a lot, but hey, I get some manlovins on the side now and again too!

Over all I am thoroughly disappointed. I doubt I had it a whole year before it called it quits. There's something rattling now in the motor hull that I can't place. Even if I cut the jelly open and do my engineer-thing and fix the damn thing, I can't close it up again!

Still a good beginner's toy. I'm sure a sexling would find it useful for trials and move on to something new quicker than I. But alas, I do but work retail, currently.
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  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    I don't know that "elated" was the word you were looking for in talking about the smell. You're right, condoms are a good idea in order to protect yourself from phthalates as well as allowing you the opportunity to share it with others or between orifices. Welcome to Eden Fantasys!
  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Good call on the condoms. An even better (and cheaper in the long run) fix--buy a toy made of safer, less stinky material. Welcome to the community.
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