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I rub my fishie travel-size

Discreet massager by Big Teaze Toys

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I rub my fishie travel-size sex toy review

Great small, quiet vibrator in the form of an adorable fishie. A great gift, conversation piece, or private companion for those who prefer gentler (but enjoyable) vibrations.
Adorable design and markings, quiet, gentle, great conversation piece
Vibrations may be too gentle
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I bought my travel-size I Rub My Fishie|I rub my fishie™ travel-size because I wanted a small, quiet vibrator that didn't look like a vibrator. I also wanted something that would make my partner and my friends laugh. I fished around for something that fit my requirements, and when I saw this little guy, I was hooked.

I ordered this fishie because he's cute, inconspicuous, and inexpensive. I was a little nervous because I have never owned a vibrator|All you ever needed to know about vibrators before and I knew that with this guy I would only have one setting to work with. I considered other vibrators with more power, but was more intimidated by the idea of ordering something too powerful (I'm very sensitive) than something too weak. Besides, once I saw this little guy's markings, I was already smitten.

When I opened up the package, I was surprised that the black paint on the fishie's eyes felt a little sticky. I have washed him thoroughly, so I suspect this is just a property of the paint. It has not had a negative effect on my experiences.

Before discussing the toy itself, I'd like to mention that the display stand has a thumbprint-sized Big Teaze Toys logo on the front of it, in the same blue plastic. Although children might be fooled, don't count on anyone else to miss that you have a sex toy in your shower. The logo on the fishie itself is on the bottom and much less noticeable.

When I first turned my fishie on by squeezing his little black fins together, I tested his volume by leaving the room and closing the door on him. Silence. In the bathroom, however, the shower-echo-effect amplified his volume enough that I felt self-conscious, although I doubt anyone else could have heard him over the sound of running water. I have not tested whether the waterproof seal will hold in a bath. However, I would suggest submerging yours, drying it off, then unscrewing the screw to see if any water did get in before longer play.

When it comes to playing with my fishie--I love him! For me, the gentler vibrations seem perfect. There are several ways to hold the fishie, and the best one for me seems to be on his side, with one eye on my clit and one brushing against my labia. I usually hold him by the top of his tail so that my hand does not absorb those nice vibrations that I'd rather direct elsewhere. He's given me some really great orgasms, and I'm glad that I made the investment!

I would recommend this little guy as a gift or a first vibrator. He's incredibly appropriate for situations where you might not want others to know that you have a vibrator|Personal Massagers--and unlike other vibrators, if he does break, you still have a toy fish!
Follow-up commentary
My first battery just ran down (in the middle of using it, alas!) so I figured now might be a good time to check in. First of all, the site should tell you how long it's been since my first review went up. With non-daily use (perhaps closer to every-other-day) this is how long it took me to run the battery down until I couldn't use my fishie anymore.

Secondly, with great fear, I submerged my fishie just before changing the battery, so that I could clean him up quickly if any water did get into his battery pack. His seals held just fine, although I did have to make sure that they stayed in place when I closed him back up. I'm not quite ready to bring him into the pool (especially not knowing what, if any, the effects of pool chemicals on him would be) and I'm not a bath person, but he seems as waterproof as anyone could want him to be. Just check after use and clean up any of the water that ends up outside the seal!

Thirdly, I would mention that, at peak battery, one could probably hear him through blankets, though not through a closed door. As his battery begins to run out of power, he becomes less powerful, but even quieter.

Finally, the only time I didn't get exactly what I wanted out of this fishie was when his batteries ran out. Hardly disappointing! I'm still very much a fan of this little guy, although I do plan to add to my collection shortly.
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  • Oggins
    He is cute but, I am left wondering what kind of paint was used since his eyes feel sticky.  Was there any info about this on the packaging?  Thanks!
  • LovingBookworm
    The packaging only says, in the way of materials included: "This product could contain a natural rubber or plastic material, which could cause an allergic reaction on very sensitive skin" and "This product is made of non-toxic Phalate Free Materials." Big Teaze Toy's website--at least, the product information section--was no help.

    Looking carefully at his freckles and his eyes, I think that I might just be feeling the texture of something put on the paint to make it last--the dots (black and probably white, although I can't tell for certain) and his pupils (including white spots) are the only painted parts of his body. It doesn't feel gummy, exactly--his pupils feel less smooth and give more resistance to the touch of fingertips than the rest of his body does.

    I hope this helps at least a little! 
  • Oggins
    It helped alot!  I don't imagine Big Teaze Toy's would use a paint that would be harmful knowing what this toy would be used for.  I just thought I would ask in case the package had more info on it.  Thanks for your help!
  • If they're using phthalates-free material, they're most likely also using paint that's body-safe. Good to know these things, though.
  • LovingBookworm
    Essin' Em makes a good point in the forum section for this toy--she says that she's not sure if it's paint or colored plastic. I'm not sure, either, except that it seems pretty likely that the areas in question are some kind of material other than
    what the fishie's body is made out of. But whatever they are, I have very sensitive skin and have had no problems with the eyes--they really just feel a tiny bit different to the touch.
  • LovingBookworm
    It occurs to me that clean-up has been so easy that I haven't really mentioned it yet. I've just cleaned him up after playtime with soap and water, and I'm sure that most toy cleaners would work as well. When it comes to sharing, though, be aware that this little guy is listed as being made of rubber, a material which is porous and cannot be sterilized.
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