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The Soraya is the jewel in the crown of LELO's most recent line of insignia vibrators. A dual stimulation vibrator that teases and pleases your G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously. It features 8 different vibration patterns, all of which are very powerful whilst managing to remain whisper quiet. I'm so in love that all my other toys have been relegated to the bottom draw.
Flexible Clitoral Arm
Strong Vibrations
Very Quiet
Seam Between Silicone and Metallic Plastic
Can't Operate Clitoral Arm Separately
High Price
Rating by reviewer:
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Soraya is a very high end, 'Luxury' rabbit style vibrator, designed to pleasure and please in two places simultaneously.

There are a few sex toys out there that have tried to re-invent the wheel and create the next generation of the rabbit. So far we've seen cactus branches(Ina), scrolling S shaped curls (The Delight), mermaids tails(Mary Mermaid) but none have seen wide success. Thus far these new styles have failed to impress a wide cross section of users. It has been reported that Ina doesn't fit all body sizes and that her arm is quite stiff, applying too much pressure to quite a few women's clits. My experience with the Zini Roae also had fail written all over it - a jousting stick aimed at my womb, no thank you.

Finally the 'new' rabbit is here and her name is Soraya. Curved and pronounced, her shaft aims itself directly at your G-Spot whilst the clitoral arm extends to reach its target easily with the flexibility of a gymnast. It can literally can bend over backwards to please.

She is water proof and travel friendly so you can take her with you to play wherever you want. I'd like to keep her all to myself and feel that she is best suited to solo play (I think that about all rabbit vibes though) but doesn't exclude couples play. Also, whilst Soraya can theoretically participate in anal adventures, in practice it's a completely different story simply die to cleaning and sanitising issues.
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

Like all of LELO's line of insignia vibrators, Soraya is made from soft silky silicone and shiny, metallic plastic.

It's the best, body safe, Phthalate free, latex free mixture of hard and soft sex toy materials I've come across. There's a lot of conjecture regarding the choice of using plastic rather than metal as a core, but had they used a heavier material the user experience wouldn't be quite what it is.

The surface is velvety smooth and silky as you run your finger over her hypnotic curves. The soft silicone that covers this toy allows the clitoral arm to be bent back up to 180 degrees, enough of a range to ensure it should suit most people's anatomy. It also has enough stretch to it to stop this arm from clamping down too hard on the clitoral area. A complaint many users had with Soraya's pre-deccesor the LELO Ina.

My biggest dislike with the Soraya is where the two materials meet. The hard metallic plastic is slightly raised right along the edge where it meets with the silicone creating a small, but steep groove. This groove is difficult to clean and I feel it makes it near impossibly to fully sterilise this toy. My second issue with this join is that with regular use, if your finger is over this join (which in my case with my personal technique it is) it can cause irritation quite quickly and has resulted in a very sore spot on the inside of my index finger. Sore enough that it's put me off of using her for a few days until it heals. But minor injury aside I absolutely love this toy.

There is also a slightly raised seam than runs around the middle of the hard plastic of the loop, which if used for a handle could possibly also lead to irritation.

As with all silicone toys this one is non-porous and there was no detectable scent to it when it was taken out of its packaging.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Soraya is quite ergonomic, making it very easy to hold during use. It echoes the visual look of the other two toys in LELO's Insignia line. Soft silicone on the outside with shiny, metallic hard plastic on the inside that also forms a hole like loop in the handle area to make use even easier.

From tip to base it is quite a long toy- coming in at 8.5" (22cm)and it's Lelo's heaviest toy. When laid flat it's maximum width is just over 3", however this is between the back of the shaft and the tip of the clitoral arm, not the shaft itself.

The shaft is curved to aim at the front wall of the vagina where the G-Spot likes to hide. The tip also flares out and becomes bigger, again in order to provide maximum stimulation to your G-Spot. Oddly though the entire toy is slightly flat on the sides (where the metallic plastic is), rather than being rounded and more cylindrical like most vibrators. This shaft has a maximum insertable length of 5" (13cm), which is measured along the inner curve between the tip of the shaft and the base of the clitoral arm. The maximum width of the shaft, which is measured across the wider, flatter side of the shaft is 1.5" (4cm) with a maximum girth of just over 4" right towards the tip.

The clitoral arm extends 2.25" (6,8cm) from the body and is shaped a little like an upside down water drop. Its base is quite thin but it bulges out towards the tip giving it a greater surface area to provide maximum pleasure. At its widest point this arm has a girth of 2.75" (7cm). Unlike her predecessor Ina, the clitoral arm is very flexible and can even be bent over backwards so that it is pointing towards the handle.

This arm with its independent motor reminds me a lot of traditional rabbit vibrators. Although I can't see through the silicone I expect that if you were able to peel the silicone skin back you would find that this arm isn't structurally attached to the core of the toy. The joint between the body and the arm is so flexible that I'm quite certain that it is held in place by the silicone skin alone and only attached to the toys inner core by the wires required for it to function.

It is in the handle or base section of the toy where the flattened shape starts to make sense. If this toy didn't have the flattened sides the end of it might be too big for it to fit in your hand. With a width of 2" if it was more spherical it would make holding it in your hand and controlling it quite difficult. As it is, the hole through the base is the perfect size for my quite average sized thumb to fit. By holding it in this way you can perform quite fast thrusting motions whilst using the side of the index finger to press the arm against your clitoris for more intense stimulation. Your other three fingers are then in easy and intuitive reach of the three control buttons. All of this making for very ergonomic masturbation that also leaves you with one hand free.

To me it isn't a negative but it doesn't look very discreet, someone may take a moment to realise what it is, they may even think its some kind of futuristic cooking implement. But at the end of the day it really does look like a sex toy.
    • Ergonomic
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Soraya is both powerful and whisper quiet, two qualities that are rarely seen together in a sex toy. She is also waterproof, rechargeable and features a wild variety of vibration strengths as well as patterns.

The three control buttons '-' '()' & '+' are placed, just the right spot for your fingers to reach them, and they are instinctively programmed - you really don't need an instuction booklet to work them out.
The + switches it on and ramps up the strength, whilst - brings it back down and switches it off. The middle button which is marked with a '()' symbol cycles through the 8 different vibration patterns. Unlike other toys that have various levels of strength for the basic constant vibrations and only one level for each of the other patterns, Soraya can have her power level adjusted on each and every pattern. Something that makes her worth the extra coin for me anyway. To switch her off from any of the patterns or vibration intensities just press the - button until she cycles back down to off.

The control panel is also backlit in three colours, flashes whilst re-charging and lets you know once she's full, whilst also having a travel lock feature.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power

Care and Maintenance

This toy is pretty easy to clean, warm water and soap suffices but the seams between the two materials make it tricky to ensure the toy is fully sterilised. Which could pose a problem if you do wish to share the toy or possibly use it anally (No toy should ever go from anus to vagina without first being sterilised). I've found it best to clean this groove out initially by using a tooth brush followed by a baby wipe folded over and a tooth pick.

Seams aside, the toy is 100% waterproof and can be fully submerged during play and for cleaning which makes things much easier. I have sterilised mine using Milton (baby bottle sterilising solution) but I cannot say whether or not Milton will damage the surface of the silicone. You could also use a diluted bleach solution after cleaning to sterilise it.

Water based lube is recommended as silicone based lubes may damage the soft surface of Soraya's silicone skin.

As this is a rechargeable toy there is a little extra maintenance required, but you also won't be spending a fortune on batteries or having to go in search of new ones mid play either. She requires very little charging, 2 hours of charging provides 4 hours of pleasure. During charging the control pad will flash red until it is finished. The charging cord is inserted into a port at the bottom of the handle. This port is vacuum sealed so there's no need to worry about water entering via the tiny hole in the silicone.

For international users you will not need a voltage converter if your electrical supply is between 110-240Voltz, you may however require an adapter to go between the US plug and your wall socket. These are available quite cheaply from electronics stores (Mine cost $12).
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The box that Soraya arrives in is quite large at 13" x 4.25" x 2.5", which isn't surprising as this is LELO's biggest toy. The outer glossy cardboard box has pictures of the toy on the front and back as well as small panels of informative text that's translated into multiple languages.

Within this outer, card stock box there is the far sturdier, high quality storage box which is formed from thick, solid, black matte cardboard. The lid lifts off to reveal your new pleasure object nestled within it's soft, velvet lined cradle, along with your golden insignia line broach. A section at the end of this case opens up to reveal the charger, instruction manual, 1 year warranty, 10 year guarantee and her black satin storage pouch.

Once it is removed from the outer packaging the storage box is very discreet, although you may choose to store it in the satin pouch as the box does take up quite a bit of space. This would most definitely make an amazing gift.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

After I had such a negative experience with the Zini ROAE I was quite sceptical that any one could ever improve on the traditional rabbit vibrator. I'm glad to say LELO have proved me wrong.

The strength of the clitoral arm with its own motor is just amazing and hasn't failed to get me to my destination once. It is so quiet that my partner lying next to me couldn't hear that I had it turned up to the highest level, however I must admit it was on between my closed legs. Even so once I spread my legs it was still barely audible. No other rabbit vibe I've owned has come close in either sheer power or quietness.

The one Improvement I would've made to this toy would be the option of being able to separately control the internal and external portions of the toy as I like deep repetitive thuds on the inside combined with high intensity constantly on vibrations externally. None the less this toy is well deserving of five stars.

You may baulk at the price, there are many great rabbit vibrators available on the market for less than half the price. The big difference in price is what you pay for the high end, high quality workmanship. I've seen many a rabbit vibe killed by leaking batteries, something that will never occur with Soraya, also once you have bought her she requires no further spending. No more shelling out $5 every few weeks to replace the batteries. She is an investment in your sexual pleasure, and one I certainly do not regret.


After enjoying the Soraya as much as I have I simply cannot wait to get my hands on Alia.

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Follow-up commentary
By far this is still my favourite vibrator. It is strong, easy to use and the length plus the flexibility of the clitoral arm make this an all round winner well worth the price tag.
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