Insignia Soraya - dual motor rabbit vibrator by LELO - review by Darling Jen

Wearing the Insignia of Luxury On Its Perfect Handle

Despite the cons listed below, this remains a staple of my large collection that I use quite often. I love the feel, the gorgeous color, the power, and the feeling of being pampered by my toys! As long as you don't require G-spot stimulation for orgasm or have a short vaginal canal, this could be amazing for you too!
~ The Silky Silicone
~ Rechargeable
~ Waterproof
~ Powerful
~ Quiet
~ Ergonomic Handle
~ Plastic Inside
~ No G-spot Curve
~ Seam Between Silicone and Plastic
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I just had to have my next review be one with a happy ending. A most happy ending, indeed. And what's amazing about this toy is that it's not exactly 'perfect' but I am still addicted to it in the worst way imaginable! How does it DO that? It could because it's made of smooth silicone, that it's rechargeable, or perhaps because I can completely submerge it in water? I have no idea what exactly give it the allure but I am smitten and would recommend any of the Insignia line.

~The Body~

This vibrator is made from two materials - plastic and silicone. I know, it would be even more smashing if the reflective material was chrome instead but honestly the plastic doesn't bother as much as I thought it would. And the silicone? Well, it's buttery smooth, soft, and doesn't have a bit of magnetism to lint and dirt. I love touching it, which is good considering its use. And there is a small but visibly seam down the center line of the two symmetric halves of the silicone. You may be able to see it, but I have not yet been able to feel it. And where the two materials meet on mine is well sealed from the internal components, though it may just need a little more attention when cleaning to keep lube and fluids from drying in the crease.

As it should be obvious, the style is a rabbit vibrator – meant to stimulate the clitoris as well as penetrate for maximum pleasure! I will go ahead and say that one of the only things I would change about the shape is to slightly shorten the shaft and curve it upward to create a G-spot-seeking double whammy. But really, it’s based on individual body preference. As it is, the shaft is a bit on the long side, creating a nice full feeling when inserted (for me) and giving plenty of surface area to carry vibration. And it’s relatively straight so it’s not the best for G-spotting but it does feel great for thrusting, as long as you’re careful not to bruise the cervix or let the clitoral attachment get in the way.

Speaking of which, the clitoral attachment is wonderful! It carries very strong vibrations at the most perfect pitch! The tip quivers with the power and it does nothing to mute it when it’s pressed against something. The shaft may have wonderful rumbles but this part pulses at a frequency to drive you crazy! It’s flexible at the joint where it meets the shaft to allow for perfect positioning but the material is firm and houses its own motor. I would not change a single thing about this part at all.

And the handle is amazing engineering. “But it’s just a hole,” you say. Well I say it’s more than an absence in space! I have never dropped it mid-stroke and it’s a sophisticated way of creating a separate handle. And at the “butt” of handle is where the charging port is. It kind of looks like an innie belly button. It may appear to be merely an indentation but, trust me, it has a very small opening that stretches when you push the charger into it. And thankfully the port is so small that no human finger is going to accidentally find itself stretching or ruining the opening to compromise it’s air-tight quality. It’s genius!!! I’ve seriously submerged my Soraya in water and then prodded the port to see if it did any damage. You water-lovers can rest assured.

~The Insides~

The clit attachment and the shaft are both operated by the same controls. I know for some who are used to the half a dozen buttons on rabbits that control individual parts may get frustrated with it but it works beautifully for me. There is a +, a -, and in between them is a broken oval O. Around all of these symbols is play on the infinity symbol (with three loops rather than two). This is the insignia of the Insignia line.

Hold down the + button to start this baby up. It starts with the lowest power level of steady vibration for both the clit attachment and the shaft. It’s so quiet on that level that you could put it down on your bed, pillow, couch, blanket, whatever and not hear it. And even at its highest level, you don’t have to worry about turning on music or the TV to drown out the hum (but maybe your moaning).
And before I go into the patterns, I do want to mention that the shaft tends to be a bit louder than the clit attachment. Also, if you simply just hold down the + button, you’ll immediately skip to number 6 below – for any of the ladies out there that just want the power to skip the rest! And now for the patterns!

Press the + for…

1. Low steady vibration for both
2. A little higher steady vibration for both
3. A bit higher steady vibration than the last for both
4. Even higher steady vibration for both
5. A high steady vibration for both
6. The highest steady vibration for both

Press the O for…

7. Only shaft steady vibration at high
8. Only clit steady vibration at high
9. Pulsing back and forth at high between the clit and shaft
10. In sync fast pulsing with both at high
11. Both start at medium-low and the shaft increases to high before it immediately transfers over to high on the clit attachment
12. Clit attachment is at high and the shaft is slowly rollercoaster-ing
13. Chaotic pulsing between the two from medium to high and back and forth

Click the O again and it will go back to steady on high or hold down the - and it will go back to low steady and turn off.

There is light behind the buttons that only comes on when pressing or when charging, which is a nice attention to detail. They blink when you’re charging from a less than full battery and will light steady when complete.

My Final Thoughts

As I expected I would, I took up a whole lot of space to try and cover details and important things for you. But basically I love this toy and will not be tossing it – ever! The only cons I can think of for this toy are that the shaft could be G-spot friendly and a bit shorter. It’d be wonderful to hit both of the ‘happy spots’ at once because it treats my clit so nicely! And I know incorporating some high gloss, shiny plastic gives it the appearance of luxury but the real luxury would be if it could be all-over silicone for easier cleaning. There would be no crease to worry about and I could safely use a 10% bleach solution on the whole toy for full cleaning. Just remember that when cleaning this toy not to do anything to compromise the motor (no boiling) nor the plastic (no overnight soaks in bleach).

So though I would change a few things about it, I am absolutely enamored of this toy. The clit attachment is powerful and superbly designed to fit a real woman’s dimensions and flexible for maneuvering. It’s been DJ tested for water play, charges easily, and has a nice handle for when things get extra slippery! LELO did a fantastic job on their newest line.
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