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Sit and fuck toy!

The Isis is sold to strengthen your Kegels. I think there are probably better toys for that, but there are some serious strengths to this as a sex toy. It's the best I've seen for playing with while sitting up.
Smooth and flexible- enables you to be very creative!
Who actually wants to practice Kegels with something hanging outside their cunt?
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useful review
You might wonder exactly how much fun you can have with a "Beginning Pelvic Exerciser" as a sex toy. Kegel exercises can be done any time and any place, so why do you need to purchase anything? Well it turns out that the Isis vaginal exerciser is much more fun than I had ever expected. I've decided that playing with many sex toys will exercise any muscles even if you aren't specifically trying to, and I'm not worried about it any case!

The Isis comes in a discreet package that actually contains instructions! There is a small cloth drawstring bag for storing your toy. The Isis itself is a very odd shape. Clear and hard, it's shaped like a rounded bowtie. It has two tapered ends with a rounded knob or knot in the center. The instructions indicate that as your pelvic muscles become stronger or more advanced you can practice holding the Isis while standing up.

I quickly discovered that I'm not inclined to simply practice contracting and releasing on a toy, nor do I need to. I had no trouble walking around the house nude one morning while I decided to see what I thought of the Isis vaginal exerciser. I did have much more fun playing on the bed with it! The Isis is very smooth, and it's fun to contract your vaginal muscles around it and then force it out. I found myself enjoying the repeated motion of rapidly pushing it back in with my hand to do so again. I think that the knot has a tendency to contact the "g-spot" when you play with it in this way. It certainly led to a very pleasant orgasm! The symmetrical nature of the Isis means that you don't really have to pay attention to what you're doing either. In / Out / repeat!

It's meant to be used specifically as a kegel exerciser. However, I know that one day I'm going to play with this anally. It is a reasonable size and easy to clean.

Now, I can be very naughty and I drive far too much in my life. I love the Isis in the car! OK. It's not safe. They should put a warning label on it that it's not for use in the car. But I'm going to play with it in the car again too! It's small enough that you can use while sitting up. It's damned fun. When I'm bored and sitting in a traffic jam, I don't always care if someone is watching me suck on something. I like to see their faces. They can watch me for all I care. I came so hard that I was out of breath.

The Isis is fun to suck on. It's fun to fuck myself with. It's not great for couples, but it's great for solo play. Does it help to exercise your vaginal muscles? Probably- because you want to play with it. It's versatile and a lot more fun than I ever expected!
Follow-up commentary
Sold as a Kegel exercisor. Used as a sex toy. Effectiveness for Kegels? No idea. Effectiveness for playing in the car or sitting up? (Usually parked, OK.) Damned outstanding! Nothing else beats it. In fact this toy stays in my computer bag in its satin bag next to the toy wipes! Perfect for a little mid-afternoon play time or stress relief! I usually like larger toys, but this one works for sitting up the best. Love its thrusting abilities. One day I used it anally--it had the amazing property that I could rock back and forth on it. (It doesn't have a true base and wasn't designed this way so use some caution here!) God, I came so hard! This isn't one of my favorite toys. It is one of my favorite toys for a particular use. I can imagine it being used in a lot of situations where someone is tied to a chair as well. (Not that I've had that opportunity either!)
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  • This is still one of my favorite toys for having in the car.  Only it slipped out of my bag and fell under the seat in a satin bag.  Then my dad decided to clean the car and ask the kids what it was!
  • You must be great on road trips! ;)  Is this toy heavy?
  • Dame- No.  It's pretty lightweight.  Especially if you compare it to the Njoy.  But it's the funniest thing I've found for sitting up!  Yeah- bit of a flirt/pain in the ass in the car when I'm not driving!
  • Maria
    Do you think it's just as effective sitting up as it is lying down? Either way, it's neat that it can be used in both positions.
  • Dragon
    Maria- I think I know how to write a follow up for this now! I think this toy is more effective sitting up than laying down!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Is it a smaller toy? Is that why it works so well for sitting up? I've found it hard to use a lot of toys sitting up when I'm, say, at the computer. (Not looking at porn or anything. LOL)
  • Dragon
    It is small and slender (and lightweight!) Do be honest, it's just a bit of a weird design- how do specifically design a toy that is meant to exercise vaginal muscles partially internally, partially externally? I don't know if they walk around nude all the time or what, but I don't.

    However, it was one of my first toys for review and I had it in the car with me. It was all I had, and I was willing to experiment. I think it is because it is so small, but also the *knot* in the middle that makes it useful for sitting up. Essentially one side is a toy, the knot works for stimulation and the other side is your handle. I would never buy it with that description, but I do enjoy it...
    Great review
  • celibacysucks
    Great review! Reading about your enjoyment of it made me want to buy it!
  • iLashe
    sounds fun
  • *Huxley*
    Glad you liked it, though, I do wish there was more information on the product.
  • w-o-name
    thank you for the review
  • KinkyDesire
    Loved your review.... it definitely made me laugh just a bit but I'm glad it worked out as a double threat toy for you..... (and possibly triple if you ever get around to using it as a kegel exerciser )
  • eeep
    Thanks for the review, interesting to note it works well as a toy
  • Ash1141
    good review
  • TheSlyFox
    Thanks for the review.
  • TheSlyFox
    Thanks for the review.
  • MissCandyland
    Thanks for the review!
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