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Lovemoiselle Doriane

Traditional vibrator by Lovemoiselle

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J'Adore La Lovemoiselle Doriane

The Lovemoiselle is THE perfect vibrator. Made of ceramic, it is perhaps the most aesthetically understated and yet extraordinarily orgasmic and powerful sex toy that one can own. It looks like a rare and dainty piece of pottery, but the quality of the soft, quiet, and intense vibrations and the overall smooth and frictionless feel of the ceramic material is one that will surely blow your mind as well as your orgasms.
Made of ceramic, frictionless and smooth, dainty design, strong and quiet vibrations.
Might take some friction to twist off the cap; be careful to not drop it in the process!
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As understated as this may sound, the lovely Lovemoiselle Dorianne is truly a work of art. Made of pure and smooth creamy white ceramic with a cute and dainty violet flower in the center of the shaft, it really looks like a piece of pottery, molded out of love, care, and detail. Encased in an elegant black box, one can’t help but feel like you are holding some sort of delicate novelty that most be handled gently from the moment you take it out. Surprisingly it is rather light and just deliciously elegant and silky smooth from tip to bottom. What I found lovely about this dildo was how it seems to form an illusion of having curves, though it is slick and straight. The glossy shine of the ceramic, the simple design, and the bulb-like base; together it exudes the essence of luscious beauty and exciting sex. You just can’t help but fall in love with this Lovemoiselle at first sight; it is absolutely stunning to see, wonderful to touch and feel, and a joy to just admire and explore.

On top of being beautiful, the Lovemoiselle can also vibrate! It requires just 2 AAA batteries and has six vibrating modes that are easily controlled by just the push of a press button. If there’s one thing that one will notice about the Lovemoiselle is that the ceramic is so smooth and frictionless that you might not even have to use lubricant (and if so, you can use any type of lubricant of your choice).

First I tried the Lovemoiselle sans lubricant. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have to use a drop of lubricant; the moment I pressed the tip of it inside of my semi-wet pussy and slowly and gently pushed it in, the entire toy was at one with my body, my pinkness tightly wrapped around the thick and slim shaft. My body from head to toe was mesmorized but just how smooth the Lovemoiselle felt internally, making my pussy awfully juicy and wet. One of the many joys of this product is also the horny sight of watching that little purple flower design being engulfed inside of you. Maneuvering the LoveMoiselle was also intensified by how you can conveniently grip the curved-shape base; you can easily twist, turn, thrust, pound, and squirm this baby in any direction you want. And even better, when you are ready to take a ride with the vibration settings, it is at reach with just the tip of your thumb.

To my ultimate surprise, the vibrations were quiet but strong. Although it may seem subtle at first, the vibrations can easily be felt inside of you, leaving you just breathless. As mentioned, there are six vibration functions; the first one is steady, the second is stronger than the first with the same steady motion, the third is pulsating, the four is escalating, the fifth is like a rollercoaster of pulsating rhythm, and the final fifth one is a mixture of everything. The combination of the slick and frictionless ceramic, the thickness of the shaft, and the quiet but powerful vibrations was enough to get me off the wall; it will surely do the same with just about any girl who loves this style of vibrator. The Lovemoiselle aims to please, and it does it amazingly well. It offers just that right amount of stretchage without it being too much and offers enough vibration to really shake you up. Ultimately, you will be blown away and will want to play with the Lovemoiselle day and night.

With a toy like this, however, there comes some sense of responsibility. Cleaning it is the breeziest as any toy can get; all you have to do is rinse it with plain water, maybe soap if necessary, but because it is so non-porous and doesn’t absorb liquid, and also because the surface is so slick, it really is the most hygienic sex toy that you can get. However, ceramic is not a thing to mess with. Though the Lovemoiselle was made exceptionally durable, strong, and safe to use, it CAN break and chip. Do not expose it to extreme heat or extreme cold (though you can explore temperature play, just don’t get too carried away with it), do NOT drop it, do NOT use if it’s cracked or chipped, and do NOT put in a microwave or oven. Thankfully, it does come with a thick and well-padded pouch to keep it protected.

To own a toy made of ceramic is a real treat; to own a Lovemoiselle is pure ecstasy. It truly is one of those rare toys that you just instantly fall in love with at first sight and instant penetration. One can even say it is perfect. In fact, it IS perfect.
For some reason I feel like the LoveMoiselle is more like a personalized toy. Because it is somewhat of a fragile and delicate masterpiece, you will probably want to always use this baby on a bed or on the carpet, just on soft surfaces for just in case you get really rough and wild, because my partner and I sure can get a little caught up in the process and maybe even a little clumsy with our toys when things really get crazy. Though it is waterproof, I would just be too afraid to drop it in the shower. Basically I’m trying to say is to be careful where you play with this toy; this baby is just too pretty to mess up with just a little crack or chip. It would just be devastating! Naturally, I had to explore this one anally. It deserves an A +++. It is so smooth and comfortable, and it can get in really deep (remember, don’t let it fall in too deep!) in both the anus as well as the pussy. As I usually do with a lot of my aesthetic toys, this one is also a lovely toy to put on display in the elegant black box that it comes with. Nobody would really suspect it as being a sex toy at all, though if they find out, they will probably be amazed at just how pretty it looks and the fact that it is made of ceramic! Something about this toy just makes you proud of owning it; I hope it will make everyone feel the same too!
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