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53 reviews

Overall, the G-Ki is a unique toy to add to your toy box. The vibration patterns are nice, the controls aren't awkward, and I like the fact that it is so versatile in its function. The vibrations could be stronger and more centrally located, but it is still a good toy.

Customizing G-Ki to fit your body shape will ensure orgasm after orgasm. This is whether you want only G-spot stimulation or both G-spot and clit stimulation simultaneously. This is also true for you guys and your two pleasure spots. And the vibrations? They are so powerful that they rival my current favorite vibrator, Zini Ran's vibrations. I just may have found a new favorite.

A toy that will please you even if you can't use it completely for the way it is intended. It is adjustable and user friendly. Waterproof and rechargeable makes it worth the higher price.

G-Ki is a wonderful and unique toy perfect for anyone looking for a highly versatile vibrator. It is adjustable, rechargable, and a waterproof toy that can adjust to find any woman's g-spot. It can be used as a g-spot vibe, clitoral stimulator, or dual vibrator. It is the closest thing I can find to a Swiss Army Knife of vibrators.

If you are looking for a strong, adjustable G-Spot toy that also stimulates the clit, look no further. Though pricey, this quality toy will pay for itself in pleasure.

Oh yes, I had to do it. I couldn’t be satisfied with just two members of the Je Joue family, I had to go for three. She had a very big reputation to live up with her sisters UMA, and MiMi. She did not fail. As a matter of fact she has climbed the ranks to My 2nd top toy with the 1st being Uma. I literally got my package and ran to my room. Upon insertion it didn't even take 2 minutes and a few button pushes to start her curving and I was gasping. The curing neck is an awesome feature.

G-Ki is a great, innovative toy that should work for the majority of women. It can be used internally and externally for whatever strikes your fancy. Je Joue has done it again.

I've had my G-Ki for a few months and it was a decent, if mediocre, G-spot toy. This was until I found that the friction from the plastic bag I had stored it in caused the silicone, by one of the joints, to tear revealing the plastic joint underneath. I am unimpressed.

If you have tried and tried to find your g-spot and get pleasurable stimulation from a toy to no avail, than I'm pretty sure you can achieve that with the G-Ki. This is a great dual stimulation toy; please your g-spot and clitoris at the same time without the hassle of using two toys or alternating from one spot to the other. It packs enough power, is quiet, rechargeable, waterproof, bendable and an all around great addition to your sex life.

I love the G-Ki. It is one of the best G-spot and Clit vibrators I've ever used. The vibrations are strong and extremely quiet. When used internally, the vibrations are felt strong and deep within. The G-Ki also has a bendable head so that you are sure to find your special place. It is such a diverse vibrator. You can use it to stimulate your clit to hitting your G-spot. Personally, I have not found a toy that is as breathtaking as the G-Ki.

I love Je Joue products and can't say enough about them. The G-Ki is a unique twist to g-spot exploration. It has the ability to adjust so more women will be able to hopefully find their g-spots with this toy.

I like the G-Ki, and I'd highly recommend it to those who have trouble finding a toy with enough curve. I don't take advantage of it's features, and lots of other toys would perform just as well for me. The G-Ki's main claim to fame is it's adjustability, but it works best for me on it's straightest setting. The vibrations don't do anything for me, so I use it with them turned off. I would have been just as happy with a firm, curved dildo, and I could have gotten one for much less money.

This truly is a great vibrator. We've had it for about 2 years and have enjoyed it thoroughly. It has strong vibrations, despite it being fairly quiet. You can adjust its shape and choose between several vibrate settings, although along with the adjustable shape comes less rigidity. It is beginning to fall apart a bit, but that said we've had it a long time and that seems to be normal for a toy this old.

G-ki is a flexible G-spot & Clitoral wonder that is sure to please. She's powerful, waterproof, rechargable, and adjusts to your own anatomy. What's not to love? She's my new BFF.

G-Ki makes the perfect partner for a threesome. Just push the right buttons and she'll do whatever she can to help you climax whether it means changing her shape or her vibrations. She's not a jealous gal either - whenever you don't need her anymore she'll just curl up under the pillow and let the two of you finish alone. All she asks is that you remember that she does need to spend time with her charger in order to have enough energy to play.

Were I the kind of person to believe in soul mates, the G-Ki would be mine and we would be soul-bonded.

The G-Ki by Je Joue is a luxury vibe made for g-spot stimulation. The vibe bends and to couture to your anatomy. The G-Ki is as deep rumbly vibes much like the MiMi, but it is not quiet as quiet. I think this vibe is awesome and I highly recommend it. If you have a g-spot, you should get a G-Ki!

Ever in the search to find a G spot vibrator that might actually give me a G spot orgasm, I ran across the G-Ki. The U shape caught my eye and I figured that this one might actually work for me. I was more than thrilled when I was right. It's meant to be a dual stimulator, but I use it as a hook for my G spot. I wish the vibrations at the head were stronger and that the motors operated independently, but otherwise this is a perfect toy for beginners and advanced users alike.

It feels so good that that the $$ doesn't even phase me. I've come across some nice toys during reviews. But this one takes the cake and has me dreaming about it whenever we are separated. The G-Ki is definitely designed with a woman in mind. And Je-Joue ensures that you take full advantage of all of its functions by providing a highly informative booklet that not only tells you how to use it, but how to find your G-spot in the first place.

The G-ki is a must-have. It should be a part of every woman's toy box. It is a unique toy that I doubt you'll get bored with. It's rechargeable, powerful, and adjustable to just about any body. I highly recommend this toy.

Are you as shocked right now as I originally was that this wonder toy didn't do much of anything for me? I STILL am! It's not that this toy does something 'wrong', it's that it doesn't do the important things 'right'. The amount of lint-cleaning, button-pushing, and re-positioning I have to do just turns me away from using it, no matter how nicely arched it is.

The G-Ki is an innovative approach to G Spotting. It's firm enough to provide wonderful g spot stimulation and it provides nice strong vibrations for an internal vibe. It's hard to thrust with the toy, but if you like to stimulate your g spot with a nice rocking motion, then this is the toy for you! It's an extremely well made, high quality toy that I would strongly recommend.

The G-Ki is an amazing adjustable vibrator to suit your every needs. It has the ability to give you different kinds of stimulation, depending on how you choose to shape it. It is waterproof, rechargeable, and made of body safe silicone. It has become my favorite vibrator, and I think it will make many beginners and experienced users happy as well.

The G-Ki is the perfect tool for G-spot stimulation. It's hard enough to provide pressure, has powerful vibrations, and can be adjusted to fit your shape. You can use it unbent for thrusting, or curl it up and use a rocking motion to stimulate the G-spot and clit at once. I could fuck my G-Ki every night, and I usually do. It's in a three way tie for my favourite sex toy, along with Mia and a favourite glass dildo. It's the next best thing to the real thing.

This is a great G-spot vibrator. I am only giving it four stars because vibrators on my G-spot aren't my favorite thing in the world; I prefer dildos. However, it's a great choice! If you like G-spot play or prefer vibrators, it's a must-own!

This product is worth every penny. All of the cheap vibes I was buying kept breaking on me, so I did a lot of online looking before deciding to buy a new one. Customizable, sleek, and rechargeable, this toy is fantastic and the way that my body reacts to it is even better. I would recommend this to anyone.

I love my G-Ki. This is an absolute go to for me, and if I had to choose just one toy, this one would be it. It is multipurpose, strong, rechargeable, waterproof, and if that weren't enough, it gets the job done every time.

The G-Ki is perfect and worth every penny. You plug it in, and it's ready when you are. This is the first toy I have been able to reach the big "O" with, so I guess you could say I fell in love.

The G-Ki is made of lovely matte silicone, is rechargeable, and is 100% waterproof these things alone make it totally worth the hefty price tag. Factor in the fact that the vibrations are easily felt in the head of the toy as well as the handle and that it bends into several positions and you have a toy that will have you rocking your way to bliss.

The G-ki is a silicone vibrator for customized g-spot stimulation. It is water proof, flexible, and has some pretty strong vibrations. Those who have not had luck with other g-spot vibes, and those who have and want something new, should definitely consider giving this one a try.

Overall I think the G-Ki is definitely something to look into if you enjoy your g-spot stimulation (and what woman doesn’t? Seriously.) Or if you believe that you don’t have a g-spot, because you do and the G-Ki will find it.

The G-Ki has been a great addition to my toy-box. There's no other vibe that can do all the things she can do!

If you're looking for a toy to effortlessly find, stimulate, and pleasure your g-spot then look no further, the G-Ki has it. It has great vibrations and patterns with a good amount of intensity all while being fairly quiet, totally waterproof, AND rechargeable.

Truly fabulous experience all the way around, from opening the box to clean up afterward. The G-Ki is simply amazing and the best G spot vibrator I have ever used. It is definitely worth the money.

Very effective, adjustable, and versatile, G-Ki is capable of satisfying a wide range of users, no matter what their preferences. With 5 speeds of vibration plus 5 different patterns to play with, in addition to the different possible shape configurations, there are a lot of options to explore.

There are so many ways you can play with the G-Ki. It should keep you squirting for quite a while no matter how you like to be stimulated. It's fantastic for solo or coupled play, and it's beautiful enough to give as a gift - including to yourself!

This toy is worth the price tag. It will do whatever you ask of it and it will do it well. I do not regret my decision to purchase it in the least.

The G-Ki is an amazing toy. Made of pure silicone, she is waterproof, rechargeable and even bendable. She is bound and determined to please you in some way, shape or form.

The G-Ki is a great toy for those women who still haven't managed to find their g-spot. Because of its adjustment quality, it will work great at allowing you to customize your pleasure exactly where you want it.

If I were stuck on an island by myself and could only bring one vibe...I would bring the G-ki! This product is worth every penny.

Takes a little time to figure out, but the G-Ki's flexibility and consistent vibrations (even under pressure) make this a fun toy for women or men, and great for couples (since you both can use it, provided you plan ahead).

The G-ki, itself, is made of 100% body safe silicone. The G-ki has ergonomic features that provide exploration of the G spot. Use it to explore your spot and find pleasure in dual stimulation.

The G-Ki is described as being "designed to be just as unique as you are" and it lives up to that goal. It's adjust-ability, vibrations, and cool charging dock provide something for every kind of user. It's waterproof structure allows you to take it wherever you may choose.

I absolutely loved this toy after I gave it the chance to get a full charge and played around with it a bit. Some toys just have a learning curve, and this is one of them. Once you get the hang of things you won't be disappointed.

If you have found that other g-spot toys just aren't cutting it or haven't even tried one yet, G-Ki is a great toy to experiment with because you can adjust it.

While I do love many of the features and innovations of the G-ki, I simply do not love how mild its vibrations are. This is an amazing toy that, for me, needed to be more powerful. But if you like mild to medium intensity vibrations, you will love this vibrator!

A really beautiful, classy, well-considered product that shows such attention to detail that its astonishing. Beautiful packaging, a powerful vibe, 100% silicone construction, the magnetic charger. MY GOD - what a GREAT combination. Aside from individual preference to width, it's difficult to find criticism.

The G-Ki by Je Joue bends and locks into place. This is a pretty unique feature amongst sex toys and it really does a good job of it. It has two pivot points that allow for the toy to assume several different shapes. These shapes allow the G-Ki to provide stimulation to the G-spot or the prostate depending on who it’s being used on. The vibrator is decent and has several levels as well as several patterns. The G-Ki is covered in velvety 100% silicone, so it can be sterilized.

G-Ki by Je Joue is ideally suited to anyone looking for a toy to help them find or explore the stimulation of their G-spot. I've never really made this recommendation about any G-spot toy before, but Je Joue has really set out to create a toy and provide a guide for helping those who have not found theirs. And I think they've done an excellent job.

The G-Ki is truly an innovative vibrator. With it’s adjustable head and neck, it can be angled to your anatomy to provide optimal g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Five vibration levels and five patterns help stimulate when the G-Ki is rocked back and forth. It recharges quickly and is quiet and powerful. An absolute delight!

Overall I would recommend the G-Ki if you want to try something new and don’t need a lot of pressure (think glass or the Pure Wand). It's definitely quality, but the vibration level is a little lacking for me.

The G-ki is a truly innovative and versatile toy that suits any type of stimulation you may be desiring at any particular moment. From g-spot dildo to vibrating g-spot thruster, clitoral stimulator to dual stimulator, this toy has it all. The bendable joints in the shaft make it easy to find the exact shape you need for the G-ki to feel good to *you*. Waterproof and rechargeable with a nice storage or gift box, the G-ki is an all around winner, suitable for nearly any user.

This is a very innovative sex toy with some really great functions. I wouldn't say that it's perfect but if you work with it, it can prove to be versatile and pleasing to a large percentage of women.

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