G-Ki - g-spot rabbit vibrator by Je Joue - review by Coralbell

Not the Ki for Me

I like the G-Ki, and I'd highly recommend it to those who have trouble finding a toy with enough curve. I don't take advantage of it's features, and lots of other toys would perform just as well for me. The G-Ki's main claim to fame is it's adjustability, but it works best for me on it's straightest setting. The vibrations don't do anything for me, so I use it with them turned off. I would have been just as happy with a firm, curved dildo, and I could have gotten one for much less money.
Hits my g-spot, firm, silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, adjusts for those who need sharp curves.
Vibrations aren't powerful, motor is located in handle, I don't use adjustability, no travel lock.
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G-Ki is a g-spot vibrator with an adjustable curve, so it can be shaped to work for your body and should be able to reach anyone's g-spot. Women who need a deep curve will really appreciate this toy. Depending on the level of curve and your preference, it can be used for thrusting, or with a rocking motion. When fully curved, the handle can make contact with the clitoris, turning G-Ki into a dual stimulation vibrator. Like all vibrators, you can also use it on any external erogenous zones. While not intended to be an anal vibrator, it could be used for prostate stimulation if you are careful and keep a firm grip on the handle. G-Ki is waterproof, which allows for some bathtime fun.

Material / Texture

G-Ki is made from silicone, so it's body-safe, non-porous, and has no unpleasant odour. It has a smooth, matte surface with a bit of drag. The tip and shaft are slightly squishy, and the handle area is hard. I would prefer the tip to be hard as well, because I think it would apply a bit more pressure to my g-spot, but it's not squishy enough to actually cause problems for me. The only minimal texture is caused by the buttons where the joints adjust, and the tiny raised dots on them. I am very sensitive to texture, and even find textured condoms irritating, but the bumps don't bother me because they aren't positioned where they rub at my vaginal opening. The seam around the toy is barely visible to the eye, and I can't feel it with my fingers, or during use.

G-Ki is available in black, pink, purple or rose. I ordered rose thinking it would be the same colour as my MiMi, but it's actually not identical. The G-Ki has more of a dusty rose colour, and isn't as vibrant.

Design / Shape / Size

The G-Ki has a very unique design, which allows you to customize the level of curve to work for your body. I really think this toy will be able to hit any g-spot, from the most accessible to the most tucked away. There are 2 joints, located near the tip, and at the base of the shaft. The top joint allows for fine adjustment of the tip, and offers 3 positions. I really can't feel much difference from adjusting the tip. The lower joint has 8 possible positions, and allows the toy to be adjusted all the way from a moderate curve, to a J shape, with the tip turned back nearly 180 degrees to the handle.

The joints are easy to adjust. You just hold down the button on the side of the toy, bend it into the desired position, then release the button to lock it into place. The motion doesn't feel smooth, it is a bit choppy like you are clicking through the different settings. This makes me worry that the joints could be a potential weak area in the toy, and could cause problems in the future by breaking or becoming stuck with a lot of use, but I haven't actually had any problems with it yet. The joints allow a slight range of movement even when they are "locked." I don't find this takes away from being able to apply pressure, since they only move forward from their original positions, not backward.

G-Ki compared with Gigi, Uma, and Mona

The shape works best for my when it is a straight as possible. Even the straightest setting is more curved than a lot other g-spot toys. When I make it more curved, it really hooks into my body and I can't thrust with it. I can kind of rock it against my g-spot, but it's a small range of motion, and doesn't feel very natural to me. When I curve the toy it as far as it goes, it doesn't properly apply pressure to my g-spot and clit at the same time. When the handle is pressed against my clit it feels like the tip is resting slightly below my g-spot, and not really making full contact with it. If I pull up on the handle to get more pressure on my g-spot, it moves the handle away from my clit a little. Since I really only use this on the straightest setting I feel like I am not taking advantage of the adjustability, and like it is wasted on me. It isn't really a problem, because I still can get g-spot stimulation, but I feel like the whole point of this toy is adjusting the curve and that if I don't use that it's almost a waste of money.

The G-Ki's total length is just over 9 inches, measuring along the outside of the curve. The insertable length measures 4 inches along the inside curve, or 5 inches along the outside curve. Either way, it's long enough to reach most g-spots. Mine is shallow, at about an inch inside my vagina, so the G-Ki has plenty of length for me. The shaft is 1 inch wide, and the slightly bulbous tip is 1 1/2 inches wide, or 4 inches in circumference. It's a bit smaller than average. Since it's a g-spot toy, the size isn't very important to me. It doesn't create much of a full sensation, but it's a good size for my g-spot. It can apply pressure to my whole g-spot, and isn't too large so that it can't focus in on the right area, or too small so that it feels poky or doesn't provide enough stimulation.

The design is a bit unnattractive, in my opinion. It's not terrible, but the shape isn't very elegant, and I think the buttons that adjust the curve take away from the aesthetics slightly. Looks aren't the most important thing, but I do appreciate a toy with a gorgeous or eye-catching design, and this isn't one of them.

Functions / Performance / Controls

At first I wasn't entirely sure if there were 2 motors or not, but the Je Joue website states that G-Ki has "one motor that feels like two." The motor seems to be located towards the base of the handle, near where the shaft begins. The vibrations carry better than I would have expected to the tip, but they are dampened a bit. The vibrations aren't the most powerful to begin with, so any amount of weaking is disappointing for me. I'd give the area where the motor is located 3 vrooms, and the tip would still also earn 3 vrooms, but it is a bit weaker. Having the motor in the handle is annoying when you're holding on to it, and leads to numb fingers. This is part of the reason that I don't usually bother turning on the vibrations during use. The other reason is that I really don't find I get any more g-spot stimulation with the vibrations on than I do without. When the toy is fully curved and the handle area is in contact with my clit, having the motor located there makes a lot more sense. The vibrations provide some pleasant clitoral stimulation, but are not enough for me to reach orgasm.

The vibrations aren't what I consider very quiet, but they won't be heard through a door. They are on the rumbly side of the spectrum. There are 5 speeds of steady vibrations, and 5 patterns: slow pulsing, fast pulsing, waving, slow revving, and fast revving. I'm not a pattern fan, and I always use it on the highest constant setting (when I use the vibrations.)

I find the buttons easy to press. They require a bit less pressure than MiMi and Uma's buttons do. There are 2 buttons, a + and a - and they work the same way as most toys with a similar set up do. Holding the + turns the vibrations on, and pressing it increases the power. Once you reach the 5th power level, additional presses take you through the patterns. If you keep pressing, it will take you back to the lowest constant vibration. The - decreases to power, or takes you to the previous pattern. Holding the - turns the vibrations off. The controls can't be locked for travel, so it's possible that they would get bumped and the toy could get turned on in your bag.

G-Ki is rechargeable, and the charger attaches magnetically to the buttons. It can clip on in the wrong direction if you don't pay attention to matching the shape of the charger to the shape of the control panel, so if you don't see a light come on you might have it the wrong way around. The light flashes while G-Ki charges, and turns off when it is charged. A full charge takes about 2 hours, and provides 2 hours of run time. Since there is no open port, G-Ki is completely waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

G-Ki is easy to clean, since it is silicone and waterproof, with no texture to hold onto grime. You can wash it under warm water with antibacterial soap, or use toy cleaner. To sterilize the silicone, you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. Don't boil your G-Ki or run it through the dishwasher, because the heat can damage it's internal parts.

You can keep G-Ki stored in it's box. I keep mine in a drawer along with some other silicone toys. Silicone toys can be stored together, or with toys made from non-reactive materials like plastic, glass, and metal. Keep other soft materials like TPR and jelly stored separately to prevent material reactions.

Silicone lubes can damage the surface of silicone toys, so to be safe you should stick with water-based. Some high quality silicone toys and silicone lubes are compatible, so if you really want to use a silicone lube with your G-Ki make sure to do a spot test first.


Je Joue toys have very nice packaging, and G-Ki is no exception. There is an outer box made from thin cardboard, with a picture of the toy and some product information. I didn't keep mine. Inside this is a sturdy box made from black cardboard with a ribbon closure. The only marking are the Je Joue name and logo, so it's discreet and very classy looking. When you open the lid you'll see G-Ki resting in a molded tray. Beneath this, you'll find the charger, an instruction manual, a safety warning sheet, and a warranty card.

The instruction manual is very well done. It is nicely designed, easy to read, and contains useful information and diagrams. It explains how to operate and charge the G-Ki, talks about what the g-spot is and where to find it, and gives tips on how to use the G-Ki solo or with a partner. There isn't a ton of information, but the manual suggests checking the Je Joue website for more. The website has some more specific facts, such as the charging time.

The safety information contains a big list of things that are common sense, like not charging the G-Ki underwater, not dismantling the toy, and keeping it away from children. I've never seen safety inforation on a separate sheet before, but it's kind of nice since I usually don't bother reading it to be honest, and this way it doesn't clutter up the instructions.

The warranty lasts for one year. You need to keep the receipt, and return your G-Ki to the retailer you purchased it from.
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