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Ki To My Heart

Ever in the search to find a G spot vibrator that might actually give me a G spot orgasm, I ran across the G-Ki. The U shape caught my eye and I figured that this one might actually work for me. I was more than thrilled when I was right. It's meant to be a dual stimulator, but I use it as a hook for my G spot. I wish the vibrations at the head were stronger and that the motors operated independently, but otherwise this is a perfect toy for beginners and advanced users alike.
Soft silicone
Strong vibrations at base
Weaker vibrations at head
Cannot turn off vibrations at base
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G-Ki is Je Joue's G spot vibrator that can also be used as a dual stimulator. It's completely adjustable so it's ideal for those trying to find their G spot or those who have a difficult to reach one. The adjustable curve means this should work for just about everyone. You can curve it in and use the base as a clitoral stimulator or use it as a handle to get a greater curve to hit your G spot. Both the head and middle are adjustable for more movement. Even if you know where your G spot is, G-Ki is a great addition to a toy collection.

I would not personally recommend this for anal use as it does not fully flare at the base. However, it does taper out and you can get a good curve on it, so experienced anal users may be able to use this successfully with great precaution taken.

G-Ki can be used for solo or partner play. It's a great training tool for a partner who has had difficulty hitting your G spot with other toys as well as finding it on your own. It's a waterproof toy, so it can be used just about anywhere you can think of.

Material / Texture

G-Ki is made of silicone, putting it at a 10 on the safety scale. If I had to list out my favorite things in life, Je Joue silicone would be on that list. It is smooth and velvety with pretty much no drag at all. It feels like they took butter and wrapped it in velvet and called it silicone. Really, this stuff is premium luxury. It feels amazing to the touch, but even more amazing in actual use. It doesn't require five tons of lube to insert and glides in and out with ease.

There is a slight silicone smell to G-Ki that has lingered even after having this for a while. There is no taste to it.

There is no texture to G-Ki. However, there is a prominent seam that runs along the vibrator and may irritate those who are sensitive to seams. I personally could not feel it when inserted. There are also the slightly raised circular areas that you push to adjust the head and middle curve. I cannot feel these when inserted either, but those who are sensitive to seams may also be able to feel these.

Beginners and advanced users will be wowed by Je Joue silicone. It is the nicest I have come across and by far my favorite material. I feel like I could rub this against my face and snuggle up with it like a soft pillow. It doesn't have give and isn't squishy, but the coating around the hard interior is very soft and supple. It really is one of my favorite things in life and I always look forward to getting a new Je Joue toy just because I know I'll love the silicone feel.

Design / Shape / Size

G-Ki comes in at my measurement at 8 inches total length, though the product page lists it at 9 inches. I got 4 inches insertable, the product page lists 5. You can see where I measured from on the picture, and depending on how far you are willing to insert and therefore measure may alter the measurements to get to the 5. I have 1 inch as the diameter at the head and .75 near the curve. The product page lists 1.5 but I think this is near the base. This is not the insertable part of the vibrator, but the handle or part that act as a dual stimulator.

G-Ki comes slightly past my wrist when held in my hand and left with the curve that it comes with out of the package.

I like my vibrators smaller in diameter and the G-Ki was the perfect size on the insertable end. The length was long enough to hit my G spot which is located somewhat close to the front, but not right up in the front. There is enough insertable length to get about mid length back so this should hit most people's G spots. If yours is located very far back, this may not be long enough to hit it unless you are willing to insert past the buttons. It is waterproof and you can actually do this, it's just not very comfotable. I didn't realize the other end wasn't made to be inserted at first and tried it. You can feel the buttons and they don't feel so great!

The size is perfect for beginners as well as advanced users that don't require a lot of girth. Size queens may be left wanting for more.

What makes G-Ki special is the adjustable curve. There are two circular buttons at the head and near the middle of the vibrator. These press down and allow the user to adjust the shape. They do not automatically do anything, so you have to hold them down and manually adjust. The one at the head only has a limited range on it, going from straight to a slight curve. The one in the middle has the most range. This can take the vibrator from almost perfectly straight to a U shape. I did notice that when I press and adjust the vibrator it makes a popping noise. This does give me some concern about if it might jam up at some point and stop working or pop out altogether. I haven't had any issues adjusting it yet, just the noise. Here are some photos of the adjustability:

This can be used a few different ways. Je Joue's instruction manual seems to say that the head is adjustable for G spot stimulation while the middle is adjustable so that you can curve it in and make it a dual stimulator. This is one way to use it. What I did was curve it into the U shape and use it as a handle to create a greater curve to hit my G spot, which has always been very particular and requires a very intense curve in order to actually get a G spot orgasm. So I made the hook and held it straight up so the hook was angled at my G spot and gave an upward pressure on it. The great thing about G-Ki is that you can play around with it and find out what works best for you.

It's not completely traditionally shaped, but I do think this is pretty recognizable as a vibrator. The packaging it comes with is discreet so I leave mine out but in the packaging. You could hide this away fairly easily if you still felt that this wasn't hidden enough.

Functions / Performance / Controls

G-Ki is controlled by two buttons near the base of the vibrator. While the buttons are small, the area that surrounds them is large and is made from plastic instead of silicone. There is a plus sign and a minus sign inscribed between them so you know which is which.

To turn it on, hold the plus button. To turn it up and then go through the patterns, press the plus button. To go back down, press the minus button. To turn off, hold down the minus button. The buttons are a little hard to press, but it's nothing terrible. This means you won't accidentally press them during use, so it could be considered a plus.

There are five constant vibration modes. There are two areas of vibration - the head and the base - which are not controlled independently. There is no way to have the head on and not the base. This kinda sucks if you use it like I do with the base as a handle and not a dual stimulator because it means your hand vibrates the whole time. Anyway, five vibrations strengths. At the first level, both the head and base are one vroom, with the base at a slightly higher level than the head. The second level keeps the head at a one but brings the base to a two. The third brings the head to a two and the base to a three. The fourth has both at a three, with the base at a high level three. The fifth brings the head to a high level three and the base to a mid level four.

The vibrations are what I would consider rumbly. Even holding the vibrating base for extended periods, my hand didn't actually go numb. The vibrations don't feel like surface vibrations and are at a low pitch. I found the vibration type to be incredibly pleasurable and just the right amount of rumble. If you put a scale to rumble from 1-5, I would say these are probably a 4 or 4.5. So not a full on deep rumble, but pretty rumbly.

The first pattern is a moderate level pulse. The next is a faster pulse. The next goes through the speeds from low to high and back down. It's not jerky and you can't feel it jump from speed to speed. The next is a pulse that varies in speed - so it pulses but goes from low to high power. The next does the same but faster. That gives you five total patterns to choose from. I didn't use any of these to say how any of them feel.

The vibration at the head is centered at the tip and radiates strongly up to the first circle and then a little weaker further down the shaft. The vibrations at the base are evenly spread throughout the shaft of the base and don't feel stronger in any one particular area.

G-Ki is very quiet. I can almost entirely muffle it with covers, but not completely. It's lower in sound than a cell phone and cannot be heard at all through a closed door.

I had no issues in a submersion test with G-Ki and have submerged it many times to wash it with no problems. There is a slight gap looking area by the controls that concerns me, but since I haven't had issues, I'm assuming there is some type of seal in there.

G-Ki is rechargeable. It connects via magnets to the button controls at the base. It took about two and a half hours for initial charge. I've had this about three weeks now and use it pretty regularly and have not needed to recharge it yet. The light will flash when charging and stay steady when fully charged.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's waterproof, G-Ki is easy to care for. Soap and water or toy cleaner or spray will all work just fine.

Silicone lube should not be used with this toy as it could destroy the wonderful material. You should use water based lube only.

I keep mine in the packaging it came in because I think it's just too pretty to throw away. If for some reason you don't like the packaging, you can always get a pouch to store this. You should make sure to keep this away from other silicone toys as this could also mess up the material.


I love Je Joue packaging. It's my favorite luxury toy packaging and the only one that earns a spot on my night stand instead of my trunk that I keep everything else in. It's so pretty I just have to keep it out on display! The outside box is Je Joue's signature wine colored box. The front says "Je Joue G-Ki" on the front. The back has a picture of the vibrator in various positions and has a little blurb about the vibrator in various languages. When opened, a black box is revealed that looks like it could contain a very expensive necklace or something. It's tied with a bow and says simply "Je Joue" on it with the Je Joue hearts.

When opened, the G-Ki is displayed alone in the box. The instruction manual and charger is placed underneath where they cannot be seen.

The instruction manual not only goes over how to use the G-Ki, but also how to find the G spot in general and ways to use the G-Ki like making rocking motions near the G spot. It also gives nice information such as that most women's G spot is located 5cm inside the vagina. So I learned something. Always a plus. This is a great guide for beginners attempting to learn how to find and stimulate their G spot and also includes instructions for your partner to learn how to use the G-Ki.

The packaging is lovely enough for storage and gift giving. It's discreet and can be left out. Most people will probably think it is for jewelry or makeup or something other than a vibrator. Another reason I'm comfortable leaving this on my night stand.

Personal comments

I would (and have) recommend this toy to just about everyone. If you have found your G spot or haven't, this is a great toy. If you have an easy to hit G spot or a more particular one, this should curve to an angle that works for you. If you like dual stimulation, it even does that. I really don't see this not working for all that many people. It doesn't have a wide, flat head like some G spot toys do, so if you really need that perhaps this won't work. It's worth a try even if you have a preference toward toys like that, I think. It's just that awesome.


I have what can only be described as a pain in the butt G spot. I can hit it with a traditional curved toy, but I can't get a G spot orgasm from them. No matter how much pressure they apply, no matter how wide the head is, I just can't seem to make it happen. The first toy that gave me a serious G spot orgasm was the Pure Wand. With that toy in mind, I decided that what my G spot needed was a serious curve, more than what most toys were using. When I saw the G-Ki with it's hook curve, I thought it might be just the thing. I didn't realize at the time that it hooked for dual stimulation. I didn't actually figure that out until I read the manual.

I played with this a number of ways. I tried it like a traditionally curved G spot toy with the same results as always - I could feel it hit my spot but couldn't orgasm. Then I bent it all the way to it's most U shaped form, held it upright so it curved up into my G spot, and thrusted every so slightly back and forth. That worked! While I didn't squirt quite to the level that my Pure Wand can manage, I did indeed squirt and have an very intense G spot orgasm. I also tried my favorite flick motion that I use with my Wand and had the same awesome result. What I like about this more than my Wand is that it's lightweight and that I can thrust with it. Oh, and it vibrates. What I like less is that it doesn't quite make me orgasm as hard as the Wand does. I tend to use G-Ki more because I have arthritis in my wrist and the Pure Wand makes my hand hurt for a day afterward.

I tried this as a dual stimulator, and I found the vibrations in the base to too broad for my tastes. They vibrated too much of an area to get me off, though the vibration levels were there.

There's only a few things I would tweak about this toy. I wish the head vibrated with as much power as the base. While the base gets up to four vrooms, the head only gets to three. Also, I wish the head and base were controlled separately so I could turn the base off. The way I use this with the base as a handle, the vibrations just end up vibrating my hand and that's pretty pointless. It's a little annoying and I wish I could turn it off.

Despite those two annoyances, the orgasms this gives me bring this toy at a full five stars from me. This is one of my favorites in my collection. It's the one I reach for if I can't get off from any of my other insertables. It's great because I can use it alone without a clit vibe, so less work on my part trying to juggle all sorts of vibrators and position everything. This stays on my night stand, ready to be grabbed on short notice when other toys fail me.
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