G-Ki - g-spot rabbit vibrator by Je Joue - review by snuggly

Good Piece, but at a steep cost

This truly is a great vibrator. We've had it for about 2 years and have enjoyed it thoroughly. It has strong vibrations, despite it being fairly quiet. You can adjust its shape and choose between several vibrate settings, although along with the adjustable shape comes less rigidity. It is beginning to fall apart a bit, but that said we've had it a long time and that seems to be normal for a toy this old.
Adjustable, Strong Vibrations, Multiple Settings, Fairly Quiet, Easy to Clean, Lasting Charge
Bends a little, After long term use it begins to break apart, Price
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This vibrator is very versatile in its use. It works great as an external clitoral stimulator, and also when bent appropriately it works very well for g-spot stimulation. For external, you can choose the strength or setting you desire, and bend it so it rubs just the right spot, sit back and enjoy. As an internal stimulator you also may bend it to suit the occasion, either bending it a lot for solo play, or leaving it less bent for use with a partner. However, the greatest thing about this toy is that when it is bent properly for your body, you can rub the G-spot while the outside gets stimulated as well! If you're using it on yourself, you can curve the toy in a "U" shape and insert it so that the tip is hitting the G-spot, while at the same time the arm of the toy is vibrating and rubbing against the clitoris. This is something I would highly recommend, and something this toy may be one of the best at.

The vibrate setting is very strong, and will leave nearly everyone happy with its power. It also isn't too loud, which is a huge plus if you have roommates or people nearby. The only downside with roommates is that there's not a panic shutoff, it takes about 1.5 to 2 seconds of holding the "-" button. This may not sound that long, but if someone opens the door unexpectedly, you will end up having some explaining to do.

Material / Texture

The material is a Silicone that feels a little rubbery. However, it hasn't gotten in the way or rubbed poorly for its intended use. All in all it is a nice texture that I think most would find pleasant. The control panel is a smooth plastic piece which has 2 metal circular buttons in it. The buttons have a silicone circle around them to maintain its water proof seal. There is a barely noticeable line running length-wise up and down the toy, presumably where it was put together, but it has no effect. You can see it, but you can't really feel it. The side buttons used to adjust the shape of the toy are noticeably raised with little bumps around it so you can find it even in the dark. But don't worry, because these don't get in the way at all.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is very well thought out. The curve of the toy allows for good reach of the G-spot using it solo or with a partner. Alone you can curve it quite a bit to allow easy access, and with a partner you can have it straighter or curved, depending on what activity you're engaged in. The adjustable nature of this toy is great and allows you to customize it for your situation and preference. The major drawback is that with the greater adjustability comes less rigidity. You can press the side button and bend it to lock into the shape you desire, but it will have some give on it. When you press it down firmly, it will bend a little bit at the joints and won't hold as firm as I'd like. The bending isn't a huge deal though, because it doesn't bend TOO far, but you will notice it.

The full tip to tip length of this toy is about 10 inches long. However, from the tip to the control panel (insertable length) is about 5 and 1/4 inches long. The bulky part at the head is about 4 inches around (Circumference), while the thin arm part that bends is a little under 3 inches around.


Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls are easy to use. The vibrator has many different vibrate strengths and settings. The way to choose a setting is to cycle through the options. Hold down the "+" button for about 2 seconds to turn the toy on, and hold the "-" for about 2 seconds to turn it off at any setting. You press "+" to cycle through to the next setting, and "-" to return to the previous setting

1 click: Lowest vibrate setting
2 clicks: Slightly stronger vibrate
3 clicks: Stronger vibrate setting
4 clicks: Even stronger vibrate
5 clicks: Strongest vibrate setting
6 clicks: Pulse setting
7 clicks: Quick pulse
8 clicks: Vibration slowly fades in and out, but always vibrates
9 clicks: Vibration quickly fades in and out completely
10 clicks: Vibration quickly fades in and out, but always vibrates
11 clicks: Returns to regular vibrate

The toy is re-chargeable and comes with a charger. The charger plugs into the wall and has a cute little pink plastic piece that magnetically clicks onto the G-Ki's control panel and starts charging. While it's charging, there is a little red light that flashes right below the control panel, and when the charge is complete the little red light stays solidly lit. Also, unlike some toys the G-Ki holds its power even as the battery dies which is great! instead of the vibrations slowly getting weaker, this thing packs a punch until the end. While this is great, it does have a downside. Since there's no battery indicator anywhere, you need to keep track of when the last time you charged it was, because it will just shut off with no warning when the battery runs out. Luckily, it holds its charge for a while, so as long as you charge it between uses or every other use, you'll be fine.

The vibrations on the highest setting are very strong. This thing packs quite a punch! You may want to start off on the lower settings and work your way up. As an added bonus, the sound is nice and quiet, especially for its power. Someone in the same room will hear it, but with the door shut, no one outside will be able to hear what's going on.


Care and Maintenance

This thing is really easy to clean. Since it's waterproof, what my wife and I do is simply wash it with soap and warm water. You don't have to worry about water seeping in anywhere, so it's very quick and easy. However, we have had ours for nearly 2 years, and it has been showing signs of wear and tear. The silicone cover around the plastic panel has been coming loose. Also, inside the handle is 2 pieces which float around a bit and used to be connected, however the toy is still functional. You can see the divide in the handle part from the outside if you look for it, and when you hold it you can really feel the divide. It's very pronounced.

For storage, we simply have a small bag we place it in and put it in a drawer. However, it did come with a nice box that it fits in nicely to hold it. We never used the box and threw it away as soon as we got it, but it was a black box that had a ribbon attached used to tie it shut.



What we've enjoyed with this toy is starting off with the lower vibrations externally, and then slowly ramping it up. The lower settings aren't too weak and are good for getting warmed up. Mostly we use it for clitoral stimulation during sex, eventually getting up to the highest setting. But when the mood strikes it is still a fantastic g-spot vibrator.
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    Yea, it's kind of odd, but it hasn't affected the usage of it yet. I fear that some day soon it may kick the bucket as a result, but for now it's still trucking along great.
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