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My little Brontosaurus

The G-Ki is described as being "designed to be just as unique as you are" and it lives up to that goal. It's adjust-ability, vibrations, and cool charging dock provide something for every kind of user. It's waterproof structure allows you to take it wherever you may choose.
Adjustable, waterproof, rechargeable, variety of vibrations.
Material attracts particles, may be too loud for some users.
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The G-Ki by Je Joue is unlike any vibrator I have ever used before, because it's customizable form allows you to adjust it's head and neck for optimal clitoral, G-spot, anal and even dual clitoral/G-spot stimulation. Je Joue spent years developing it's concept, and asking women what it was they wanted in a vibrator. They succeeded, because the G-Ki is what women want. It's a vibe made to accommodate a vast audience of different sizes and preferences. Rechargeable, waterproof, adjustable, equipped with a variety of vibrations, what's not to like about this toy? It may take a little time to figure out it's functions, but the pay off is very satisfying.
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Material / Texture

The G-Ki is made out of smooth non-porous, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic silicone. The product page even states that it's "food-grade material," not that I plan on eating my G-Ki anytime soon, but it's still a nice little detail to include. The material has a slight drag when rubbing it against your hand, but I didn't notice it with the application of lube, or even when it was inserted on its own. My G-Ki had a slight chemical odor when I first received it, but it faded after the first wash. It has a seam that runs parallel on both sides of the vibrator, and although it is noticeable if you run your finger along it, I didn't notice it at all during use.

Design / Shape / Size

The G-Ki looks like a Brontosaurus, or at least I think it does. It's a curved vibrator with a slender neck and bulbous head (hence the dinosaur reference) and its base is fatter than the neck and the perfect size for your hand to grip. Slap four legs on this puppy and you might be able to pass it off as a dinosaur toy. Perhaps this is where Je Joue got the design idea from? Probable? No. Possible? Who knows? Maybe I'm just delusional and your sitting there looking at the picture of the G-Ki and thinking to yourself "This chick is nuts, that looks nothing like a Brontosaurus."

The upper portion of the base is where the control pad is located. The control pad is oval in shape, says "Je Joue" at the top, and has two metal buttons located one above each other and centered in the middle. Between the two buttons are a little plus and minus sign that signify the top button makes the vibrations stronger, and the bottom button makes them weaker. Underneath the control panel is a little light underneath the silicone which turns red when the G-Ki is in use or charging.

Where the head meets the neck of the G-Ki is a little round circular bump with three little raised dots circling it. This is how the G-Ki is customized, simply press down on the button and move the G-Ki in the direction you desire. Make sure you push the button down all the way before you attempt to reshape the G-Ki, because if you happen to break it by trying to bend it without pushing the button you will void the one year warranty which Je Joue includes with their product. Also, make sure that the buttons return to their original popped up position (try saying that three times fast) once the toy is in the shape you desire. Another one of these little buttons is located to the side of the control panel. These buttons are actually little joints that allow the G-Ki to be positioned into several different shapes. The various shapes range from the original curve shape which the G-Ki arrives in, and the most extreme shape looks like a "J" and allows the user to achieve both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. The shape which you use the G-Ki also determines the way it will be used. Shapes closer to the original curve are ideal for thrusting, while the more curved shapes like the "J" apply more pressure and allow less movement.

The bulb head and neck of the G-Ki feel kind of squishy if pressed, but not so much that they're going to change shape during use. The give of these areas actually makes insertion easier and more gentle than if they were harder like the base.

I absolutely love this toy, because it's almost like owning multiple toys all fused into one. I don't know about you, but I don't always crave the same kind of stimulation. Also, I don't always have the best luck with rabbit vibes lining up correctly, but the G-Ki's adjust-ability more than solves these issues.

The G-Ki is about 9 inches long, with 5 insert-able inches and a width of 1 1/2 inches at the thickest area of the base. The size and adjust-ability make it perfect for any kind of user, and even if you're not crazy about it I guarantee you'll find at least one shape that suits you. After all, the possibilities are endless!

My G-Ki is described as "pink," but I think it looks a lot more like a light purple. The control panel on the other hand is a light pink color. The color isn't overly bright nor is the shape all that conspicuous. It isn't shaped like a giant phallus or anything, which is definitely a plus for travel purposes. It's especially easy to hide if placed in the original box it came in, which in no way screams "OPEN ME, I'M A VIBRATOR BOX!"

Functions / Performance / Controls

The G-Ki comes with a variety of different vibrations which can be turned on by simply holding the + button for a few seconds. When the G-Ki first turns on it starts out at a lower vibration, of which there are five different variations to the intensity. The sixth push will begin the different patterns of vibration of which there are five ranging from pulsing, to roller coaster, wave, and everything in between. After the last pattern vibration the G-Ki will return to a medium strength vibration. If you would like to go back through the vibrations you can push the minus button to return to the previous vibration. This is a nice feature as compared to many vibes which only allow you to go through the vibrations in one direction, and often turn off after you pass the last one.

The vibrations are diffused effectively throughout the entire body of the vibe. I couldn't find any area on it's body where I felt it lacked vibration, or I craved more. The G-Ki can easily be turned off by holding down the - button for a few seconds until the vibrations stop.

One of my favorite features of this vibrator is how when it's bent into the extreme "J" shape I found I could insert it, and it would stay situated inside of me. I was so excited that I couldn't help but think "look ma, no hands," which was my reaction to discovering this wonderful function, and yet totally inappropriate for what I was doing at the time of thinking it.

Another one of my favorite things about this toy is that it's rechargeable, and how it recharges. Honestly, when I first got this vibrator I was so excited about how it can be magnetically charged that I ran around my apartment thrusting my light purple G-Ki in the air, and showing basically anyone who would watch. The charger is oval-ish in shape, with two metal prongs. The metal prongs magnetically connect to the metal buttons of the G-Ki, and begin the charging process, which of course brought on "oooo's" and "ahhh's" from the little crowd of roommates that had gathered around me. Make sure you line up the correct prong with the correct button, or the G-Ki will not charge. If the prongs are situated correctly the little red light will turn on, a signal that the G-Ki is charging.

My last favorite feature of the G-Ki is that it is actually waterproof. Some vibes claim to be waterproof, but prove to be only water resistant. Not the G-Ki. I've showered with it, submerged it, ran water over it's buttons and it still works perfectly. Which is really great, because I would have been really sad if I destroyed this wonderful pricier vibe with a little H2O.

The only downside to the G-Ki is that it's a little noisy, but if you have a door separating you and your audience I doubt it's humming will be heard.

Care and Maintenance

The G-Ki is made out of silicone and can therefore be cleaned with toy cleaner and warm water, a bleach solution, or just good old soap and water. Although it is made of silicone, it is not recommended that you put it in the dishwasher, or boil it, because of it's motor. Since the G-Ki is waterproof I lather it up with soap and run it right under the faucet. After I wash the G-Ki I air dry it and return it to it's box. The G-Ki can be wiped down to remove extra moisture, but I wouldn't recommend using anything that could leave debris on it, such as a towel, since the material is a little attracted to picking up particles.

Only use water based lubes, as anything else might damage the material over time. Honestly though, I didn't find I needed much lube with this vibe.


The packaging of the G-Ki is as gorgeous as the G-Ki itself. My G-Ki came in a dark purple box with the name "Je Joue" on the top. Two of the sides show a picture of the G-Ki. The back has a picture demonstrating the G-Ki being adjusted into different positions. The back has a little information on the intended purpose of the G-Ki, and the phrase: "Designed to be just as unique as you are," which I think is the perfect phrase to sum up this vibrator. Inside that box is a harder black box with the name "Je Joue" on the top and black satin ribbons which tie together and keep the box closed.

Inside the black box is a plastic insert which is shaped to fit the G-Ki in it's original position. On the side of the interior is another black satin ribbon which can be pulled to remove the insert from the box. Underneath the insert are the instructions and charger. The instruction booklet is in multiple languages, and contains instructions for using your G-Ki, and warranty information.

The black box is perfect for gift giving as well as storage. I've kept my purple box too, just because I like it, but I assume most people will toss it as it's unnecessary.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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